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THE PROMISED NEVERLAND midway impression


I don’t get it. 

T-o I feel like a div, I have only just now figured out what the numbers mean. I just kept look at the titles of each episode with a confused look on my face: 12/10/45, 13/10/45, 18/10/45, 29/10/45, 30/10/45, 31/10/45 (Date- month – year).

This anime is about a bunch of kids in a demon farm.

I don’t know what to think of this show. It looks beautiful and all of the sounds are perfectly timed….but, it just doesn’t do what it says on the tin.

I came into this wanting physiological horror, which I think it’s trying to give me. The problem is that its not shocking me or scaring me. I feel nothing for these characters (outside of me not wanting to see children killed).

I want to know how the mothers are making babies?

Where do they get there food from?

Whats with the flowers?

When it did try to shock me I felt annoyance, for at that moment a smart character was hit with stupid stick.

“He’s the bad guy, he wants to keep a good percentage of the live stock.”

I don’t really know how this is going to end.


Pastel Memories midway impression

Capture 7

This anime isn’t worth the effort of getting a new image.

This anime is about girls magically jumping into anime/manga to save them from being forgotten. 

Have you ever watch anime that has made so many dumb choice that you can’t fathom how it go created? That’s this show.

I don’t know who this anime was made for.

There are sections where I can go, “someone in there 20’s might get the joke” and then, “maybe someone who is 25?” to be followed by, “even I’m to young for that joke.”

When an episode tries to be action paced the animation becomes extremely stilted, along with the line work/shading looking nonsensically messy.

The episodes are passable, just along as they stick to simple story construction: bad guy + defeat =  victory.

The worst episode that I have seen is episode 7, for this one episode failed to do ANYTHING correct.

  1. The setting was all over the place.
  2. Why were they in a game to begin with? Why the nes?
  3. Tacking on the bad guy at the end doesn’t solve the pothole!!!!


Good thing I’m watching this with DB (you need to be able to have a good laugh when watching this).

Domestic Girlfriend ‘Drop’


She creeps me out.

I’m a little confused by this anime.

He has sex with a random girl, ok.

He has the hots for his teacher, ok.

How old is the teacher?………. I don’t know????????

*I’m sure she would be fired for secretly meeting on the roof and for have an inappropriate relationship with a student.*

The reason why I asked about her age is because she went with her mother to see who her new dad was going to be????? The school girl I understand, but a grown woman; is she still living at home?

Later in the episode: SHE LIVES WITH HER MUM! You’re a grown ass woman, get your own home! You’re a teacher, surly you make enough to get a flat somewhere.

Stopped watching

I’m dropping this like stone, no way do I want to watch a grown woman groom a school boy.

Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka first impression

Capture 2h.PNG

Lots of blood, but no impact.

This anime is about magical girls who fight terrorist….or monsters, maybe? The show didn’t really make it that clear.


I was kind of hoping that the world was being destroyed by plushies. 

Here is my problem with this anime so far: Them being magical girls in the story is a little irrelevant, there is no real reason for young girls to become them or really want to be one.

It’s in fact a little strange to see a little girl say she wants to be one? In the context of another magical girl show that would be fine…. but here, it’s like having a 5 year old tell you they want to be in the army (I would be a little concerned).  Magical girls are established to be put in life threatening situation (lava monster) and fight terrorists.

Plus in this context why are there only magical ‘girls’???? Is it so we can see there boobs?

There’s blood, over the top bad guys, attempted shock and out of place eyeballs (they look so strange).

This show might struggle to hold my attention.

Girly Air Force first impression


I don’t get it ether. 

This anime is about planes…..I think.

The animation is bland, the character designs are bland and are main lead is bland. Here are some notes I took while watching.

Let me get this right anime, are you telling me that he is surprised that a military plane is going to military location? Pluss your telling me that a military plane landed on the water and no military bases were tracking that plane? Or am I meant to believe that are main lead truly didn’t think anyone would come to help??????

It just seems odd to see a civilian jump out of his sub/boat onto a jet.

I have big question (15 minutes in), HOW DID YOU FIND HIM! “I followed him” no you didn’t, you where at home making dinner, that’s why you texted him.

“I have to keep you locked in my house, and treat you like a child, because I’m lonely.” *paraphrasing*  Was that really meant to come off that creepy, it sounds like the premise of a psychological thriller.


Think I have figured out what is wrong with this anime: It can’t transition. Whoever is writing this doesn’t know how to make one scene flow into the next one.  A lot of the time nonsense has to occurred just so the plot can move, which is problematic when your trying to keep a particular tone.

My favourite moment in this episode is a piano playing in the background:

Anime: “Are you feeling anything”

Me: “no, it just feels awkwardly funny”

*It goes on for way too long.*


“I’m going to tell you all my plans and show you are secret equipment.” WHY?! Because he stood by your fence? Your telling me those two are the first to walk there? He found it using his normal phone location app.

“It had a ugly crash” Yes that ugly crash that landed it perfectly on the water.


I have one big problem with this anime: If humans can’t the G force to keep up with the other plane, Why have a human in the plane at all?  Just make an AI that represents the Jet, That way you keep his obsession with planes more focused.

I want to see the plane, not the girl.

My Roommate is a Cat first impression


Are you sure that’s not going to make him sick?

Can I state for the record that I love the timing of that opening song.

We at a funeral, everyone is very sad.

