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My Roommate is a Cat midway impression


I like this book, it has a cat in it!

Finally got to watch more of this show….and I feel conflicted.

Positive: I love the sections where you get to see the world from the cat’s view.

Negative: I can’t believe on any conceivable level that our main male lead is a writer.

“I haven’t used names in such a long time” . . . How do you write a book where no one is identified by name? I guess you could identify them by traits.


The neko detective despised the tall human getting in his way, for his long legs couldn’t compare to the kitties pouncing prowess.


I just can’t believe that a man who has no understand of people or how interaction works could conceivably write a story. This is a guy who is so closed to the world that he doesn’t know what a pet collar is! He didn’t even know that he lives next to a dog.

The dog was there before his parents died, so there is no excuse for him not knowing that.

My only guess to his mental state is that his parents were enabling this isolated behaviour, otherwise they would have forced him outside more (this guy doesn’t even go in the garden).


Here is something that bugged me:

“What a freak, he’s reading a book in a class room” yet no one bats an eye when he brings a book with him during PE (physical education).

I’m also not a fan of the way the anime transition from the human view to the cat view (it feels like I’m having to watch the same episode twice).


The dude comes-off like he is incapable of taking care of himself, and that ignoring his mistrust of people. When was the last time he took a bath, did laundry or clean anything in the house.

Simple tasks can be made more fun with a cat in the house.


I’m very much in a love hate relationship with this anime.

A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd midway impression


Do something new you bland harem!

I’m at episode 6 now, and everyone is extremely horny! There hormones erupted when the writers realised the plot is too thin to carry the show.

  I can easily sum up the plot to a MANY harem anime within this one line: Boy need to pick one girl. Why can’t he just have sex with them all? You unlocked the ‘the orgy ending’.

The main plot about the magical library was interesting, until it turned into you generic ‘pick a girl’ story (I couldn’t give a magical toss about it anymore).

The show looks pretty and has clearly had a lot of effort put into it…but, you just can’t get away from that bland as hell formula.

^-o I’m hoping it picks up in the second half .

Amanchu! midway impression

Capture 1.PNG

Is he flying?

The show is about a girl learning to scuba dive.

I feel so sorry for this anime! You can tell it wants to be a dramatic story about two friends who…..o-o why is it so dramatic?

At first I thought it was the lesbian over tones, but in later episodes those tones practically disappear into pure friendship. Is she beating though her emotional walls and finally making friends……. which was established in the first episode she had. She wants to be able to make her own choice… having someone pressure her to join a club???

I’m sorry! No matter how I look at it the drama in the anime feels very forced.

Every time the show tries to do a chibi comedy bit I have to roll my eyes and call the show ugly. The art shifts in this anime don’t work on any level, in fact a lot of the time it looks disproportionate or straight up terrifying.

Capture 3.PNG

kill it with fire!

I found that the show found its footing by episode 5 (I need to see where it takes this idea).

NEW GAME! midway impression


We all need a walking bear sleeping bag in are lives.

The show is about a group of character designers.

Think I have said this before: “There is no need for this to be set in a game company.”

This is starting to get under my skin a little, for a lot of these anime I’m watching are picking  interesting settings and then not using then to there fullest.

The game they are trying to make feels very superfluous to the show with how relaxed everyone is (it’s as if deadlines don’t exist).

The show is cuddly and watchable…..just wish it had more of an identity outside of : “cute girls do cute things.”

This Art Club Has a Problem! Midway impression

Capture 1.PNG

Wish they would drop the romance.

This is about. . . I don’t know??? It’s meant to be about an art club but, for some reason most of the jokes have nothing to do with art…. in fact the jokes about his waifu paintings are starting to ware-thin.

  • It’s not funny.
  • There is little focus.
  • The “romance” is nothing more then unhealthy obsession.

The dude isn’t interesting in 3 dimensional woman! He has told you this and you still keep pushing the idea that one day he will be cured and then fall into your arms.  There is a chance they could be together however, you would have to be understanding that he is more sexual attracted to his painted waifu (there are woman who date men with anime waifu’s purely because they know he won’t go off with another 3D woman).

*I watch some strange documentaries. O_O Just hope he doesn’t get legally married to his waifu (japan is wired).*

The show is charming, but heavily lacking focus.

