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I anyone ells having this problem: getting junk I didn’t follow in my reader.

O_o What is the point of giving me a costume list made to help me access blogs I follow  if WordPress is just going to put random sites into the mix.

There has to be a better way of advertising these blogs without forcing them into my feed.

If need make two feeds, just leave my main one alone!

^-o Merry Christmas everyone.

Rant: anime titles and insane sub fan’s.

This is only small rant but, it’s something that has been getting under my skin for some time now:

I can’t stand anime fans who insist on trying to pronounce an anime title when there is no need to.

I’m taking about anime that have an official English names and these people still refuse to use it  (these names are in the openings of original broadcast).

Another one that gets under my skin is when you can clearly hear what English word they are trying to say in the sub; people insist on still pronouncing that way because in there head they believe it’s the correct way.

E.g. cheese =  チーズ  chi-zu

It’s written Katakana, it’s clearly just meant to be cheese.

O-0 Another example:

“Little Witch Academia” Which is clearly = Little Witch Academy

Y_Y This is even more annoying because the name reads

リト ルウィッチ アカデミア

Ri-to   ru-u-i-tsu-chi   a-ka-de-mi-a

So there is no excuse with this one.

^_^ sorry, I needed to get that off my chest.


additional:  If an anime fan wants to pronounce a name because it has multiple meanings then fine, if you don’t know what them meanings are you are just being a difficult ass.

The reason a show gets a title interpreted into English is so it can be spread by “word of mouth”  easier.

Insane sub fan’s complain when it gets changed but, they complain when people can’t pronounce it.

Rant currys pc world

Y-o Why the hell are they hiring staff who don’t know anything about computers?

I’m not talking about knowing  all the ins and outs of how the computer works, I’m talking about being so unknowable that they don’t know what word processor is.

This was the computer shop that refused to talk to me when I was buying the computer I’m using right now because I was a woman (I know other woman who had the same problem).

This idiot who didn’t know what a word processor was then had the audacity to say “Microsoft don’t make full word programs anymore, you have to get are yearly or monthly prescription.”

That is utter bull!  Y_Y I just want the download code to give as gift, why the hell is this moron trying to convince me Office Home and Student 2016 doesn’t exists.

Train your staff to know what basic programs are and teach them not to try and scam people so openly.

I don’t want to be political however, can someone answer me this:

T-o Why can’t people get the UK’s name correct?

It’s called the “United kingdom of great Britain and northern Ireland”.

 I can understand saying “UK” or “Britain” but not England.

Is it because people associate Brexit  with st george (the flag of England)  which is seen as a symbol of racism? O_O Is that why people keep calling the UK England in so many news articles.

It’s getting to point where I feel that if I go into town and ask people “What is this uk’s full name?” a lot of them would not be able to answer.

When your trying to make a serious news post about the Referendum you should be able to get the countries name correct.

Sorry, its just something that has really been bugging me.


fair use……are you sure????

I was watching one of my favourite you tubers when I heard him say “A cover is fare use”….no it’s not. “Covers class as transformative.” ……no they don’t.

If you make a cover of a song and you make money off it you have to pay royalties to the original owner.

If something is transformative it has gone beyond the original base idea.

*You can use the formula but you can’t end  at the conclusion (A+B=C you can’t both end up at 3).*

There is shifty way around getting past cover laws. In animaniacs they would remix the notes in the music so that the beat was recognizable but the reorchestrated notes were just different enough to class as new song (This can back fire e.g Moshi Monsters lady goo goo).

*if lady goo goo can’t pass as parody and fair use I have no hope (It got taken down from the moshi page when it went viral).*

Art (This is a hard one).

If you make fan art that is identical to the shows design/look and claim it as your own you have broken copyright.

O_O I doubt that a lot of of fan artist know that a lot of colours are copyrighted (e.g The red on coka cola is copyrighted).

I remember talking to an anime fan who put dango (directly from clannad) on to her shops banner.

