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Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend ending (reaction)


Why is she dry humping him? I understand anime girls have odd ways of showing there anger…..but dry humping?!  Do I really have to look up who sexually assaulted him in episode 0!!!


This is the most viewed image on my blog.

Capture 1

Followed by this one.

*jokes about sexual assault are not funny!*

The show is about……..I’m not sure???

I feel that there are 3 different ways one can watch this anime.

  1. Tomoya can’t directly reflect how he feels in the real world so he interprets it into a dating simulator. This root in theory gets him all the girls while at the same time none of the girls.
  2. He is a dense otaku manipulating people so that he can live within his own little delusion.  The way he talks and treats Megumi as if she was his character is a little disturbing and really makes you wonder about his mental health (it’s ok to have her be in character when you are look for ideas……however, it gets very creepy when he expects her to be like that 24 7).
  3.  The show is trying to say: “life is like a dating simulator”
    Which is why I reply with: “It’s not like that at all!”
    By the midway point in this anime split into two shows: one which had a main female lead that looked at the games from a realistic eye and two being straight up over dramatized trash.

If you want to do the “life is like a dating simulator” plot you have to commit to it from the start!  All this drama has no impact of the final game which makes the drama feel extra hollow by the time you reach the last episode.

I don’t mind telling you how this anime ends: A band plays a song and one root of his game is completed.  *T_T I feel so fulfilled.*

My score 4/10 

The first half was average, the second half nosedives into a different anime where everyone is over dramatic for the sake of being over dramatic.

Himouto! Umaru-chan ending (reaction)


This last episodes was really lacking in jokes.

I finally got to the end of this popular anime, what was my final response?!  It was ok.

This anime is about a bratty girl who references things.

I couldn’t tell you any of the jokes in this or individually pick out any episode and tell you what happens in it….So why did this get so popular???

Umaru in chibi form is really cute!

The amount of merchandise I have seen for this anime is mindbogglingly (There were 5 stalls at the con I went to selling nothing but Umaru capes).   I own 2 of them!

*They are really warm and great to put on when you’re in the mood for an anime binge.*

I don’t have much to say about this anime however, I do have a story that involves this anime.

When me and DB went to Sweden to see his dad we had to stay in the guest house outside. The little home was one room surrounded with windows that had shutter that needed to be opened in the morning and shut at night.

One night it was dark and slightly drizzling.

Me: “We need to close the shutters”

DB: “But it’s raining”

Me: “only a little”

DB: “I’m only in my boxers”

Me: “You can use my Umaru cape”

DB: “Sure hope dad is asleep”

Me: “Run my hamster!”

You need to close them from both the outside and the inside.

^-^ After that we took turns wearing it when we wanted to make  each-other smile.

My score 6/10 I think a lot of the problems when it comes to comedy derive from how bland the supporting cast is (Umaru has no one to bounce off).

Charlotte ending (reaction)


This was a dumb episode

*Implications in these last 6 episodes are disgraceful and idiotic.*

This anime is about “KIDS” having their powers awakened by a meteor.

Here is one of the BIG problems with these last couple of episode: The powers the kids get is not given to them by the meteor, it’s activated by the particles from meteor. These powers are natural yet the people are calling them “Ill” (virus) and “they need to be cured”.

WHY!  No other counties seem to be having problems with these powerful children and part from the odd which hunt there has been no big accidents throughout history.  Plus what is his gathering up powers going to achieve?  The meteor will just come back like it always does creating more magical children.

Why establish that they grow out of there powers if your just going to show a load of magical adults?

Implication of: “If you have a mutation that differs from the norm you must be fixed.” is pretty sewed up. The healing girl was helping people yet are “hero” still looked at her as a mutated freak who need “saving”.

This entire anime wouldn’t have even taken place if people were not abusing the powers that these children were gifted with.  Wouldn’t it be better to help people understand there powers instead of saying “once we find a way to fix  you your manipulative personality will change.”

There was another big thing in this anime that really confused me: Why wasn’t the blind woman’s eyes white?  They made the blind time-travelers eyes white yet for some reason they left hers blue?????? Was it to indicate she was from a different county? because visually it made no sense.

