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Merc StoriA: Apathetic Boy, Girl in a Bottle first impression


Did his dad trap the fairy in the jar, or is she the jar?

This an anime about a young monster soul healer and his fairy in a jar.

The show is simplistically pretty and is has consistent animation.

Now to the wired stuff, Why are the structures of these stories so muddled? I don’t mean this in the sense of, “The story is hard to follow” I mean it in the sense of “There ignoring the basics of how to construct a story.”


In the first episode it’s established that the hero lives in  a world  filled with human and monsters. Healers tame the monsters hearts allowing everyone to live in peace.

Can someone explain why he has a fear of monsters????  He doesn’t seem to be scared of evil monsters, just the nice ones….why?

Why is the dad telling his son what a healer is while he sleeps? How can these town exist peacefully with monsters if they don’t have a resident healers?

Why are the animal people and fairies (human sized) when the first episode established that it was a world of monsters and humans?

*The human fairies are stranger then you think. They shrink the main cast down but, they keep the water fairy small….then what is the point. Why didn’t you just make the normal human sized fairies just living around big tress. If they go though the portal there just normal sized humans (this is what happens when you add unexplained magical portal door in your story).*


You can’t just ignore your set up, by doing this the viewers has no idea what is strange and what is normal.

Did I mention that the stories in this show are infantile.

“I have a problem”

“let me help you”


Things just sort of happen, don’t question it.


  • princess doesn’t what to get married.
  • runs away.
  • goes home.

There tried to throw in some commentary about sexism, but the story never established that she was forcible feminine around the guys, she just came off as a normal 5-7 year old. Which is a little creepy when you think about it (there forcing a child to be married).


Episode 3:

  • Dagger removed
  • Beast unleashed

This is a two-parter episode…..WHY! There isn’t enough content here for one episode. Let me describe this episode for you: two people fight over who is better and a small princess whines.

It’s harmless in the sense it does nothing, but boring in the sense that it does nothing.


DOUBLE DECKER! first impression

Capture 2.PNG

This is a cool image….but why is he sitting on the road?

So what is this anime about? I have no clue. It could be about a magical mutation that can only be solved using magical bullets???

The best way I can describe this anime is tonally outdated, it feels like it wants to be an 90’s anime with the sensibilities of  modern times.

In sort: It’s confused.

The character designs rage from ‘lets start a reverse harem’ too ‘let’s pilot a mecha’.  It wasn’t until I started reading other peoples review did I even realise this was related to ‘Tiger and Bunny’.

I have one big question for this show: Did you base this shows setting on the Uk? If so, why would you name you show after a chocolate bar??? when you put the shows name into google it’s the first thing to come up.

I think this might have just been really bad first episode.


As you can see Aquafresh is all 3, Aquafresh is for your family!




Something isn’t right here!

Chio’s school road first impression


I couldn’t find an interesting screen shot. 

Boring!  This really boring!

This show is about a girl who likes games, LAUGH!

Did the writer of this episode play assassins creed? I ask this because so many jokes that could have been funny were missed.  When she was standing on the building looking at her school it would have been funny if she said “synchronise”.   It would have been a lot funnier if instead of talking about how assassins kill with blades you made a death from above joke (it would have fit in with the sense of her jumping on the guys head).

The show missed one of the easiest jokes: “I feel like an assassin” looks down at a pile of leaves “I don’t trust you.”  She gives the leaves an evil glare.

The only joke that legitimately made me giggle was when she ran into the bathroom to avoid the girl she was walking with (funny set up, funny pay off).

when assassins creed 1 came out she would have been 4-7, Has it really been that long since she has seen/played an assassins creed? I think that is the game she is referencing in her daydream.

Y_Y oh there is one more thing, THERE ARE FEMALE ASSASSINS! Why would she be imagining herself as a man.

Island first impression


I have seen it all now.

I don’t think I have laughed at an anime for quite some time. This show is not a comedy, in fact I’m not really sure what this anime wants to be. At times its giving you themes of mystery, at others it’s trying to drama and in random intervals it’s trying to be ‘ecchi’.

The show is about a guy who land on a remote island with no memory outside of him being a time-traveller (Which everyone is way too excepting of).

The show has an editing problem; there is no sense of flow.   I don’t know why the girl in the beginning ran to the beach? I don’t know how she landed on his penis….or why the show felt like it had to show me that?

Interactions between characters feel forced and unnatural.

When got halfway into the episode I had to pause. There is a moment in this show when they try to be really serious. They convey this by playing dramatic music, over a moment that isn’t dramatic enough to for it to play.  You could have played that track during any part of this anime and you would have still achieved the same effect.

