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Magical Warfare Episode 6 impression

ImageIt has been a long time since I watched this show can I honestly review it as detailed as my other log entries.

*30 seconds later*

O_O sure can!

I have some question about that bullet: 1. where and did that bullet come from? 2. How was that bullet crated? 3. Why wasn’t this type of disabling magic used in the last couple of episodes?

Oh no the anime is turning into super paper Mario, hide all your pure harts.

I’m distracted by the sad looking guy with pigtails in the background (did he loose a bet). *1 minute in*


T-o why did they teleport a car? If you can teleport why own a car?

You would think there would be magical laws prohibiting magic that would alter your hostages memorise.

Why are the villains in the sky for this prisoner exchange? seems like a waste of magic if you ask me.

XD The animators forgot to close Momoka’s mouth (she looks so gormless).  *About 5 minutes in*

I think we have winner for the most unenthusiastic power summon in anime.


All that flash just to fail…T_o let’s review what happened

  • They summoned a giant key from a rainbow portal
  • it needed two guys to spinning it around in order to turn it
  • at giant door opened consuming the entire ground
  • it failed to capture that girl’s brother

Why did the enemy wait till the last second to run away from this overly complex move?

If they can fly why use the magical platforms?

We wish to temporally delay your anime for this still frame of traffic.

Why is there a magic war? This guy can melt his enemies!


How did she cut her arm? I re-watched that battle frame by frame and I still can’t find a single moment where that could have happened (must have coursed it herself).   T-o I guess she must have magical healing powers because that open flesh wound on her arm has miraculously healed.

Wait! It’s back (inconsistent animators).

Is that the door from earlier? Why can she open it without using the giant key?

where did them other flesh wounds come from?  XD they’re gone again (it’s a close up shot this time).

How did he escape from a portal door?????

“You can create doors to real places”

In contrast to doors that lead you to nowhere??? *This line perplexes me.*


Oh, so it’s his magic creating the wounds. T-o so his move has very little to do with looking at his victims (it’s basically the perish song).

Wow! The guy just got squished by a car and the anime didn’t even acknowledge it (that’s dark).

You’re not a comedy anime!

Anime: where a couple of bandage will cure your melted organs.

Blocking his magic has opened up his memories???

How long were they standing at that door?

T-o I only have 2 things to say about that ending.

  1. How did you not die?
  2. You exploded their lungs (Dark!)

Magical Warfare Episode 5 impression


What are the limits of illusion magic?

He says they will be telaported to the tent if they get hurt however, he never said what classified as being hurt.

*If i get cut by the branch of a tree will I be sent back?*


You see giant guns…..and you don’t run.  T_T we have only just hit the opening.

O_O what happen to all of the guns? I really wanted to see what would happen (they left me hanging).  *Do not give us build up if there is not going to be a payoff.*

Is she big but faraway or really small and hovering over his shoulder (the perspective of this on this scene is confusing).

How can you enter someone ells illusion (I guess they must be really imaginative).


I guess he suffers with delayed bleeding disorder.

What is stopping one of them climbing up onto the hedge and leading the others to the goal? *they look pretty sturdy to me.*

That was a failed attempt at comedy……that and the moment really did not fit the show.

“I will have to deal with this on my own.” *looks around* but everyone is still here fighting (did he go momentarily blind).  *I guess he just wanted to feel important.*

What happened to the other students taking this test (the bottom floor should be full if they all fell).  *guess they all cut themselves on impact.*


Technically only one of them got to their specific goal (the others were destroyed).

O_O the snow is landing on the camera (the anime knows we are watching).

“A year ago you promised that we would go to the shrine” How can you go to the shrine if you are in a different  demention? Fare play if you found one. *just seems like an odd thing to bring up when you’re trapped in a school.*

Wait a second, there going home….I thought they could not go home.

“I know that I have been missing for months but, I’m home now….well for the day”

*It just raises so many questions.*


The flute indicates he’s embarrassed (you’re not a comedy, leave all of the funny sound affects in the shed).

i know that she is supposed to be erotically spread upon the floor (indicated by Takashi’s reaction) but all i’m thinking about is how can she lift her head if her arm/back are laying on top of her hair?

