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18IF review

What is the show about? … I can’t answer that.

How about I re-word that: What do I think the show is trying to be?

It’s a show that tries to tackle big issues by using oversimplified logic.


The catalyst for the show is a condition called “sleeping beauty syndrome”. From what I can tell this condition in the anime shows very little resemblance to a real-world condition called “Kleine Levin syndrome”. This anime seems to use the words “sleeping beauty” literally.

Some episodes have Haruto (the protagonist) telling the girls to get over their problems…and others he doesn’t serve any purpose yet gets the girl in the end.

The morals given in each episode (excluding ep9) are in earnest. They are not meant to be taken as “get over it”, the people writing this generally think this advise is helpful to people in these saturations. The truth is that in reality you can’t just talk away a mental health problem.

  • Feeling alone won’t go away just because you are with someone.
  • The brutal loss of losing people you love won’t go away just because you kill the killer.
  • The pain a being beaten won’t go away just because you found out the other person is also in pain.
  • The scaring a sexual violation won’t go away just because you got away from it.


My favourite episode “And Now There Are None…” (7) doesn’t really have anything to do with the show. The animation looks beautiful and the story was heart-warming … but that ending!!! Am I honestly meant to believe that this girl got “sleeping beauty syndrome” from reading the “Wizard of Oz” while listening to an audio book??? This girl’s problem are much bigger then this episode lets on.

The show needed to spend more time talking about the topics and less time quick fixing them (you make their problem look petty when you can solve them in one sentence).

Capture j.PNG

Why was the ending confusing and anticlimactic? My answer: The show ran out of money?

I think this because:

  1. Episode tens animation looks awful.
  2. Episode 11 pure filler
  3. Episode 13 is filled with animation/design mistakes (rushed job).

My theory is that they had to create episode 11 in order to rewrite the last episode.

Was it worth it? no.



Spoiler zone: Eve is a god. Why did God make eve a god? How can eve have fallen into a deep sleep and still be mother to all?

I don’t like the story of the Garden of Eden, but I am familiar enough with it to know something is off with this shows version of Eve.  Did they get Eve and Lilith confused (Adams first wife in Jewish folklore)?

I think the show tries to make a point about free will and equality for woman… right up to the point it falls over its own feet.


Haruto is implied to be Adam.

There are two Adam in this show (reflecting the two Eves).

Why? I HAVE NO IDEA! They never address it in the show (I think that is what they were going for). There are  also far too many questions that remained unanswered. Such as:

Eve became one and Adam is now pure???

Why did Eve not become free of the evil?

Why would Eve want to go back the garden?

Was eve only punished because she impurified men?

What was the point in making a physical form of Haruto?

How did the city dispose of all them dead lilies?

Where was the RED DOOR?

Spoiler zone end


Final thoughts:

Long as you don’t think that deeply about the morals the show pushes, it’s not that bad.

I recommend watching “And now There are none…” (7) and avoiding “Idols Don’t Go to the Bathroom!” (9); SKIP THIS EPISODE (it blends fetishy fan-service with an extremely uncomfortable topic).


It’s so beautiful!

Edited by: DB

11eyes review

This is one of those anime that you always see on top of the alphabetical Crunchyroll list, however, you never stop to watch it because of ether:

  1. The art looks dull
  2. Plot doesn’t sound interesting
  3. The name is wired

I can tell you right now that I have no idea why the show is called ‘11eyes’. The show never gives a reason for the name, you are just forced to accept it!


So, what is this anime about? … … … T-o isn’t that the thousand-pound question? You know how shows usually have one main plot and little ones that are subordinate plots. How would you feel if I told you this anime is made up of only sub plots?

You might ask: How can you have lesser plots if there is no main plot?

You can’t, what you are left with are:

loads of tiny plots fighting for your attention;

loads of tiny plots that don’t really connect;

loads of tiny plots being forced together into a nonsensical story.


