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Pokemon sword and shield positivity

I’m not talking about bind positivity, that’s just dumb. You can’t just plunge your head into the ground and pretend nothing is wrong (your no better then other side of the argument).

Let’s get the silly positives of the way first.

  1. It looks like it can run faster then 15 fps. *let’s just say I was worried it had broken my 3ds on multiple occasions.*
  2. Hopefully I can turn the game off without having to wait 1 minute (the handheld needed a lot of cool down before the power could turn off).  To be fare the PS4 needs a little bit more time to turn a VR games off then a normal game.
  3. I won’t have to stare at a black screen after every fight.

I’m one of those poor souls that had a horrible time with Pokemon sun/moon (it should have been marketed as a ‘New 3ds’ game).

reasonable positives

  1. They isolated mega/z moves by turning them into dynamax/gigamax.
  2. There not telling you what moves to use in battles.
  3. Pokemon in the wild areas are there correct sizes.
  4. Colosseum battles.

My hopes:

  • I’m hoping Pokemon refresh comes back in some form.
  • Pokemon following you.
  • side activities.
  • Different types of battles.
  • Night and Day.
  • Clothing.
  • Change your skin colour.
  • Hair.
  • story.

Unlikely hopes:

  • Custom pokeballs.
  • Pokemon dress up.
  • Having the type chart in the game.
  • An option to turn on/off the move hints (tells you what move are effective).
  • voices
  • open fields instead of boxes.
  • To send my box Pokemon out of little side missions.


I personally think that the reason why so many people have been focused on the negative is because game-freak hasn’t really shown anything new.

  • dynamax/gigamax is nothing more then a reworking of mega/z moves, the only difference is that they made the models big.
  • You have a huge open field that is nothing more then glorified route (designed to make you level grind before reaching the gym).
  • All of the Pokemon seem to walk around like zombies.

I’m exited to see the size of some Pokemon…..but that’s about it.

Game-freak really needs to show something mechanical. It would give everyone something to talk about (I would be happy if they just showed off some of sizes compared to the trainer).

I’m also looking forward to reading the pokedex. *The person who writes these isn’t getting paid enough.*



Pokémon SS: me snapping (rant)

This is really starting to piss me off, THIS GAME ISN’T HARD TO PROGRAM!!! If we are talking about the open fields and models moving/being generated you are of to talk about difficult programming, however, if your talking about the battles system PISS OFF.

A Pokémon battle at its core is just one long algebraic formula with different value being swapped in and out.  The reason why there are no unique animations is because it’s easier to set one animation for everyone then having to set individual Responses.

This is how it would work:

  • Pokémon name – loads model
  • With model – loads numbers
  • Model has a standing animation and 3 battle animations
  • One of the 3 animations is assigned to a move
  •  Move is activated and the model moves
  • Game then layers attack over the model animation  
  • After that pointless display, the numbers are added up in order to calculate the impact on the other Formula that you are fighting.

There is literally nothing complicated about programming these battles.

When it come to the CAD (computer aided design) there really should’t be a problem.  “They had to remake all the models” …. WHY?Iit would be extreme waste of resources seeing as they already have 807 completed 3d models.

It would of actually have been harder to design for old Pokemon games like black and white due to it needing 3 individual frames for every sprite (to create the illusion of animation).  You would also have to make an individual back sprite for every model.

The sounds that come from Pokemon are really dated…. to a ridicules degree now. With each generation of hardware Pokemon have been getting better sound files….however they never update the old ones.  What we have here is 20 year of different levels audio quality being randomly toughen at you (to call it jarring would be an understatement).

Pokemon could have easily have done this with the spites, but they didn’t.


Pokemon battles in the stadiums look amazing, you really to get a good idea of how tall each of these monster are in comparison to each other… but they just can’t get rid of that invisible wall problem.  In a fighting you kind of need to feel like you character is making contact with the enemy…in Pokemon it feels like your two holograms not really occupying the same space.

e.g In the first splatoon concert they had both Callie and Marie appear on stage together, the problem was they couldn’t interact because they were being generated to different screens.  In the second concert with pearl and marina they point of have the two walk past each other in order to show they were sharing the same space. 

If Pokemon really wants a future in 3d modelled games it need to find a solution to this problem (I would have no problem with Pokemon being missing if this was the reason).

Unlike other Pokemon games in the past we have now entered into a generation where games can be patch easily.  So claiming the issues having anything to do with balancing is a thing of the past (you just adjust as needed).