The show does this trick trice! Near the end of the episode our main lead asks white hair girl to sing, simple request. Why are there instruments playing? It’s not touching moment, it’s not impactful, and in fact it feels out of place. LIKE MANY THINGS IN THE SHOW!

On the second viewing (looking for a screen shot) I spotted this:


She say at the end of the episode that sunlight will kill her.

OneRoom (interaction)


This one of those shows that need you to have a confiscation with your TV…its odd experience. I decided to describe each girl as a diary entry:

Yui Hanasaka:

Dear dairy

I have recently been cursed with an annoying neighbour who won’t leave me alone. She seems to have got it into her head that I’m in some way helping her pass a test? I know nothing of what she is studying, but if she needs the support I don’t mind giving it.

This girl seems to be VERY clingy, I’m starting to feel a little uncomfortable. She fell asleep on my floor during a study session, but when she woke up in the middle of the night she wouldn’t go home. YOU LIVE NEXT TO ME!

Turns out the girl didn’t even care about getting a good grade. She lied to me! I don’t care about her dumb family love story, how could she pretend to want help just to get close. I knew she never needed my help from the start!

Natsuki Momohara:

Dear dairy

My annoying little sister has chosen to crash at my house. I wondered where she was after the distressed phone call from my mother telling me she ran away from home. My little sister has always had the obsession with being around me, it was one of the reasons I left home. Do you have any idea how creepy it is to have you sister smelling you bed-sheets in the morning?

We went shopping today (which I had to pay for) just so she could cook up some complicated mum meal. What’s wrong with a simple microwave meal? At least she keeps the house clean.

My little sister has been getting back into her bad habits again. She has been trying to attract me while at the same time trying to be my mother??? Dose she think I have an oedipus complex?

I have finally convinced her to go home. I don’t know what she was planning to do when school started again. Mum is super happy to have her home and has promised to help me file a restraining order.

Moka Aoshima:

Dear dairy

I have been seeing my childhood friend a lot recently. I found her singing in the park one day with a piano… which is odd seeing as she can only sing. I have seen the piano out in the rain with no electrical problems (must be a toy).  I wish she would stop singing in the park, its not as secluded as the old river way we used to hang out by as children.

Her spirits are low, seeing her like this makes me feel just as low. Another book has been rejected along with another song, I don’t want her to know how stressed this makes me feel.

She has given up and gone home, my spirits are at there lowest.  I was only doing this for her, what is life without her.

One day while sitting at my desk I spotted one of her demo disks and was remined of her soothing voice. This can’t be the end, I can’t let it end this way. I quickly typed away, each press my heart pounded, this may be my last chance.

We met up in our old stomping grounds and shared a heart to heart, we are now living together supporting each-other to achieve our dreams.

*I’m a little surprised at how aggressive I was towards the first two girls.*

Caligula first impression


I like his coat.

You have my interest anime, how long can you hold onto that.

The show is about a boy who thinks way too deep about what is real, what is truth and what is the unseen.  Perfectly reasonable questions to ask yourself in the bathroom, but it’s not ok to ask your friend this question (There self-reflected answers, how can you expect someone to have a respond ready in seconds).

Think I kind of get what the show is talking about.

When a person can’t cope with reality they can trick their mind into thinking their saturation is a lot happier than is.

The first introduction to the main lead was him sitting in front of 3 monitors surrounded with rubbish yet, his room later has no computer, in fact his room is bare. How can a boy have so many books and yet no books?

I have a feeling the guy who shot the gun is in reality the doctor who is treating him.

T_o The entire show reminds me of the song “hotel California”.

Umamusume: Pretty Derby first impression


Do you think there related?

This is an anime about girls who are horses…. look like horses…. spirts? I’m not really sure.

There are two kinds of personification in anime:

  1. Girls who are horses (centaur)and are treated as so.
  2. Girls who embody horses and are treated like real horses.

It’s like: I have the equipment to be a boat vs I AM THE BOAT! *She was a very nice boat. *

The problem with type 2 is that you start asking questions, some you don’t really want the answer too.

I have two theories to how purple eyes was conceived:

  1. A mare and stallion were forced to have sex due their good genes. once the foal is born they sold it off to the highest bidder (which is why her mum isn’t a horse).
  2. The mum was cursed.

*I like theory 1. *


Can someone explain why the winner circle is concert? What happens if the horse has a bad whinny, does that mean they lose the race after they win??? O_O Is this how they trick the girls into attraction the stallions?

