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Blog mascot drawn in Photoshop

This was designed by lcp and posted on

^_^ I think it came out quite well.

*I love drawing and designing.*

^-o update: was in a drawing mood

Along with trying to learn to be a dungeon master I have been trying to get back into drawing.

sea pony

 ^_o You can blame the lack of an anime post on this strange beast of the sea.

O_O why dose it have a belly button

*why not?*

T_O I always worry when I let my subconscious take a pen for a walk.

^-o I had to get this out of my mind

I could’t get this image out of my head! so here we have little Jim pretending to be a drow sitting in a bucket. *why brain?*

^-o I guess he dose look very cute.
tiny drow

100 followers O_O Thank you!

Thank you for all of your support! icysquirrel holding dango bunny

 If you told me that I would ever have 100 followers on any form of media I would have laughed you off. In fact! When I made this blog DB made a bet with me.

*I had 3-5 followers at the time*

DB: “If you can get 100 followers I will take you out for dinner.”

Lea: “I will never reach that.”


DB: “You’re halfway there.”

Lea: “I’m content with 50 followers”


Lea:*texts DB* “I just hit 100 woop woop!”

DB: “^_^ where do you want to go eat?”

It has been an amazing ride with loads of up and downs (February-June were dark times) but I’m glad I stuck to it. Without the help of my many followers I would have given up on this blog a long time ago, you are the blood that keeps this blog alive and I’m extremely thankful for all of the support you have given me.

^_o Like I said at 50 followers: “Hope I can keep you guys moderately happy in the future.

^_^ I should never allow my mind to wonder

I can’t go one day without drawing one strange design out of the blue.


T_T At least my imagination isn’t dead.

deviantart:I finally upload something!

This was designed by lcp and posted on icysquirrel.wordpress.comI have been meaning to do a little project using my deviant-art account however, thanks to the lack of a table and family problems i have not been able to draw.

Be aware that I have a lot of time to lament on my thoughts (some of my inspirations might seem odd).

^_^ it’s just nice to feel like i’m progressing in some shape or form (i just love drawing/designing that much).


^-o update 14/3/2014

happy birthday db. *He has only ever written two post for this blog however,he is the only person that I can talk/share anime/manga with (i do quote him often).*


 Not going to be in Saturday (no post 15/3/2014) 

traditional chubby dragon

traditional chubby dragon

I got the inspiration to draw him because my mother was showing me what a traditional welsh dress looks like (Apparently my mother has a photo of herself in that dress/hat).

When will this month end???


I just can’t catch a break this month (so much bad luck).

Seeing as I have started all of the show (excluding Strange+ ) I might as well write down which anime do I believe to be the worst/best of this season so far.

best: Witch Craft Works

worst: Magical Warfare

^_^ I love shows that can get a strong emotional response out of me (good or bad it’s still a reaction).

There is nothing worse then being rated  meh. 

Gummy cat’s

Gummy cat's

I wasn’t really in the mood to talk about an anime today so I turned and looked at my wall.
*3 years confined to a small box room really gives you a lot of wall doodling time.*

I sleep on a junior bed and there is still no floor space to move around (think I have gone a little stir crazy in here).

^_^ It would explain the strange imagery that comes into my head.