This anime got so confused by the second half.

My score 5/10

That ending drags this anime down.


Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches ending (reaction)


There is a reason why I avoid teen books. 

synopsis: 7 girls have magical powers.

I’m going to be straight to the point here: I have a strong biased towards this anime.  If you love it fine however, I can’t enjoy this show purely because it is written too simplistically.

When I watch a harem anime I want to see how the girls individually communicate with the males lead, this show doesn’t have that.   Excluding the blond haired lass I can’t even remember on the top of my head what the other 6 girls look like.

I don’t feel like the show properly expressed the suffering these girls had to go through thanks to their powers.


  1. I have powers and a backstory I will tell you about.
  2. Guy is nice to them.
  3. Everything is better.

It was so formulaic I didn’t want to watch it all the way to the end.

My score 4/10

T-o If you are a young teen you might like it.

Sound! Euphonium ending (reaction)

Capture 1.PNG

Was it good???????

This is about a class orchestra that enters a contests.

The show is completely character driven due to the ending being inevitable no matter what happens during the show….is that good thing?? There is a little conflict for 2-3 episode and then back to nothing for the rest of the show.

I know this is a wired way of describing a show but, this feels likes other scale twin of k-on.

*They are both made by Kyoto Animation (anime fan 101: learn about kyoani )*

  • k-on = skims the music and concentrates on the girls friendship/bond.
  • Sound! Euphonium  =  skims the friendship and concentrates on the music.

For a show that is character driven there is a real lack of “characters” to drive it along.  The show doesn’t lack in people it could use to move an interesting side story….it just that I really wouldn’t care any of them, (excluding the girl in the image above) they are all clearly copy paste clones that are there just to fill the class.

If I had to guess it’s final score I would say above average.

My score 6/10

It was heavily dragged down by  the lack of chemistry the students had and the constant pretending that the show had a story when it really didn’t have one.



Akame ga Kill! ending (reaction)



What was this anime about….I DON’T KNOW! The struggles to keep any semblance of coherent storytelling. Y_Y Excluding the killers sent after the rebels I have no idea of what the government was doing to the people inside the empire yet, by the end of the show you are expected to be happy that the people have been freed…..from what? They looked well dreed and well fed whenever you spotted them in the background.

Don’t you think it might have been good on the shows part to show slums and people struggling to pay for food (one random guy mentions it at the end). For my view point I just saw people going to watch public killings for fun along with living in really expensive houses.

You also have to love how the rebel group who say they are there to save the people never help any people in the empire throughout this entire show.

Also “People die when they are killed!” There are too many moment’s throughout this show where main leads should have died earlier.


Out of all of them the one that got deep under my skin was Tatsumi; this boy just joined a group of vigilantes and suddenly wants to take down an entire government the first day he turns up in there city.  He spouts off about how they are the good guys and how they are evil and all bad things must be killed……do these people sound much better than the bad guys?  What do you deem as evil and good? Do you kill someone for going against your new government? Sure they must be evil If they wanted to go against what you deemed as good.

O_O Some of the ways these “Good guys” kill people is really disturbing.

Oh, god is evil……the anime just wanted to though that in…….don’t ask why.


I think my biggest problem with this anime is that everything is way too simplified for the kind of topics they are trying to tackle.  If you want to do a story about government corruption show how it affects normal people, if you want to show corrupt brain washed armies tell us what propaganda is being said and if you want to do rebel groups don’t over romanticized them.

I don’t even know how the rebels got that army at the end….and how did the people know about how the fight in the stadium went down when there was no members of the public to witness it.

let’s not forget that amazing ending where the emperor destroys his kingdom for no reason.


The show pushed and pushed it’s evil v good plot all the way into a deep pit of insanity. Even are final survivors last words is I love killing as she walks off with a new group….what am I meant to take from that? Was the group original formed to kill people for pleasure and just like the excuse of fighting evil?

The action was fun, but the story was abysmal.