Why is Takeshi putting Mui in bed? He was the one drained by all of the training not her.


Er….O_O I’m lost, how did we get to the moment again?  It just feels so random and forced (you’re not funny show, stop trying to be funny).

T-O is she sick, when did that happen? XD i don’t know whats going on.

O_O pet me bother, take my bra off brother, rest you head in my breast brother (i guess she really “loves” her brother).


Kurumi walks into the room to find Takashi in bed with Mui….what? i thought she went home for new years ( you would think they would be allowed to heave the entire day to be with there families).

Did not expect that? makes you wonder what her power is capable of.

Well….I guess the spell wore off (what was the point of the scene?)


because pointless time skips are fun.


Its takes me 2 hours to get though one episode of Magical Warfare. 



my top 11 anime of winter 2014

1st Witch Craft Works

This is one of the only show this season that I will watch willingly (too bad I’m still trying to beat last season, I would watch way more of this If the bad shows were not staking me).  It takes the modern magical warrior and makes it fun again, we have spent way too long on “what will my family think” and “I have to save the planet” it’s such a relief to see a show where the stakes are not world destroying(far as we know).  Plus it’s nice to have bad guys who have personalise of their own.  *how often do you see the enemy goofing about in a karaoke bar *


2nd Nobunaga the Fool

This anime does not know if it’s a fighting robot action anime or a historical anime. It does manage to blend the two but, I honestly don’t think that the robots really add much to the story as a haul (in fact it’s really distracting).

*You’re getting into the nice mood of the historical setting and then BANG! Giant robot battle.*


3rd Hozuki no Reitetsu

^_^ Like I said many a time “what I find funny another might find boring”

All I know is that Hozuki no Reitetsu is a dark comedy that leaves me in stitches every time.

*I might only make first/last impressions of comedies in the future.*


4th The Pilot’s Love Song

I wasn’t really sure where I stood with this show when it started however, as it progressed I can now understand where everything links together and the relationships these people share. These characters could actual made me cry by having a heart melting confiscation that felt real and honest (no cheap tricks just heart-warming words).

I fear that my love for this show is going to be destroyed by how this anime chooses to pay its last couple of episodes. *hopefully the action will pull it though its final challenge (don’t really care about the romance).*


5th Silver Spoon 2

I know that with a lot of second season the shows can radically change in feel and mood but, in the case of silver spoon I feel that I lost a lot of its charm in the transition.  My biggest problem with this season is that it seems to ignore the agricultural aspect of the show so that we can spend more time on…..well…school life without the school.  By taking away agricultural lesson we have just been left with the day to day life of a city boy that goes to a farming school.


6th Nobunagun

This is a cool looking show……the problem is that that’s all it has going for it.

I honestly can’t remember what’s going on in this show, nether can I remember any of these characters names or personalities.  *This is purely sugar for the eyes.*


7th Wake Up, Girls!

This is a good if you want to see a group of underdogs trying to work their way up without the help of a big corporation. Like many idol anime it suffers the problem of having too many characters and not enough episode to give each one a story however, the show could have at least made their clothes look different or give them creative hair (I really can’t tell them apart).


8th Wizard Barristers

The show fails at being interesting because it don’t actually focus on what it set out to do. When you offer me a show about Barristers I expect to see are character spend a lot of time in the court house. Who would have of guessed that this show was about an annoying random girl running around and creating giant robots form that tile.  *why hasn’t she been dismissed yet?*

I feel that this show could have been a lot better if they were detectives.



o-o I can’t be mad at this show. Sure it’s boring and does not offer simulating characters but, it was never designed to entertain in first place.  Do you know who sonico is? If yes, the show has achieved its goal. *spread the word of the girl who never takes her head phones off.*



Is anyone ells watching this??? This is trying to sell you a card game…I think?? *it sad when I have to look up what your show is about.* the story is very similar to how bakugan starts (random monsters came and people tames them). With a show like that you don’t have to explain why the kids can battle with them, it’s just childish fun (kids can do anything).  when you start to aiming a show like that at an older ordinance WE WANT ANSWERS! Using  the phrase “it just is” does not work when you’re trying to tell a story about how theses monsters are destroying the world.