Alderamin on the Sky Midway impression.


That table to the left is really annoying me.

what is this about?: “There is a war.”

Anything else?  “SCIENCE!”

I think the best way I can describe this anime is by comparing to the problem I had with a book I read over the summer.

It had perfect grammar, well-structured and an interesting premise (the book even won an award) however; soon as you try and bond with the characters it all falls apart.  O-o The plot would have taken place even if they had sat on their butts doing nothing for 300 pages (I got the book from the author signed).  *You know how people get gamer rage, I get book rage (I tend to read two books at a time because of this).*

I don’t really like the characters in this anime and the plot feels like it will move along even if they were doing nothing for the next 6 episodes.   We could be following the story of the guy 2nd to the left on the front row and the story would still have managed to reach this point in the show.

Even during the main leads training practice where he saves the princess felt pointless, why was she there to begin with?  He tells everyone to be lazy and then nothing else has been mentioned about it since, why did that inspire them in the first place?

“I can you my brain.”

“He should be are leader, he knows how to use basic logic.”

How did they even move that log into the lake?

I’m just not getting into it.

momokuri midway impression


Hello loophole anime.

*This is a loophole anime because it’s meant to be 13 minutes long not 26.*

It’s about a girl obsessed with a moe boy.

I don’t tend to talk about anime that is short on this blog because they tend to be disposable candy shows that are meant to exist in there only little worlds per episode (in short: your not meant to think too deeply about how each one connects).

I understand why they put 2 episode into one, there are episode that lead into each other creating what looks to be one big story. The problem with this is that it highlights the creepy nature of are main female lead to slightly disturbing levels.

If She was male having her smell his bed sheets, steal his used straws daily while stalking him every moment to find out his likes/dislikes would  equal someone you should stay far away from not find cute and endearing.

Outside that the show is harmless fluff.

Qualidea Code midway impression


Finally the show starts to explain stuff.

What is the show about: war with aliens.

Apparently according to episode 6 they got there powers from seeing something……what did they see? I don’t know, it was just something bad.

The kids were sent to be frozen……why? I don’t know.

The army has chips in there necks that makes them easy targets for the aliens…..why? I don’t know.

Do I think this is a bad anime? No. The show dose progress and the action is pleasant to look at, they just fail to establish anything (It feels like you’re skipping important pages in a book just so you can read the action scenes).

To me this anime should have been 24 episodes, this would having given the writer room to stretch they legs and explain in a load more detail what was going on (they would have had plenty to work with).

The Morose Mononokean midway impression


I really dislike trying to find images for an anime that doesn’t have much visually going on?

This is anime about 2 guys dealing with spirits/yokai.

This is feasible for what it is.

o-O I don’t know what ells to say?

With other anime that focus around spirts they trend to experiment with the animation or the designs in order to suck you into the strange world your looking at…..that’s not present in this show.

I tried looking up the artist/writer “Wazawa, Kiri” but I didn’t find much.  This was there only manga and from the one image I could find of their hands I would say there very young.

The manga’s art is feasible.

I love little fuzzy, but part from that it’s not going to be a show I will remember.

*It set realistic goals and achieved them.*

ReLIFE midway impression


I’m starting to spot a problem with the project.

What is Arata learning in this school that is meant to improve his 27 year old NEET (not in education, employment or training) life?  I thought he had stopped drinking and smoking until episode 6 proved that wasn’t the case. How is he buying the beer and cigarettes??? You can’t call it a nit pick because the show spotlighted that very point in an earlier episode.

The plot twist wasn’t really a twist seeing as it was so obvious who ells was taking the pills to make them look younger.

The second half of the twist raises more questions then confirms suspicions:

Why has Ooga been going to this school for 2 years if he is a grown man? The subjects only get a year in the program and at the end everyone’s mind is erased (Did he want to be on a school council that bad?).

This woman who is an employee of the project has been doing nothing but hindering his progress on the project……what was her point again?  It would make so much more sense if she was another NEET on the program.

I’m not sure how to feel about this anime???? The main story is a mess yet, when the anime is ignoring the relife project it manages to hit real emotional/humorous heights.

Should I look at the project as a bounce bored for the school interactions or should I look at it as the by-product that is unfortunately being dragged down by an underdeveloped premise.