Me: “You can get in trouble for doing that.”
Person: “anime don’t get covered by copyright law”
Me: “pardon????”

There are loads of anime fan’s out there that actually believe that.


At the end of the day we in the UK have different copyright laws to those in the USA.

Do you know it’s illegal to copy a page in a book or lend a book to someone (copyright is crazily complicated).

Of course, UK copyright law prevents you from making copies willy-nilly; after all, the creator of that image or text has the right to authorise its use, to know how it is being used and to be paid for it – intellectual property is the same as any other property in this respect.

So how can you make copies and still stay on the right side of the law? Well, like other types of property, you can buy it or rent it for an agreed period or purpose or sometimes the owner will let you borrow it as long you ask permission.

But to do this you would need to identify the rightsholder – usually the publisher – then contact them, explaining how you want to use the content and they will decide whether or not to grant you permission. It may take some time to get an answer and the cost is uncertain. Just imagine having to go through that every time you wanted to use text or images from books, magazines or certain websites in your teaching.

^_^ That’s why we had to learn about the harvard referencing method in contextual studies.


super Pokemon mystery dungeon rant

T-T I have been playing super Pokemon mystery dungeon and I’m finding the second friendship mission impossibly hard! Why the hell is this the 3rd mission!

You go from 2 basic “go to floor 2 and find Pokemon” to “beat this impossibly strong Pokemon.”. who thought that was a good idea.

*You can’t progress until you beat it.*

Plus who thought making the friendship Pokemon appear in town random without any explanation was a good idea!  I found two legend Pokemon when the game killed me in a mission and said: “you can ether loose all your items and go back to your last save point.” I went back to my last save point and they were gone making me think the game had glitch forcing me to reset the game only to discover ONLINE that it’s random.

Y_Y I’m very annoyed.

why is there a lack of female nerds/geeks?

To tell you the truth I believe there are loads of female nerds/geeks out there……however, I also believe a lot of lasses ether deny it or hide the fact they like these kinds of things because its not socially acceptable.

Is it mans fault? NO!

Social pressure comes from both sides.

When I was in school my teachers constantly kept telling me that the most important thing in life was to be accepted by your peers.   The female group mentality would not allow anyone that didn’t fit there idea of perfection in there bitchy femininity to get away without a good beating.

T-o I have read similar stories happen to nerd/geek boys.

people always ask: what is a nerd? answer: It is someone who loves to study.

*Being a nerd doesn’t mean you will be rich or smart with computers it just means you know a lot a random things (DB “I’m not smart, I just know a lot of useless junk.”)*

what is a Geek? answer: A person who obsess of a particular topic.

*Even nerds can geek-out.*

 I personally believe that pop culture over romances the idea of being a nerd/geek to the point where people ignore the amount of social isolation a lot of these victims of bullying have had to grow up with. T-o If you could find a secure group of friends you were fine however, most of the time you would find yourself on the receiving end of the bitchy stick due to your odd interests or strange piece of information you come out with.

Parents will keep there girls away from things like comics and games due to the fact they fear there child will be seen as different making them in reflection standout uncomfortably out in a crowd.

things I hear form parents on buses and while I’m working.

parent 1″My daughter really likes spider man.”

parent 2 “You will need to shift her to frozen before her birthday.”

farther to son: “You can have any magazine”

*picks peppa pig*

“You can’t have that people will think there is something wrong with you.”

The magazine scenario happens a lot.

For this reason a lot of girls don’t get into games and comics until they are way older.

Pokemon rubble world rant

XD I’m in a very ranty mood this week!

DB was looking at xbox one games in game when I spotted the Pokemon rubble world box.