11th Magical Warfare

T_o This show is bad that I actual write a log for episode.

Episodes: 1 2 3 4  *i started properly writing about them when i hit episode 3*

Magical Warfare Episode 4 impression


*one moment the sky is black and the next its a practically sunny (stop messing with the mood).*

T_T First 3 minutes in and the show is already being stupid.

Why would she leave a map in her room, surly she would need it? If not, why would anyone ruin a perfectly good map? *I would just cross the names off a list.*

O_0 I thought the academy was in the ruined world? It would answer these questions: why is the sky blue? Why is the building ok? Why dose plant life flourish there? Why am I asking so many questions??? *my head hurts.*

I have to agree with Kurumi so this one; Takeshi you are a jerk, the reason your family hates you is understandable, now get you dumb head together and sort out your priorities.

Oh, so there are 3 different dimensions? Why???? O_O how can you have a world where just a school exists? Where would they end up if the exit the school grounds???

If you were trying to kill your enemy why would you make your ice attack hollow?? I guess your could watch them suffocate….them again, he doesn’t seem to be having any problem in there (what was the point of the attack???) There we go (sure took its time).

When did Kurumi become a healer?

Why do they have to go to school if he can learn new skills by himself?

Seeing as there is supposed to be a big war going on its very quiet in the background (you would think there would be a bang or two).

Do the bad guys live in the school or is there a 4th dimension?

Why can’t this anime just stop trying to be dramatic and just pay attention to what is going on.

Magical Warfare Episode 3 impression


This show always finds a way to make the story/characters annoyingly stupid.



I don’t like dropping shows (even if they are incredibly irritating). 

How can I girl who is clearly self-conches about being attractive (too the point she is obsessed with her boob size)  have a fear of boys being attracted to her?????

There is a part in this episode where she is practically presenting herself to all of the males in the school.   Y_Y *I can’t feel sorry for a girl who won’t help herself.*

Plus you would think she would have a fear of men in general seeing as all ages of guys wanted to have her (she has no issues with the guys around her). Dose is only become a problem when they ask her out?

Now let’s get to the reason why Takeshi’s family don’t get along with him. 

I found part where his brother was hit by a car silly (it was only put there to make the moment more dramatic) however, I do agree that Takeshi took advantage of Kurumi when he ask her to be his girlfriend.  You can easily put the relationship of Kurumi and Takeshi down to emotional manipulation; she was clearly under a lot of stress and just wanted someone to support her.

*We were childhood friends, you can trust me (an easy way to manipulate someone who can’t think straite).*

^_^ nothing can stop me

turns anime on

buffing problem 

T_O hu??

looks at bottom corner of my computer 

preforming scan 

You did one yesterday.

*I will find a way to watch my anime.*

Gets it to work and puts on magical warfare

“what are communities?”

*bangs head against wall*

We don’t use your  fancy words in the human world.


docter, docter, I have no nose.

how do you smell?


*Most characters have their own nose physics for some bizarre reason.*

Magical Warfare (first impression)

ImageHalfway Magical Warfare reaction: That was the biggest load of bull I have ever had the misfortune of reading (There explanation for how magicians are crated is nothing more than pretentious drivel).

T_T*its entropy dammit.*

Continues episode: *starts bashing head against wall* this guy was not fazed when a gun was pointed against his head, why do you suddenly think magic is going to scare him.

HE HAD A GUN POINTED AT HIM.  How can you expect me to take this speech serious when you have already mess up your emotional reactions with in the first 10 minutes?  Hay anime, look up post-traumatic stress disorder because you clearly don’t understand how stressful it is to have a gun pointed at your head.

“Is that girl his girlfriend” there is a guy with a giant sowed in front of you…..RUUUUUUUUN!

