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5 of harts (you could say it’s a game)

XD 5 of harts!

^_^ I have wanted to use this joke for ages. 

when I went to my first anime con I bought a pack of madoka poker cards however, lets just say there not official (mecha captain madoka). Me and DB always reference Mami on the 5 of harts every-time a character with huge boobs shows up on screen. *It’s just open fan-service staring you down.*

5 hartsO_O I’m thankful to the person who designed this card (we use it all the time).

fan-service is invalid when 5 of harts is in play (you acknowledge the elephant in the room).

Me: what am I looking at?

DB: 5 of harts.

Me: point taken.

*I can hopefully play this card in the future*

I would love to see someone do a fan-service anime review with the 5 harts in play.

^_^ can you review it with out mentioning/showing the fan-service?


Game: Manga roulette

This game aims to get you to read manga’s that you would not normally buy when you go to your local book/manga shop.

Easy mode

  • Go to your book shop and pick up a manga that you have seen online/have heard about
  • you are not allowed to look at the books art (inside the book) or to read the blurb on the back

Normal mode

  • You have to be willing to pick up any genre
  • You are allowed to look at the covers however, you can’t read the blurb on the back
  • If you recognize the name of the manga/author or the artist you must put it back
  • All ratings are allowed (unless your under 18; then you can disallow M)

Hard mode *2 player+*

  • Each player has to buy the other players manga
  • The players can’t consort with the player they are buying for

*Find out what the other person owns so that you don’t get doubles*

  • All ratings are allowed (unless your under 18; then you can disallow M)
  • Once the manga is bought you have to read it
  • You can’t but the manag with the intent of reading it yourself
  • Choose obscure titles
  • No  omnibus manga
  • Set a price limit
  • Don’t be a jerk; consider what the other person really hates.

Have fun guys

^_^ I play this game every time I go to the manga shop.

(Playing hard mode on my next trip)