As soon as the confiscation goes into integrating models into a 3ds space my knowledge of program goes out the window.  I only know how the coding for how each action is performed, I’m not too familiar with the coding for how each 3d model is programmed to react in the world….I would’t image that every model is programmed that way.

The bigger the world the more complicated it is to keep track of everything.

Pokemon Battles are nothing more then layering, you don’t have to worry about any of the other complication that come with having a model in a 3d space.


I don’t believe game-freak should be getting praise so anything in this game.

“They have an moving camera” This has been a slandered thing in 3d open world games for years.

“Pokemon are being generated on the same layer as my character”  This has been a standard thing in 3d open world games for years.

“I can walk around on a wide open map.” This has been a standard thing in 3d open world games for years.

“Your just being entitled!” These things have been STANDARD in 3d open world games for years.

We are entitled to a 3d open world game that has standard open world features that have been there for years.  Why would we want the world of game development to go backwards?  If you learn that something didn’t work in old games you fix it in future games (that becomes a standard, something that is expected to be there).

T-o The amount of studying involved with learning the history of programming must be a nightmare (YAY for contextual studies class).


There is one impotent line I used to say to myself when studying, “I can’t know about something I don’t know about.”  This was me favourite line to response to a teacher with when they say, “Go research this.”

We have no books on the subject, are internet was restricted and the curriculum had one answer (even if wrong) that we all had to find…. how are you supposed to win in that situation?

My point is that if your a game studio/developer you need to constantly be listening to everything around you in order to learn things that didn’t even cross your mind. Why go though the process of falling into every hole when someone ells has already found/solved them for you?

Isolating yourself just creates an echo chamber, where nothing can improve purely because you can’t see that anything could be wrong/outdated.


I feel a lot better now after that rant. XD

Plus it gave me an excuse to practice writing for longer periods of time.



My thoughts on the Switch Lite

As someone who like playing there switch in handheld….I’m not that impressed.

Things I like:

  • I don’t have to worry about the joy-con slipping off.
  • equal weight distribution.
  • The heat vent is WAY larger.
  • The smaller controllers look easier to cup my hands around (That extra 2cm of wasted space on the joy-con is very noticeable in handheld mode).


Things I don’t like:

Those are just my quick thoughts.

Playing though ‘Pokemon mystery dungeon’

I have played though ‘super mystery dungeon’ and i’m about to beat ‘mystery dungeon explorers of time’.

I was really worried replaying these games due to the fear of them not living up to how I original viewed it.

super mystery dungeon: It had good ideas, too bad that the game was poorly programmed.  Don’ get me wrong, this is by far the best game when it come to engagement with the game play. The problem stems from the game having horrendous power balancing issues along side nonsensical RNG (random number generator).

Just like the original ‘mystery dungeon red/blue’ this game feels like it could have been cable of so much more.

It felt like it was hampered by:

  1. what the 3ds was capable of.
  2. The size.
  3. Time constraints
  4. writing

There are loads of world destroying Pokemon, have some fun with the many different stories you could tell (Instead of giving me a tree of friend dungeons create a tree of expletive stories).  You could even tie it all together with a story like:

 A human collected every Pokemon, but they were treated as nothing more then trophies in there collections. You must now journey out and meet every Pokemon you mistreated in order to return back to your world.

Plot twist, by helping each Pokemon with there problems you are setting them free in your world. This creates conflict in the main lead when they have to set a legendary free into help his new world expand.

You could even work in the building mechanics from ‘gates to infinity’.

I could easily write a story for this game!


mystery dungeon explorers of time: After playing this again I can see exactly what  ‘super mystery dungeon’ was trying to copy with its story. I think the reason why this game stands out from the two 3DS games is that it feel like it was the complete vision of ‘mystery dungeon red/blue‘. Unfortunately for the first game ‘mystery dungeon red’ had to be playable on a GBA (gameboy advance), while ‘mystery dungeon blue’  is a DS game. 

I found myself getting more into the story thanks to the sprite being so simple, it forced me to imagine what was going on. With the 3d games that’s a a lot harder to do thanks to the emotionless models, they still show to a small image of what there feeling in a box…. but you can clearly see from the models that nothing is actually happening.   


My next game to play is ‘gates to infinity’….at least the music is good.

Pokemon argument (last post on the topic)

I feel like this need a little bit more expanding on.

I’m still of the mind set that I have no problem with game-freak being  more selective with the designs (there are a lot of stinkers).

But you have to understand why people are angry, and why they have a right to be angry.  A lot of people who love there old Pokemon pay into a service called Pokemon bank. This service was created with the idea that you will be able to bring your Pokemon you to every generation.

To them, game-freak has not delivered on what they were PAYING for.


