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First impression Anime-Gataris


Not a lot to choose from this season.

This anime is about references…and that is it.

I have a question for you:  If a show lists off the names of other shows are they referencing them or just stating their existence?

Here is another question: When dose referencing turn into stealing?

In episode 2 the girls go outside and handout flyers while dressed like bunny girls (Haruhi Suzumiya reference). Here is the problem- they don’t do anything with it! In the original show they are referring the gag goes like this:

  1. Setup – Get Mikuru into a sexy bunny outfit to sell flyers
  2. Reinforcement – The girls get ready to give out the handouts when a teacher shows up.
  3. Payoff – they got in trouble for dressing inappropriately at the school gates.

Here is another example:

At the end of episode 2 the school council came crashing in saying their club won’t be excepted…even though they had not sent a form in yet??? I don’t think even power-hungry councils in anime can discuss and reject a club that doesn’t exist.

I was also left wondering if the show was sponsored by the studio behind ‘Re:Zero’, how many times can you name drop one show.

The show need to find a stable story structure, the novelty of referencing can only get you so far.



Love Tyrant first impression


This is an interesting show to talk about.

I watched it because I read a review saying this was really deplorable and was a contender for worst anime of the year…. o-o turns out my standards for bad are too high.

I can sum up this anime in one word: cheap

The animation is cheap,

The designs look cheap

And writing feels cheap.

This is a budget anime!

I even think that the studio has stolen other character designs that look somewhat similar to the manga just to keep the price down. I would be surprised at all if this anime gets in trouble for plagiarism (it has happened before).

What is the show about: A demon/angle has a death note kiss note. When two people’s names are written in it they have to kiss/marry or they die.

If this was a 15 minute per episode show I might see it working however, with each episode being full length and the amount of insanity they displayed in the first episode…I can see this becoming a train wreck really fast.

*coming back slowly*

elDLIVE first impression


I get it now….still think the animation chooses/themes are messy, but I understand why now.

This is about a boy who is forced to join a space police force and has an alien inside him.

This show is a collage of different anime styles…. which unfortunately works more against it the for it. In a manga using the background to express an emotion is normal, when you do it in an anime it just looks strange and out of place. O-T They come sporadically for no reason and then go as fast as they came (like a fart in the wind). Was it meant to be funny?

I did learn while studying this anime that it was made by the same person who wrote “hit man reborn” (that heavy explains the humour).

^_o Far as Teen anime go this is satisfyingly good; the show has way more than enough energy to keep my attention.

I still have no idea what possessed the director to give that woman bouncy breast! however, that’s one problem in a pretty entertaining anime (can easily see how people would be turned off by this).


walking over your face is an odd way to transition a scene.

Utawarerumono The False Faces first impression


It’s visually nice

What is this anime about? I don’t know; they didn’t establish anything reassembling a plot,story or even a premise. The show is about a guy who is found with no memory and is now working in a Town….or is it a village??? while being watched over by a cat girl.

There is a basis for an idea there, wonder what the anime will do with it???

It feels like I’m watching an opening to an RPG…..which just makes me want to play an RPG.

It’s really pretty and the music compliments it so well, I just wish that this first episode could have set something moving just to make the show feel a little less slow and  shallow.

first impression Black Butler


I Buy my fair share of anime DVD’s.


^-o It’s odd how I avoid talking about anime DVD’s seeing as me and DB watch a load of them (he has no internet).

Black Butler is about a demon butler who is contractually linked to Ciel Phantomhive.

I have heard a lot about this anime and my reaction to the first 2 episodes was…. *drumroll*… annoyance.

I might have to re-watch it subbed because the Dub voices are so fake that my brain is naturally rejecting them as people (I don’t usually have a problem with Dub’s).

Seeing as I have read 2 volumes of the manga I think a little more context needs to be given to this one line: “I’m one hell of a butler”

In the manga I don’t think you know he is a demon when he first drops the line making you think:“There is something more sinister to this guy.” In the anime your reaction to the line after hearing it many times in 2 episodes is “It’s not funny the hundredth time you say it!”.