2014 O_O Wow! It’s  taken me a long time to finsh this anime.

good thing I still have my old 2014 score sheet on this computer (2015 onward are scored 1/500 while the 2014 are scored 1/100).

5/10 It’s average
Not good, not bad, average.

SCHOOL-LIVE! ending (reaction)


“I don’t want to survive, I want to live.”

*I think there comes a point when this quote becomes nonsense.*

This was one of the lines this anime loved to spout out all the time as an excuse for the moe moments of the show……but dose it hold up?  Dose living really mean trying to ignore the problem and go on with your life like nothing happened?  There is living and then there is sorting out your priorities.

^_^ “I’m not going to pay my bills, I’m going out to get drunk with my friends.”  In order to live you need to the means to survive.

Is continuing your school work, talking about college and what your future job will be really that important or relevant in a world that in your knowledge has been completely zombified? I can understand them talking that way around pink haired girl but it makes zero sense when the sane girls do it when she is not around.

Was this a good show? I really don’t know. The tonal shifting  between cute and dark felt off balance throughout the show (you ether had too much cute or too much dark). The characters felt very one note for a show that required the emotional reactions of these girls to help us the viewer relate to there current hardships.

I feel sad during this anime because the scenario is depressing not because it’s happening to a particular character.

My score 5/10

 It’s not the best, it’s not the worst, it’s just average.

Free! Eternal Summer ending (reaction)


Hooroo Haru!

For a show based off a sort animation this anime managed to create pretty good characters.

Just like many of these kinds of show the plot that pushes them isn’t really that interesting or important to the progression of the show. The characters pull the simple idea of a swimming contest into a huge drama thanks to the personal problems and the slow development each of them gets throughout both seasons.

The second season of “Free” is very much a continuation of the first accept with a higher focus on what the older boys of the swimming club will be doing with their in the future.

The animation for this season feels downgraded from the first with only the last 2 episodes truly showing off the beauty of the detail in the water.

Part from the down grade in animation there is no big fault that I can see with this anime (It’s perfect for what it is).

Wish Upon the Pleiades ending (reaction)


Talk about over complicating things for no reason.

^_o I’m back into an anime mood after such a long hiatus peeps (need to fix my list).

For people unfamiliar with “Wish Upon the Pleiades” it’s about a bunch of magical girls driving what looks like vacuums that sound like race cars when they fly. O_O This was a collaboration between the studio Gainax and automaker Subaru.

Having a boyfriend who is obsessed with cars I must ask this question: WHAT DID THIS ANIME HAVE TO DO WITH CARS! In “girls und panzer” the tank are based on real designs and in “strike witches” all the girls and recognizable planes….. Y_Y so why aren’t the girls recognizable subaru models. The only indication there flying different wands is the car grille s(No car nut goes “that car had a memorable grille.”).

*T-o Knowing my bunny he could probably identify them just from that.*

The show struggles from extreme blandness! I knew the twist from the start, the girls look like they were copied and pasted from other shows and their friendship with each other lacks chemistry.

I think in the end Subaru and red haired lad  frozen in time together because something to do with the strings of fate messing the universe and changing everyone’s lives (I really don’t understand why they over complicated it at the last second).

My score 4/10

T_o It’s on the lower scale of average.

Captain Earth ending (reaction)


Was this anime meant to be targeted at young teens?

I’m not trying to say young teens have bad taste in shows I’m just saying the plot/story to this anime was so bare bones straight forward you would have a hard time getting enjoyment from this show unless you were new to the scenario.

None of the characters stood out (ignoring their hair).

Story: There are bad guys and we must beat them, oh no there is a big bad guy boss leader (basic young teen anime plot).

TT_TT If this show had only 12 episodes it could have saved itself from all the filler episodes and managed to create more condensed plot progression that didn’t feel lost in all the pointless meandering.

I knew who the bad guy truly was from the start! I knew what would happen in episode 25 from the start!  If you don’t try and through a curve ball in anyway during the show no one is going to be surprised about what happens.

I think two of the main cast died……the show didn’t really make it clear.


T_T I could place this on the end of any anime and make it sound deep (talk about an anime being pretentious).