Plot 1: Kakeru and Yuka have a strained relationship when Misuzu enters into their lives.

Plot 2: Yukiko and Takahisa are two cursed children who can’t admit their feelings for each other.

Plot3: A different world is trying to kill the kids.

They try to connect the subs to plot 3, but unfortunately it doesn’t work, because plot 3 isn’t properly explained till way later into the show (You can’t call a premise a plot).

The ending twist (not going to spoil) feels more like they created a 4 plot which just made the small morsel of story they had left completely fly out the window.


I think the most pointless plot point in this anime is that different realities exist …why? You could have just had all the kids exist in the one world from the start? I know what fans will say “But they needed to hide all the powers they held” fine, but does it really add anything to the story? If I took it away would anything truly change (We would lose two completely pointless characters)?

I think the only reason they kept it in was to grab your intrigue with that murder scene at the start…which made no sense. How Could you remember your own death?

He clearly remembers his sister dyeing in the memory where he dies.

To make things even more complicated the memory of her death is not even him form that reality (Why the hell is this so convoluted).


Let’s make this clear: This anime has 2 endings.

*The bad ending and the good ending.*

One more thing to make clear: neither of them make sense.


Was this anime bad? I would say ‘Meh’.

The anime kept my attention throughout all the episodes; at no point was I not interested in where the sub plot might be going.  The problem that I see with this show is that it lacks an identity. I believe this comes from the fact the show doesn’t know what it wants to be.

It’s one of those shows that watch and then quickly forget about.


Review: Free!


This anime is about a bunch of muscular men who love swimming…..… well at least it’s not a moe feast.

The actual premise of the show is very bare and the only reason this show can even support itself is because the characters are well fleshed out. *In more ways than one.*

This particular anime created a lot controversy between mostly male anime fan’s; some believed that the female anime fans are so small that it would be a waste of money creating anime for them and the other male fans (mostly male) believed that the male depiction of these characters made a woman’s standards for the perfect man too high (that and the men look too sexy).

  1. Female orientated anime has been around for years, we just don’t get as many coming out each season because it’s easier to draw dig boobs then it is to write a character sexual appeal.  *takes more than just the just the body to arouse…….unless you’re a  horny teen/ into necrophilia*
  2. Are you trying to compare a woman who will starve and get fake implants to exercising at the gym; characters in this anime are swimmers, there going to be muscly.


This anime was not designed to be manly however, this show dose manage to balance out the gorges shot/poses with characters that you want to see succeed, you want to know more about them and most of all you want to find their own little piece of happiness.

The animation really knows how to bring the water alive; for a show that likes its characters to be one with that water it really knows how to give the liquid its own soul, when they are swimming you feel/see every splash and you even get a good idea how much power these lads must be using in order to swim that fast.


One of the downsides to this show is there is no particular musical score that went beside it, sure we had the catchy opening but part from that I really can’t recall any music from this show.

*it’s good that it did not get over used however, it’s bad because I didn’t acknowledged it. *

I guess the only other downside I can see is that this show might moved kyoani from making moe shows into sexy men shows. Don’t get me wrong I do like female fan-service shows however, I’m getting annoyed at kyoani because lately they have been sticking to one type of genera way too often. *I just want to see more verity from them*


In conclusion, just because you’re a guy does not mean you are banned from watching this, come and enjoy the stunning animation and most remember use females have to put up with over the top fan-service in your shows.

Final thoughts: *water has never looked so beautiful.*


I give this show 7/10

Unless you really think it’s wrong for guy to be close friends then you will have no problem with this show.

Review: Fate/kaleid liner prisma ilya


This is why wands don’t have faces.  


This is about a girl who gets a magical talking wand and has to destroy monsters….. It sounds boring when I describe it.

This show has amazing animation and likable character, so why do I find myself feeling dissatisfied. This anime has plenty of action scenes that show off the many abilities that the wands are capable of, including moves that can only be accessed by the imagination of wielder.

