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crunchyroll is down

*Bangs head against wall.* I was in the mood to watch something!

Capture copy.jpg

^_^ I forgive you cute kitty!

O_O What the ****! Sorry but WHAT!

Look at this thing! If the plan was to creep the hell out of me they sure achieved that!


Aooni the blue monster

I have a question: What is an anime hipster???

“A person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.”

O_O Would’t a load of anime bloggers fall under this????

The answers I have been coming across is: “it’s knowing old obscure anime.” Really??? doesn’t that go ageist “A person who follows the latest trends.”.

“anime hipster hate mainstream anime.”

If you are a anime blogger it’s best if you avoid mainstream anime due to the many restrictions that come with it.

What restrictions you may ask:

  • Mainstream anime fan tend to not venture outside of the circle (they are dedicated to that anime).  To say anything bad about it would be like punching them right in the solar plexus while stealing there favorite sandwich. 

  • once you start posting you can’t stop (they only come for them post). *They can turn nasty if you don’t give them what they want.*

  • By bring up the name of a popular anime you are making yourself into a beacon for both good and bad fans.

If you are a blogger that likes to follow anime seasons like me then you know the amount of obscure anime you end up watching is horrendous! Sometimes when I have written up an impression I will go to google and look for other people thought; I have come up bone dry many occasions .

T-o Do anime bloggers who follow the seasons hipsters ??????

^_^ I never truly understood the idea of the word to begin with.

madoka: something is wrong with this soul gem.

T_T This site can be really annoying sometimes (some post can have odd glitches).


What is wrong with this soul gem?

. . . ?

It’s Sayaka’s soul gem with Madoka’s soul inside.

How odd is your search term list?

On every blog you get a list of search terms users used in order to you….some of these are really strange.







O_O what is the strangest search term someone found your blog with?

Amanchu! : I fell asleep 12 minutes in

The thing about slice of life anime is that you have to make and establish you charterers fast, if you don’t the show will not grab the interest of the viewers (you are dependent on there reaction to the world around them).

What did I get from this show?: one is kooky and the other is waiting for a text.

The only part that had me think was when long haired girl was standing on that rock. WHY!? She went to a low point behind a cliff standing towards to ocean to get a phone signal?????That and she was clearly intruding on private property.

Capture 1.PNG

Is pointing your phone to the ocean an  actually way to get a phone signal???

The other thing that really bothered me while watching this was that the faces they used to create a comical feel to the show, it did not match up with the tone to show had created with its character designs and the atmosphere being given off by its backgrounds/animation.





^_^ I love Mimikyu


I will take you home and love you Mimikyu!

*Drew this up quickly on my 3ds *

Donated Manga (finally)

At DB’s we have both of our manga collections combined as one on a huge shelf and when we pick up a bad manga it goes under the table into the forget me pile.

A lot of them were ether cheap pick-ups or volume 1’s that didn’t grab are attention.

O_O I hope someone ells can find joy out of them (makes money for charity and re-homes my books win win).

got the new fruits basket manga


I’m quite surprised how different the tone is reflected in these two translations.

One of the problems with tokyopop was that they would focus on quantity over quality (this would translate into many of their books having the accuracy of a fan translation).

Years later we now understand that reflecting the tone in the translation is just as important as just stating what you think it’s trying to say.

*Tokyopop is barely still alive (*

How dishonest was this company? They would shrink the the size of manhwa and pretend it was a manga (manhwa: Korean comics).

O_O WOW! Rewrite

I had to stop here because this one moment left me speechless.


Are you honestly going to tell me animators looked at that and said it was ok.

I spotted loads of animation mistake in this anime however, that one moment has to be the worst animation layer I have ever seen in an anime full stop.