17 minutes: can this anime go 1 minute without doing something ridiculously irritating.

I know that shinai are pretty strong but, I doubt that it would last very long against a really sharp sword.

18 minutes: O_o her magic did what?……what?…..I don’t even know what I’m watching anymore.

*good thing only 3 students came in early.*

^_^ now we can put being ok with murder on the list (these kids are not human).

Watch this show at your own risk. 

Sword art online 24- 25(anime log)

Episode 24

I don’t know if this is just me but, this episode felt really rushed (they had plenty of episodes to work with).   I like Asuna however, in the second half of SAO she only exists just so the show can have a dramatic ending.

The true story/plot of Alfheim online is about Suguha’s insestural love for her cousin.                          *There close cousins…..that still classifies as insest.*

We gets a couple of shot of people in pain before getting the predictable kill of purvey butterfly man.  I understand that the first boss in SAO was meant to be hidden from sight (like a gaming god), so when you find out that he was playing the game with the other players you feel a little shocked

With Alfheim you knew from the start what the ending was going to be and I think the show was more then aware of this.  It felt like they had to place all of the eye cringing senses of Asuna being abused just so that there would be some form of animosity toward this guy (he honestly did nothing throughout this show).

I did not care about kirito in the second half because I knew he was going to win no matter what.

*Asuna has to live with the painful memories of this lazy second half.*

Episode 25

This is an episode with confusing morals/ questionable antics.

It shows that kirito is capable of real world violence.

Asuna takes longer to get used to moving her body (KIrito was doing Kendo when he existed the hospital).*My biggest complaint with episode 14 was that KIrito had a lot of strength for someone who has not moved for 2-3 years.*

I don’t understand why girls from the past  are still interested in him (it’s been months since he’s seen them).   *I can only view them as his personal stalkers. *

My biggest gripe with this last episode has to be the over romanticization of Kirito and Suguha’s relationship. We know that Kirito only loves Asuna which means that he is being a real jerk in this episode by hinting that there could be a spark between him and Suguha.

*There is being dense and then there is playing someone on.*

I loved the first half SAO…… just wish the second half didn’t exists.

Sword art online 22- 23(anime log)

episode 22

T_T How did she not know? How did she not know? HOW DID SHE NOT KNOW?

He looks like your brother, he sound like your brother in fact he basically has your brother’s name.

What was she going to say to her brother if he did respond to her love “I love you brother but there is another person that my heart belongs to”.

*unfaithful cow*

O_0 i honestly thought she was aware from the start.

episode 23

You got to love how Shinchi just conveniently turns up in this episode (you have to love the friend satnav).

I like Shinchi, he’s my favourite character in SAO (I just find him so likable).

Me and DB: “you can do it Shinchi”

XD i thought they weren’t siblings (it’s why i used to write cousin/brother).

I’m expecting Kirito to have saved Asuna by the next episode so that we can settle back into reality before the climax. *I know what’s going to happen.*

Sword art online 20- 21(anime log)

Episode 20

^_^* I had to rewatch the episode in order to jog my memory.*

This episode consisted of fighting, girls and BOOOOOOOOOBS!
This has to be the most fan-service ridden episode that sao has to offer.

e.g. when kirito steals Suguha’s weapon her ass grows bigger.

Boobs seem to jiggle with the slightest twitch (I’m talking about super sensitive jingly boobs). 

Episode 20 of sao: winner of the pointless fan service award

Episode 21

Hallelujah are characters found the plot.   *I’ll go get the champagne.*

We finally get some screen time with Asuna (trying to break free).  My only problem with her scenes are that they are very sexualized, not in the senses of her being sexy but in the sense of the writers wanting her to be questionable saturation.  *you can’t look at the scene with the slugs and not say tentacle abuse.*

Why do people always press buttons really slowly?

Back to Kirito and Suguha

Suguha has finally realized that kirito’s heart belongs to Asuna…. TOOK YOU TOO LONG!


Guess I should be thankful that the incest subplot is finally gone.