I’m going to be 100% honest, I hate the character designs! I found myself struggling to differentiate them.


Do you know what really bothered me in this anime, the girls are WAY too lanky.  How can you make a joke about her having good racing legs when she has no muscles?

You also have to love how the girls’ tails come out of there backs, which perplexes me. You want to see girl horse hybrids presumably because it arouses you; lord forbid that tail sits close to that anus (we are too civilized to think such dirty thoughts).


The episode was a boring paint by numbers fan-service show.

Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair First impression


Do something!!!

Firstly: why would you call your show “the last Period”?  let’s make this clear, the show is not about different Periods of time.

The magic users in this world are Periods *giggle*.  I can’t help it, every time a character combines a power with the word “Period” a part of me chuckles.

strong period

fast period

heavy period

All these periods can be yours for this low price.


The show is about a group of adventures for hire trying to make money.

I have questions:

How are they getting the missions sent to them if they recognize by the city as a guild?

Why did the man make them fight? he clearly said he got team one because they were cheaper than a normal adventuring party (did he expect them to work for free).

Are humans the god of this world? If not, why make a loot box joke using real world currency?


This sure lacks a lot of comedy for a humour driven show.

I find that the lack of humour comes from the lack of character each person brings to the table. How is anyone meant to bounce naturally when the dialogue ranges from a boring back and forth to JUST YELL AND SCREECH LOUD!


I’m not going to watch this.

18IF review

What is the show about? … I can’t answer that.

How about I re-word that: What do I think the show is trying to be?

It’s a show that tries to tackle big issues by using oversimplified logic.


The catalyst for the show is a condition called “sleeping beauty syndrome”. From what I can tell this condition in the anime shows very little resemblance to a real-world condition called “Kleine Levin syndrome”. This anime seems to use the words “sleeping beauty” literally.

Some episodes have Haruto (the protagonist) telling the girls to get over their problems…and others he doesn’t serve any purpose yet gets the girl in the end.

The morals given in each episode (excluding ep9) are in earnest. They are not meant to be taken as “get over it”, the people writing this generally think this advise is helpful to people in these saturations. The truth is that in reality you can’t just talk away a mental health problem.

  • Feeling alone won’t go away just because you are with someone.
  • The brutal loss of losing people you love won’t go away just because you kill the killer.
  • The pain a being beaten won’t go away just because you found out the other person is also in pain.
  • The scaring a sexual violation won’t go away just because you got away from it.


My favourite episode “And Now There Are None…” (7) doesn’t really have anything to do with the show. The animation looks beautiful and the story was heart-warming … but that ending!!! Am I honestly meant to believe that this girl got “sleeping beauty syndrome” from reading the “Wizard of Oz” while listening to an audio book??? This girl’s problem are much bigger then this episode lets on.

The show needed to spend more time talking about the topics and less time quick fixing them (you make their problem look petty when you can solve them in one sentence).

Capture j.PNG

Why was the ending confusing and anticlimactic? My answer: The show ran out of money?

I think this because:

  1. Episode tens animation looks awful.
  2. Episode 11 pure filler
  3. Episode 13 is filled with animation/design mistakes (rushed job).

My theory is that they had to create episode 11 in order to rewrite the last episode.

Was it worth it? no.



Spoiler zone: Eve is a god. Why did God make eve a god? How can eve have fallen into a deep sleep and still be mother to all?

I don’t like the story of the Garden of Eden, but I am familiar enough with it to know something is off with this shows version of Eve.  Did they get Eve and Lilith confused (Adams first wife in Jewish folklore)?

I think the show tries to make a point about free will and equality for woman… right up to the point it falls over its own feet.


Haruto is implied to be Adam.

There are two Adam in this show (reflecting the two Eves).

Why? I HAVE NO IDEA! They never address it in the show (I think that is what they were going for). There are  also far too many questions that remained unanswered. Such as:

Eve became one and Adam is now pure???

Why did Eve not become free of the evil?

Why would Eve want to go back the garden?

Was eve only punished because she impurified men?

What was the point in making a physical form of Haruto?

How did the city dispose of all them dead lilies?

Where was the RED DOOR?

Spoiler zone end


Final thoughts:

Long as you don’t think that deeply about the morals the show pushes, it’s not that bad.

I recommend watching “And now There are none…” (7) and avoiding “Idols Don’t Go to the Bathroom!” (9); SKIP THIS EPISODE (it blends fetishy fan-service with an extremely uncomfortable topic).


It’s so beautiful!

Edited by: DB