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Did generation 5 really have the worst designed Pokemon?

T-o Its not that good, but its not that big of a drop off from generation 4.


There are a lot more ‘questionable’ designs, but no real change to frequency of forgettable/bad designs.

I think the biggest problem with generation 5 is that it a lot of its designs straight up copy Pokemon from other generations ( I managed to almost fill a second document of Pokemon this generation copied).

To this day I still sometimes think Larvitar and Axew are the same Pokemon.

That’s not to say the new designs are not better then there originals, it just makes you wonder who on the design team thought this was a good idea to try and contend with them in the first place.

Why would you make an imitation of your own game????

*^-^ luckily for me gen 6 only has 72 Pokemon (I can get that done in no time).* 



XD Got to see ‘Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds’ live!

I payed for this in January.

^_^ Last night I finally got to see the 40th anniversary of  ‘Musical Version of The War of the Worlds’  conducted by JEFF WAYNE’S!

I really needed that pick me up at the moment.

O_O You really do feel the pounding of the music in your stomach live.

T-T Bills!

Isn’t being an adult fun.

You get to worry about bills and where money is coming from.

Isn’t it fun when the company falsifies your hours because they messed up there budget for the month (don’t want to pay you).

isn’t fun when someone loses a job.

Isn’t it fun when you get a fissure.

Y-Y Isn’t it fun when the treatment forces you to stick your finger up your butt morning and night for 6 weeks!

I’m sad, and that’s OK.

^_O seeing a doctor in the morning

Got to see a doctor about the mass amount of pain I have been experiencing in my rectum.

Hopefully its something simple.

O_O I won’t lie, I am scared.


T_T my insides are torn.

I might be in a load of pain for 6 weeks, but at least it can’t get any worse then the pain i’m currently in.

Y_Y stop skewing information for ‘let’s go’

I have seen this happen way too often now!

Stop comparing your game to X/Y, you should be comparing to sun/moon!

Here are all the Pokemon from ultra sun/moon, they are the same as ‘let’s go’!

Sun/moon has the capability to put out HD!

Y_Y Be fare to a game engine that couldn’t push itself due to its hardware.

I’m sorry to tell you this, but ‘let’s go’ is running on sun/moon engine.

*Like every other remake game-freak has put out over the year.*

O_O I love seeing it run at full power, but don’t make up stuff just to make the game look better.

*This is why I wasn’t visually impressed by ‘let’s go’.*

Pokemon let’s go sales

Person: “It sold 3 million in one week!”

me: “It needs to sell between 8-12 million in total.”

person: *stare*

me: “I just don’t think it can do it.”

Never underestimate how well Pokemon games sell (it’s all relative).

T-o Generation 8 has to hit 16 million in order to be considered and average!

When you get a product you didn’t know existed.

I have an order sheet at a game-shop to alert me when DM screen turn up….O_O 2 months after the book released it suddenly showed up!

Thumbnail This wasn’t even delayed,  it just randomly popped into existence.

I have ever mentioned that I really hate ‘gale force nine’.

They never release anything on time.

Undertale: How many games randomly tell you the plot to there sequel?

I was playing the game when I went into shop (in game).

The shop keeper for some unknown reason started telling me about the history of deltarune…..WHY!  I only continued the confiscation because it was the only text in the game that had ‘NEW’ written next to it.

O_O I just wish the game would have given the conversation more context.

^_^ Good luck with your angles of death.

Why is this in my switch news feed????

I’m honestly confused about this.

I have been getting ‘let’s go’ garbage turning up in the news feed? It wouldn’t be so annoying if ‘let’s go’ didn’t have its own channel.

O_O I don’t care who Liam and or bird man are, stop filling my news with stuff I didn’t subscribe to.

There not even reviews!!! Anyone can just pull a random fan off the street to talk about how grand a game there obsessed with is.

If your going to do that Nintendo can we please have a name that holds some weight.

At the moment you may as well say Stevens mum loves the game.

mum: “It was a magical experience”

let’s go is strange

A new tallier dropped… and people seem a little confused.

trailer  *hyper link*

I look at the marketing for this game and I’m just left baffled by some of the choices they make.

Hello little kids, did you play red/blue/green/yellow, watch the first season of the anime and read the manga.  O_O WHO IS THIS GAME FOR!

Red: Game

Blue/Green: anime

Green/Blue: manga

I just don’t understand why you would clearly make a game for 3-7 year olds and market it to 30-40 year olds.