This show loves to indulge all the senses in pure happiness, even if the actual episode has nothing happening you will still be amerced in the magical whimsy of the world they have created.

The characters are compelling however; I wonder who/what Miyu is because she doesn’t seem that human. *it very unnerving when I think about it.*


Are two main characters are:

Lllyasviel:  A quiet ditz who has blond hair… or was it white??? Let’s just say she has pale hair.  (Every time I try it remember this character I just see white hair.)

Miyu: I have two theories on Miyu, first being that he is a robot sent from the future to protect Lllyasviel or option two being that she is a very disturbed little girl.


I think one of the problems with this anime is that they pulled so many twists *oh no, he is not dead* that you really lose a lot of shock value.  Plus you could also pin the problem to the very thin story/plot, they never really expand on it outside of “oh I’m competing ageist my friend to collect cards” these card are capable of destroying cities and you just see it as a petty contest.

I also wonder where  the wands/ older girls come from, for even without the wands they can perform magic with crystals……how!

I understand that 10ep is not enough time to tell a deep/character fleshed story however, if this show spent more time getting to the point and less time meandering about we would have had everything explained by the time we got to the end.


In conclusion, it feels like I’m out of the loop for this show acts as if you already know everything about this world/how it works; I  think that this show is a continuation/prequel because of the lack of explanation.  Even if this show might be a continuation/prequel you will still find yourself stuck the screen wanting more.

Final thoughts: *I wonder how many sentient wands exist in that world *


I give this show: 6

It’s a good show….. It just does not inspire me to write a deep review about it.

*Like I said, it feels like I’m missing a lot of pieces to this particular puzzle*

Review: Day break illusion

This anime is about a group of girls who transform with magical Tarot cards.


First things first, I’m going to have to address the elephant in the room.

This anime is not a copy of Madoka, do you know why?                                                                      If you were to take away the main plot out of Madoka and just looked at how the girls are created, you would see that it  basically looks like this: Girl sells soul to devil – Girl lives by eating other souls- Girls soul is eventually harvested                           *wrapped in a nice magical girl skin*

Subversive: Trying to damage or weaken the power of an established system or institution.             (brought to us by the Oxford dictionary)

This is how magical girls are crated in Day break illusion: Born with magical tarot spirit- Randomly starts to see monsters – Has to decide if they are willing to risk their lives to kill them.                                                   (part from the dark tones, there is no resemblance between the two anime’s)


This show was painful to watch because I don’t think they understood the basic formula for a magical girl show.  This genre is particularly aimed at young teens because it shows how responsibility forces you to grow-up and come to your own conclusions. *just because someone is older doesn’t mean they are telling the truth*

The show does eventually tackle the  growing up aspect of this genre however, it was left unaddressed for so long that it just felt like a quick plot dump in order to make the ending seem more fulfilling.


The show did address one particular pet peeve of mine; at times some character can act so nice and self-righteous that it actually does more damage to the people around them. (It’s ok to be a nice person however, there comes a point where it becomes overbearing.)

The show does ask a very good moral question “would you be willing to kill someone in order to save other’s”  they make it harder by getting friends and family involved; I just wish that this show had a more mature story because there is so much potential here.

So many magical girl shows avoid this question by having the monsters be created by mutation or having their bad guy just be evil spirits.  *It’s ok if they die, their just pure evil. *


My biggest problem with this anime is that each episode dose not flows into the next and for a show being aimed at older teen it really does not respect their intelligence.  In most kids show you keep the plot simple because must kids don’t concentrate enough to follow a quick paste story, that and most kids are really tired after a long day of school.

Your audience is used to long days and have to pay attention in order to get though the day, so show some respect and stretch out the character development so that it’s longer then just 1 episode.