The animation looks feasible and the diversions from the source are understandable.

Gabriel DropOut first impression


Run while you can girl!

This is a bland Moe show that is clearly using the idea of angels and demons as a thin skin.

Do you want to know the basic difference between a demon and an angel is?

angels: obedient

demon: disobedient

The idea of good and bad is purely a human concept which we use to ground are morals (something they don’t need).

Ditching these extreme ways of being for human vessel just seem like  a waste of potential jokes. I like the idea of an angel being corrupted by a computer game, too bad there is no straight man for her to stand out as an anomaly.

Akiba’s Trip The Animation first impression


Why are they playing “Girls just want to have fun”? Are they trying to pretend its not? It’s clearly that song.

This anime is about a vampires that die when you take there clothes off.

They tried to make jokes as fights happened….that’s it.

The only thing I remember is that the animation looked really stilted and at some points it looked very ugly.

Capture 1.PNG


Capture 3.PNG

Are they using the Microsoft paint spray tool?

I personally found that most bemusing moment in this anime was when they randomly switched drawing styles just to show you a naked woman.

Capture 7.PNG

Guess it was the evil that made her hair white???

Don’t forget the overly Sexualized kissing scene.

Capture 4.PNG

I can’t make up my mind: Is this uncomfortable to watch or really funny.

OK I need help! The ending song to this anime sound awfully close to another I have heard,  dose anyone know the name of that anime? My head goes to “baka and test” and “school live” but, The back of my head is screaming at me to figure out what this song sounds similar to?

Bungo Stray Dogs first impression


What an awesome anime to start the new year with.

It has been so long since I have watched a manga adaptation and not said “This is a quick cash grab.”  Don’t trust those “we going to make anime” shows, a lot of them will rush the product and fix it in post (makes the DVD more valuable).  we might be getting more anime then ever but, you can’t argue that the quality hasn’t been suffering from it(not bad, just really bland and lifeless).

This anime it about a team of magical detectives that solve mysteries.

This is amazingly directed! Everyone’s movements were fluid, natural and even transitioned into the goofy expressions without giving me visual whiplash. If I was to complain about anything it would be the over use of the church (each replay diminished the impact it original had). Part from that this is one of the best anime I have seen in ages (no over powering music in the background!).

I know this might go without saying: I loved how the detective anime allowed me to solve the mystery on my own.

I’m so used to these kinds of anime having plot point that go nowhere that I was going to disregard everything I had spotted as: “It’s never going to be brought up.” The show managed to subvert my exceptions by coming to the most logical answer using information given to we the viewer.

^_^ I’m looking forward to watching more of this.

Tokyo ESP first impression


There is nothing visually interesting to see. 

What is the anime about?  People with powers attack.

There really isn’t anything else to talk about.  There is a white girl who saves people from the bad guys who attacked because they could…but she doesn’t really show up until the end.

My main focus when watching this was trying to figure out what ESP meant?

At first I found “Extrasensory perception”, but that doesn’t explain there super powers.

O_O Then it hit me! An Esper in Japan is is not just  “Extrasensory perception” they are also “a person with superpowers”. This brings up many questions????

If these people had super human abilities I could sort of understand, but they are clearly going supernatural in this show.

*When someone says Esper to me I think psychic powers not people with magical random ability.*

Just call it Tokyo magic (there is no difference).

The Lost Village first impression


nice bus.

 Come on list give me something random: “The Lost Village” *after watching *. . . what happened?

This is about people (I think they are a cult, the show doesn’t really make it clear) going to a lost village to restart their lives.

They mention genesis and the ark at one point.

My guess would be that they all get banished to a barren land and get killed for being sinners (why ells mention “Noah’s ark” and “The garden of eden”).

The first episode is dedicated to telling you who all the people on the bus are…. By roll call all their names…..for over 3 minutes.

Do you know what the sad thing is? I can’t remember any of them.

You might be asking: What happened in the episode? Padding! Lots and lots of padding!

They played bus games and sang a song about an unlucky hippo, THE END…..and the driver tried to kill them, but that didn’t lead anywhere.