 The packaged version includes newly reconfigured features such as Poke Diamonds, the Poke Diamond Digger and VIP Cards, whilst removing the paid content component. After completing the tutorial, visit the shop to receive your allotment of 3,000 Poke Diamonds. The Poke Diamond Digger will provide you with 40 new Poke Diamonds every day. There are two VIP Cards, they can be used to more easily voyage through the wonderful kingdom of Toy Pokemon, collecting more Pokemon for the king!

T-o If you pay for the 3000 diamonds the game costs about £25.50, To buy the game card it costs about £24…… “ removing the paid content component”????? your still paying for it!

You get the Poke Diamond Digger on the download version along with the vip cards once you pay 3000 diamonds ( you can only spend £25.50 3000 diamonds).

Unless the boxed game comes down in price this is nothing more then a scam to catch people who don’t understand how the payment system in Pokemon world works.

*which is batter: Paying gradually to see if you enjoy the game or paying full and then finding you don’t like the game?*

rant legend of drizzt homeland by ra salvatore

^-o I have never yelled so much at a book in my life.

“Yes” agreed Malice. “The same was to be done to Zaknafein, but the unexpected death of Matron Vartha, my mother, disrupted the plans”

“That was when you became the matron mother” Maya said.

“Yes” replied Malice, “though I had not passed my first century of life and was still training in Arach. Tinilith. It was not a pleasant time in the history of House Do’Urden”

“But we survived” said Briza. “With the death of Matron Vartha, Nalfein and I became nobles of the house”

  1. Zaknafein is a century younger then Malice meaning he would have not been born yet.
  2.  Zaknafein was a commoner  (he gain the Do’Urden name when be became Malice’s lover and the weapon master).
  3. If malice was still in school she would have been around 50 years old at the time.
  4. Briza was born before Nalfein.
  5. Briza was born around Malices first full century.
  6. Malice would have already been a noble of house Do’Urden (she was Vartha daughter).

Y_Y How can people say this book is 5 star material  when it’s filled with logic problem like this.

T-o why are people so cruel?

I was sitting in my room drawing when I was trying to draw a happy face.

me: “what dose a happy face look like?”


First photography tutor “you’re not one of those people are you?” in a snarly condescending tone.

T_T Why do people wonder why I don’t like being around other people?

O_O Last week a random woman called me a witch because I was watching two butterflies dance around each other.

Do I have to mention the amount of parents that point at me and say “look child, that is what a freak is.”

T-T Emotions are bad and should be regulated. one can’t control there thoughts when then they are happy /sad meaning you can’t go though the list of responses that people have forcefully taught you. I despise acting the way other people call normal, it’s physically exhausting, I constantly worry about slipping up and having to study people in order to find out what response would they find the most preferable (not to mention the many time people try and change who you are because in there heads “it will make you fit in better”).

teacher: “what do you think lea?”

me: “Do you want to hear what I’m thinking or what you want to hear?”

teacher:“what I want to hear.”

^_^ This is why I’m so happy that my friend allows me to say what ever is on my mind.

Since I turned 17 (now 23) I haven’t had to deal with people trying to change me as a person however, I did have to fight me emotions a lot harder after my nervous brake down at 16 which forced my repressed emotions to the foreground (I was crying in pain a lot before this happened). *XD I was horrible cruel to myself and staff capt telling to keep up the act.*

If anyone says “why didn’t you seek mental help”

The school said it wasn’t there problem it was the GP’s problem.

The GP said it wasn’t there problem it was the schools problem.

T-o Turns out the school had a little befit scam going around me and most likely many other students (this still happens), meaning that if I did see a mental health doctor and got a new assessment the school would loose out of money that was meant to help but never went to the students that needed it.

The students that school thought could get good grads would get laptops and smart bored while the weaker students would get one teaching assistant to share between 20 dyslexic students (that’s if the teachers even showed up).

XD You have to love how the school will not allow weaker grade students to take more then 2-3 extra classes when they get to year 9 while the high A-C students get to take 4-6 extra classes (your not allowed to have English literature and language as two separate grade if your in a low group).

T_T I hate schools.