Another complaint that I have is that  the character designs are way too cutesy for a show like this. If you honestly wanted us to take the themes of your show seriously then use designs that don’t remind me of cute moe comedies, or maybe you made it that way just so that the viewer would feel sorry for the characters because they look like children                                                                               . *Even the adults running the building look like children*

The main designs stand out even more when you compare them to how the background characters look. (Their bodies don’t look correct and their eyes are extra big.)


In conclusion,  this show was really hard to watch because nether sat back and allowed it characters to just exist in this world, they had be doing something that would make the story feel sadder or dark.

Final thoughts: *I hope somebody else has a go at using this concept.*


i give this show: 2

i will defend this show if someone called it a madoka clone however, i can’t defend it as a good show.

*i recommend watching it and coming up with your own conclusions. *

Review: Kinmoza


Plot summary

An Engrish girl goes to a Japanese high school.

*The winner of the shortest plot summary*

I spent most of the day trying to find a morsel of inspiration so that I could design the side image for this review. I ended up having to be very creative by making the box look like the rising sun and the rice looks like blonde hair.                                  *gave myself a pat on the back *


On with the review

There is not really much going on in this show….. Why did I watch it?

This show has a very deceiving first episode that will have you thinking that this show was going to be about two girls from different countries learning to be friend even though they can’t understand each other.                                                                                                                                                  So where did that episode come from?                                                                                           Answer: it was a 4 panel side joke about how the girls only knew 1 word in each other language.

There only other noteworthy episode of this show has to be the extra story on the ending of episode 12, for it actually has a good pacing and achieved its goal of making me bow down to their cuteness.


I couldn’t describe this shows characters outside of 3 Japanese friends and 2 Engrish friends. (Who have blonde hair) actual let’s talk about the Engish for a moment.    “My ear are bleeding”  *just joking*

When you have a Japanese character on a TV show/cartoon do you expect them to talk your language fluently? The answer is no.

Would you expect their accent to change so that it fit the show better? The answer is no.

Would you expect them to culturally adapt fast? NO!

Alice might as well of been Japanese because you can’t tell she is even from a different country. (Unless the anime is implying that blond girls only come from the uk.)

Her English is so broken that you can’t make out any dialect/accent out to save your life. They got better at  spacing the English words in the final episodes, yet they got worse at choosing sentences that make logical sense.


In conclusion, there is nothing particularly noteworthy about this show outside of it being a slice of life with 2 Engrish girls.
Final thoughts: *I’m amazed that I managed to write a review for this show.*


i give this show: 4

A cute show that is really let down by it’s annoying gimmick.

Quick review: Teekyu


Nothing can be said about this show, for it does not care if you can understand it, it does not care if it has a plot, for this show is 100% pure insanity.

Each episode is tightly packed into 2 minutes thanks to super speedy dialog and an opening that could probably be a good contender for shortest opening this year.

I think the show is supposed to be about a tennis team however, they don’t really plat tennis or even obey the laws of reality most of the time.

At 2 minutes per episode there isn’t really anything stopping you from taking a look at the ultimate madness that is Teekyu.

Final thoughts: *Don’t blink or you will miss an episode *

Review: Dog & Scissors


This anime is about a boy who get’s killed and turned into a dog.                                                          In order for him to rest in peace he needs to read the final book in his favorite author’s deadly sin collection called Lust.                                                                                                                          Will he get his little paws on the book or will fate play a paw in making his life just as entertaining in reality as the stories he  reads.


That took me way too long to explain and do you know what’s worse, the show rarely acknowledges its own premise.

The actual plot of this show is about an author who likes to torture this little dog by cutting his fur with a pair of sharp scissors…… and somehow it all comes back to books??????

The book aspect of this show feels very shoehorned most of the time.

e.g.                                                                                                                                                   1. There is a criminal on the killing people, he must be reading my books                                                      2. I will destroy you, for my books are best                                                                                             3. It’s the dog that buys books

The entire book aspect is just a cover so that they can sneak casual viewers into watching a show filled with fan-survive for sadomasochist.


