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Akame ga Kill! ending (reaction)



What was this anime about….I DON’T KNOW! The struggles to keep any semblance of coherent storytelling. Y_Y Excluding the killers sent after the rebels I have no idea of what the government was doing to the people inside the empire yet, by the end of the show you are expected to be happy that the people have been freed…..from what? They looked well dreed and well fed whenever you spotted them in the background.

Don’t you think it might have been good on the shows part to show slums and people struggling to pay for food (one random guy mentions it at the end). For my view point I just saw people going to watch public killings for fun along with living in really expensive houses.

You also have to love how the rebel group who say they are there to save the people never help any people in the empire throughout this entire show.

Also “People die when they are killed!” There are too many moment’s throughout this show where main leads should have died earlier.


Out of all of them the one that got deep under my skin was Tatsumi; this boy just joined a group of vigilantes and suddenly wants to take down an entire government the first day he turns up in there city.  He spouts off about how they are the good guys and how they are evil and all bad things must be killed……do these people sound much better than the bad guys?  What do you deem as evil and good? Do you kill someone for going against your new government? Sure they must be evil If they wanted to go against what you deemed as good.

O_O Some of the ways these “Good guys” kill people is really disturbing.

Oh, god is evil……the anime just wanted to though that in…….don’t ask why.


I think my biggest problem with this anime is that everything is way too simplified for the kind of topics they are trying to tackle.  If you want to do a story about government corruption show how it affects normal people, if you want to show corrupt brain washed armies tell us what propaganda is being said and if you want to do rebel groups don’t over romanticized them.

I don’t even know how the rebels got that army at the end….and how did the people know about how the fight in the stadium went down when there was no members of the public to witness it.

let’s not forget that amazing ending where the emperor destroys his kingdom for no reason.


The show pushed and pushed it’s evil v good plot all the way into a deep pit of insanity. Even are final survivors last words is I love killing as she walks off with a new group….what am I meant to take from that? Was the group original formed to kill people for pleasure and just like the excuse of fighting evil?

The action was fun, but the story was abysmal.

2014 O_O Wow! It’s  taken me a long time to finsh this anime.

good thing I still have my old 2014 score sheet on this computer (2015 onward are scored 1/500 while the 2014 are scored 1/100).

5/10 It’s average
Not good, not bad, average.

Akame ga Kill! 75% impression


That moment where the show lost itself. 

When this anime started the show was about a corrupt government abusing its power, by this point it’s about evil people doing evil things because…….there evil.

The idea of the night raider being vigilantes seems to have been thrown out the window just so Tatsumi can have long speeches of how they are good and the bad guys are evil. Personally I find the “good guy” reprehensible thanks to the emotionless way they kill a person and just walk off as if they just remembered to go buy some milk.

I cheered when Chelsea died! The way she kills people was disgustingly underhanded (I can’t cheer for that jerk).   Just because you call the character good does not mean they are incapable of doing actions that are just reprehensible.

I think the show might have spotted this problem and has decided to take the bad route to solve it: “If we make the bad guys worse the good guy won’t look bad in comparison.” The bad guys don’t seem to have any involvement with the original story in anyway by this point.

I just want this to end.

Akame ga Kill! midway impression


Its Not making me fall asleep, but it’s getting to that point.

 This show is repetitive …what ells I there to say.

There is a good reason why I’m not a fan of shounen. You see when anime is being produced for little boys you only need to make it simple “bad guys v good guys” and be done with it, the problem with this kind of plot when you start to put it in a show aimed at an older audience is that your good guys become as bland as pig poop because there good and nothing ells has to be said about it and your bad guys become over the top in a bid to entertain you.

You end up finding the bad guys more interesting because more time and effort had to go into making you see why they are evil.

T_T I don’t really care if any of the characters die by this point.


Akame ga Kill! 25% impression

CaptureIs a dress really the most appropriate attire to be fighting in? 

One of the biggest problems that I find with this show is that it can’t decide on its setting??? One moment it looks medieval, next it looks eastern based, European and even modern. Make up your mind! The problem with constantly changing the setting is that it  heavily messes with the context of many scenes.

If this is set in medieval times their actions could be seen as good in the sense they are defending the weak from the strong violent government/monarchy.   T_o BUT! I have seen nothing in this anime that comes close to the brutality that I know many monarchs have done in order to control their people and eliminate their enemies (this show is boringly tame).

Tatsumi: “I’m disgusted at the sight of people being tortured to death.”

Torture was usually conducted in secret, often in secure underground dungeons. In contrast, torturous executions were usually public, and drew large crowds of spectators. Public holidays were often declared and free penances given to spectators to ensure large attendences.

T-o His reaction confuses me, the idea of people being killed in pubic should be a normal concept to him (he can be disgusted but…..why is he shocked to discover something that should happen a lot in this setting?).

If this is  meant to display the moral codes of the modern times these characters and there gang are all the terrorists. The way this gang has killed people is a lot more gruesome and horrific then anything they have shown there “bad guys”  doing so far.

The ends justifies the means: You can use bad or immoral methods as long as you accomplish something good by using them.

response to this shows logic

Two wrongs don’t make a right:  A wrongful action is not a morally appropriate way to correct or cancel a previous wrongful action.

T-O He hates watching criminals get tortured if they were born poor ( I presume that they broke the law, there is no sense in wasting money on elaborately disposing of random poor people)  yet, he is ok with slicing someone apart just because his team said they were the bad guys.

O_o I’m a little worried about the direction this show might be going in.

Akame ga Kill! first impression

Capture^_^ I predicted everything perfectly!

I managed to predict every moment in this show with perfect accuracy, not one single moment managed to surprise or even shock me.

XD I even predicted that are main character was going to kill that woman in cold blood.

what is this plot/story? answer: I don’t know??? T_o Our mine character joined a team of  vigilantes…..that’s about it.

I personally found this first episode to be very Meh.


Additional: How do these wires work? One person is shooting downwards and that somehow equals going into every direction???? How are they even standing on it?