Three camps have been formed.

  1. Don’t want to be overwhelmed by the numbers.
  2. They want the pokedex to be more refined (get rid lazy designs).
  3. They want all of the monsters they grew up with.

Here is something important,  It’s OK to feel angry.

You have a reason to be angry if you pay for this service, however, you need to understand that far as group 1/2 are concerned there is no issue with this decision.  Group 2 will only get mad if they find out that the numbers are too low or the choices are really dumb (these were the people that don’t like the ‘let’s go’, this is because numbers are small and power balancing is bad).


Do I think game-freak is lazy? no.  I just think there really bad at learning from past experiments…also really bad at telling people what is in there game.

Pokemon, sword and shield defence

It was announced that this game isn’t going to have a national dex (many people are upset).

I want to bring up a BIG point here: most Pokemon in a generation are just filler, you don’t use them and you don’t remember them.

Awhile ago I looked at every generation designs and organised them into 3 categorise.

Good = you remember them.

kind of = Forgettable

Bad =  you remember them for the wrong reasons.


*This dons’t include Maga or Alolan forms.*

I did end up missing the odd Pokemon, but that is to be expected when your having to look at so many designs (missing 7).


The odds of a Pokemon that you like being in the game is a lot higher then you would like to think.

I would also like to bring this point up:

807 Pokemon

male/ female = 1404

(no gender) = 105 

 shiny =  1509

3018 Pokemon!

I just wanted to give this entire situation a little more perceptive.

VR question?

Why dose no-one ever calibrates there headsets???

O_o I’m getting sick of ‘Let’s plays’ where there ether off centre or shaking like madmen.


Hello everyone, it’s me (life is now going back to normal). It’s never easy losing a love one. Made worse when you can’t burn the body until the month after (nice ceremony).

Don’t know what I’m going to do about the blog, I don’t really want to pay for crunchyroll and funmation  is acting very shifty as a company.

Just have to see how things go.



I found my answer: Are games too hard?

It’s a non question with non answer. For the question doesn’t have a base for the question, and the formula is always changing for the base.

The problem with the question ‘Are games hard?’ is that you have to presume there is a written standard for what is considered a normal games. Is there a list in the studio telling them what the average persons mental capabilities are?

When someone makes a game there going to base the difficulty on what there head deems doable. Even if they did make a ‘easy, normal or hard mode’ it would still be based on what they deemed should fall under them sections.

Then you have the problem of puzzles that test different parts of the brain.

I don’t really have a solution the problem, this is due too many people having different mental skill sets.

You can’t win.

You can ether play the game, or you can’t.

You just have to do your research before buying a game.

Driving myself a little mad (when am I not)

You might find this a little strange, but I have been thinking a lot about a big question in gaming at the moment: Are games too hard?

Here’s my problem, I don’t think that is the question? It feels like the question people want push, but it isn’t the true question at hand.

You see the problem with the question is that it’s too broad a question, at what point do you draw the line; Are phone games too hard, bored games, roll play, word scramble, bat and ball. Even if we just look a consoles we would need to narrow that down.

Is the difficulty from the questions?

The game is too fast?

Too much to keep track of?

Too many buttons?

Too many commands?

Or are we talking about artificial difficulty?

This is when they make a game hard just for the sake of being hard. This was tactic used in the of Arcade games to get more money out of you/ make short games last longer.

If you struggle with a particular style of game, your not going to play that game.

What is the true question?

I have feeling that I know the answer, but I don’t think many gamer would be happy with the questionIt’s an issue I have taken with modern day gaming for a very long time, and I feel the excuse people have been using won’t hold up much longer.

T_O I’m going to watch some anime and chill.

psvr problem (I hurt myself)

To be fare, it was an epic way to hurt yourself:”I punched a puffer-fish!”  *I was an souvenir that someone gifted me.*

XD Because I had headset on, I could feel any pain….but I was bleeding.  I only knew something had happened when I heard a crash.  I hit him with such force that I managed to dent him (I’m annoyed, but proud at the same time).

Shock by this turn of event I decided to research just how much room did the psvr want?

psvr: 60 square metres

60 square meters – 645.835 square foot

Me: “Are you high?”


Sony, you do realise the the average uk house doesn’t have that much room to spare? In fact, that’s my entire front room (with furniture).

There is no way in hell that I can play this headset safely.

Why can’t I set the radius of the camera?

Just give me an option in the settings to set perimeters, this way games that want me to move can adjust to my limitation.

I would also like the ps4 to tell me when I have moved from my starting location.


Guess I will just have to stick to VR games that are stationary for now.