This show does try to create a story for itself however, it fails because the adventures they go on don’t connect to a main character. There is no investment, there is no risk and the worse thing of all is that none of the tails they came up with connect with the ending what so ever.

The ending of this show did not surprise me in the slightest; in fact I was expecting them to do that because there would have been no other way of connecting the beginning and the ending. *The true premise of the show is the book Lust after all.*

There are many interesting characters in this show who would most likely be very entertaining to learn about who they are however, the show never really gives is huge cast of colourful characters any chance to show/tell us who they are, their motivations or even tell us what kind of stories they like to write.


I actual believe that this show could have been improved if they completely ditched the comedy aspect and concentrated on the characters lust for each other.  It would help tie the beginning too the end more and it would allow the writers to have a lot more fun with the sadomasochist fan-service.

The only reason this anime has comedy is so that it can be marketed toward teen, but if you sit back and actually say out loud what is happening in this show you might see that the contents doesn’t lend itself well to teen programming.

Lust is about a woman who has sexual desires for a dog.                                                                       They could have explored the lust aspect much more if this was rated for a mature audience.


In conclusion, the show was not really boring but at the same time it wasn’t really satisfying. If the anime had more focus on what it was about then maybe it could have actually achieved some kind of level of enjoyment.

Final thoughts: *Can’t believe I guessed the ending to this show; even before we reached the halfway point I knew what was going to happen.*


I give this show 5/10

There’s nothing really bad about this show however, there is not really anything good about this show.  *It’s just meh.*

Review: Amnesia


This anime is a about a girl with amnesia who keeps getting killed and waking up with a new boyfriend. Will she discover why this is happening or will she die before even getting a clue.

I never knottiest just how many moe shows I watched before creating this review sections, so in order to balance the universe I’m going to look back at winter 2012 to review a show that not many talk about, not many cared about and to tell you the truth I only watched it because a friend online told me to.

This show mainly revolves around the idea that there are 5 boys who representative of different fetishes/ card suits.  Now here is where I have a problem with the show because they spend a ridicules amount of time with ace of harts and ace of clubs, but they neglect too give diamond and clover enough time for us to see their relationship blossom with are main heroin.


Let’s talk about are main heroin for a moment, miss no name has no personality, no survival skills and quite frankly will go on a date with anyone who claims to be her boyfriend.   The reason for this however is so that you can insert yourself into her place and envision that all of those hunky men are falling to your feet.

My online bud’s response to this show was: “if she is repeating the same week why are the season’s changing.”                                                                                                                                       Which I responded with: “sorry, I was too distracted by all the sexy men.”

This show is purely eye candy for the ladies (so stay away lads).

The designs of the characters are very creative however, I have the small feeling that the show takes advantage of this fact by distracting us so that we don’t knottiest that the animation is almost none excitant.There are so many shots of characters standing abnormally still or slowly walking as they teleport off screen to their destination; I can’t get into a show when there body movement is as stiff as a toy robot from the 90s.


In conclusion, the show is clearly based of a dating simulator and makes no attempt to hide it. If you really want to insert yourself into a fantasy world filled with guys, just go out and buy a dating simulator. (you will get much more play out of it and you can choose your ending.)                                               My final thoughts: *wish they had hinted at the ending more.*


I give this show 4/10

You are only watching to find out what happens at the end and even then you don’t feel satisfied.

Quick review: Poyopoyo


^_^ This has to be one of the cutest shows I have ever seen in my life.

Each episode revolves around this perfectly round cat called Poyopoyo who likes to have his presence known. He could be a ninja, he could be a lover or maybe he is your lunch.

This show dose seems to overplay the “looks like food” joke a little too much however, what do you expect when the show has 52 episodes.

The animation is soft, cuddly and will put you in the mood for a short tail about a family and the pudgy cat.

If you want some mindless cute fun this is truly a must see.