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beanie update 06/08/2015

XD I finally have Icy!


Name: Icy

Birthday: 27th February 

^_^ When I was little my Nan had a seal on her bedroom window that looked very close to this little pup (don’t know if she still has it).

I managed to get this one photo before my camaras batteries died.

O_O They are so cute!

^_^ I found them (only the 3)


^_o This is there 3rd resign!  I will pull the other 2 off my shelf and compare them when I have free time.

*I want to sell my 1st vision of these 3 (that was the original plan)T-o.*

beanie update 17/06/2015

^_^ It has been a very long time since I entered the Beanie shop and by an odd chance when I entered today new stock had just come in (not had new stock in a long time).


This is Flora the skunk.

Birthday: April 6

She has really soft fur covering her head toe and the tail is just stuffed enough to give it a puffy marshmallow feeling.

In the ship I was presented with 3 flora to choose from

1. This one with the tilted head

2. one stood up strait with her paw out (she looked a little aggressive).

3. ^-^ Then we have the drunk one who had odd positioned legs (quirky).

*XD why dose this shop keep getting sent defective beanies.*

^_o If you want beanies with personality go to the little beanie licensed shops.

one of my favorite memories: *guy pulls out book* “I’m a licensed beanie provider!”

XD I will never forget that (he said it we so much pride).

Two cute beanie rabbits


Sweetie pie: birthday may 2nd 2014

Checkers: birthday June 1st 2014 

All of the new “original beanie babies” are beyond soft!

T-o The only down side is that every time I hold them quotes from mice and men keep coming into my head.

I was unexpectedly out yesterday which is why yesterday was short and today in a  beanie update.

O_O But they are so CUTE!

beanie update: Slick

The new 2015 beanie boo are starting to show up.

slick 2 slick

^-o Thanks to my dentist appointment and January being a pain I was only able to get one of the new beanie boos at the moment. 

He is very cute, soft and well constructed.

extra: got to see the new design for the 2015 my little pony beanie today and……Its not good….I think these new designs have the  potential to make some creepy looking beanies.

If you have’t been collecting or keeping an eye on the current ty mlp beanie you might not be aware of the amount of errors that have been appearing. These problems can range from heads not sewn on correctly, small/bent horns, wings are not parallel, overly huge smiles and finally derping (eyes not parallel).

^-o *Most of these problems are found on rainbow dash and twilight sparkle.*

In the shop: I picked up the new small twilight sparkle beanie and spot that its wing had been sewn on to it bottom (I’m a little scared to see how they handle the new medium beanies).

update 7/1/2015: Your redesigning them for a 3rd time? (Ty beanies)

First update of the year!

If you are new to my blog you might not be aware that well as being an anime fan i love collecting Ty beanies.

^_^ my collection started with 3 medium my little ponies late 2013 and I collected the others in 2014.

Something seemed very odd when I compared the two, they where not the same beanie designs.

I now have 2 sets of the same beanies on my shelf (2013 set and 2014 set).

My beanie provider called me today telling me about the new ones coming to the shop soon (I like to pre-order sometimes) she seem extra existed to show me the new mlp beanies (big sellers).

 After seeing an advertisement banner on a beanie blog I started to presume that they would be redesigning the mlp beanies for 2015.

Applejack is going to have freckles and apparently look less like shirley temple when sized up to medium (I will never understand why she had curly locks of hair).

Twilight has turned into a lighter purple and pinkie pie has now got darker hair.

all of them have new eye designs.

 ^-o Icy the seal is the next beanie boo I really want.

beanie update

^-o I can finally post my newest beanie boos.

 1*I found these two yesterday.*

The cats mask feels like lino and the bat is very soft.

Jinxy  birthday: 13th October

Scream birthday:  11th October


I’m really loving these new textures.

Speckles birthday: 1st May

Neptune birthday: 18th May *He looks very distinguished in this photo.*



Out of all the new beanie I have gathered these 3 look the most normal.

Tabitha birthday: 17th December



 U_U I  will try to get an anime post done tomorrow. 

*I wasn’t well this morning  (I’m better now)*

^_^ This dragon needs some love.

Do you like my depressed dragon?

legend I will be getting an animax subscription starting Sunday. 

I will have to get a note book if I want to avoid that vista’s evil word processor.

TT_TT The curse of not having a laptop (I have a fear of them exploding).

*when I was in primary schools we didn’t understand the importance of computer ventilation. Additional: I also gained a fear of hand dryers after one blow fire at me like a flamethrower.*

Taking a brake tonight (I want to talk about nagi no asukara with a clear head).

^_^ ty beanies (last pony ty post)

I can finally talk about this annoying plush (camera has been acting up)

twilight ty 2014

This was the only beanies buddy that I had to find in the city!

T_T on the first day I found one for £15 (I paid £10 for the others). Luckily on the second day I found it sitting in a window for £12.

I would never recommend buying beanies online (you need to be able to look at them).

tag mlptagmlp neck

There are 3 things to look for on these beanies:

1. texture of the sewn tag.

only the original twilight, pinkypie and rainbow have a paper like tags (all ponies made in 2014 have silk tags).

2.These beanie buddies have a star on there tag.

3. The 2013 buddies seemed to have a fat necks (this was removed in the 2014 ponies).



huge pony beanie O_O

Apparently ty have now created the Xl version of the my little pony beanies

^_o *I got to see them in the cool ordering book.*

They are £100 each

The owner of the shop is debating if it was worth getting one for display.

owner “They don’t seem that big” *looking at the measurements.*

me “It’s huge when you compare it to the normal sized ones.”



images from ty website

*link in image*

its hard to grasp how big the xl  are.