^-^ Happy music time; Doop pa dooby doody!!!

This anime is about the writer and his cat. It’s kind of like dog and scissors, but without the violence.


I know that anime is telling me that he is a good writer, but is he? Taking one month to write one chapter? Not wanting reference material? Only caring about the ending and not the way/how it’s written? He kind of comes off a little useless, how the hell does this guy have an agent…or is he truly that close to his publishing house. Give me a feel anime, is he a mega popular writer or your everyday writer (you can’t treat them the same).

I don’t like people, but I understand people need to do there jobs. How the hell has he been advertising his books, getting them checked or even pitched in the first place if he hates people that much.

Plus wouldn’t a publisher care more about how many pagers are done in the current manuscript over how many chapters there are? They only care about the complete manuscript, why would they care so much about this one guys ability to write 20 page in a 300-400 page book in one month? “You know what will happen if he doesn’t hit his deadline” fire his ass!


When I was doing my art course are tutor told us 3 important truths you should always remember:

  1. Eat
  2. Sleep
  3. Drink

It’s very easy to forget to these things when your are focused on a project (even if you need to set alarm clocks for it, DO IT!).

One day, ONE DAY! You got sick from exhaustion, from one day. Y-o How does this guy have a writing  job? How could he be a popular writer and only now face this basic mistake (not pacing yourself).

Plus why would you give your publisher an idea for a book that you have no idea how to write????


Final thoughts: I love the cat, but hate the writer.

If it was his was set up as his first book I would have been OK with him, but telling me he is popular and written before makes his mistakes nothing more than frustrating.

T-o Sorry guys, love the technical side of writing too much (even if I’m not disciplined enough to write myself).

KAGUYA-SAMA: LOVE IS WAR first impression


Finally, an anime that I actually enjoyed!

The show is about two students that are too argent to admit they love each other. This leads them into having contest to see if they can make the other crack.

I love how it treats each little contest as a little self-contained episode within the episode, it stops one gag from overstaying it welcome.  I do have little complaint about the animation, for at time it seems like its giving off the wrong impression with its abstract imagery . O_O It feels like one of them is about to go crazy and go on a murder spree.

Capture 1.PNG

I think its the eyes.

It also feels like it straits up stole its beginning from  ‘ouran highschool host club’, straight down to the narrator explaining that this was a school for the rich. A Poor boy gets into a school for the rich because of his good grades, which leads him in becoming student president. It’s doing something with the setup, I just find it a little hard to ignore (even the opening shots are similar).

I really want to see where the show takes this idea.

Pastel Memories first impression


Behold the random nature of this image (it’s from this anime…for about 2 seconds, for no reason).

This anime about……NOTHING!

3 girls, cafe, done!

Random responses

I have one question: Who goes to a maid café to buy anime and manga????

Capture 1.PNG

“There are six more volumes!” the book clearly says volume 2, you should be saying “There are five more volumes!” Why wouldn’t you have all the volumes on the shelf anyway??? why did you order so much stock when you clearly said there was no market for it?

Had to stop watching. 

I got bored, it was to the point where I was skipping sections to see if anything happened. It’s not that cute, It’s not that funny,  It’s not even that visual interesting.

Part for this one shot:

Capture 7.PNG

It angers your brain the longer you gaze at it.

*I ended up looking up what happens, it’s basically your run of the mill magical girl show.*

Plastic memorises! That is why the name rang a bell in my head. no relation… it was just annoying me.  might put this on in they background while I play my switch.

Meiji Tokyo Renka first impression


They all look the same!

This show is bad, but you would need to know what you are looking for in order to understand why?

I have been trying to do a little research into this anime, due the fact it looks like it came from the late 2000’s.  Findings: Meiji Tokyo Renka, year 2011 (You have no idea hard it was to find that information).  ^-o Behold my awesome eye for spotting the changes in anime styles over the years. what is more shocking is that this anime has been in production since 2013; why did it take so long????  Was it placed in limbo in favour of two movies?

I’m a female, I have watched many reverse harem, can you spot a big problem with the show that many modern shows/games do? Indicate clearly which character path will lead you to the correct guy for you.  In these kinds of shows you need be expressive with how each guy looks sop that I/viewer can emotional attach to them fast.

You have three red males, that is a heathens act.  The colour choices for the hair and clothes feels nonsensical. Not to mentions how all of these males stand the same along with having practically the same facial structure; are they all brothers?


I had to stop the anime 3 minutes in, the reason to why this girl was picked on was so silly that I had to sit back and laugh. Anime, you do realise that it is perfectly normal for a child of her age (at the time) to have imaginary friends, its more strange that her friends thought she was talking to dead people/spirit…. but even then it doesn’t work, surly children know of shrine spirit’s.  If she was doing it as an adult i could understand, but what is strange about a child thinking they are real (they are by nature naive).

Why the hell are they still taking about into the high school years? How many people did she invite to this party? Did her entire class go to the same high school? Why are so many students just trusting one small group of girls that this other girl has talked to ghosts since she was little? There are so many problems with this premise alone.

This is a nitpick but, how did she hear the man on stage address her if she had her headphone on? This one small moment genuinely annoyed me.  I have no idea why they made her forget her name just to remember it minute later.


If your going handout jobs make sure they make some level of sense: “paranormal division of the police force.” Here you have me not being convinced one of the guys is a surgeon, and then you though that one at me.

The men in this show unfortunately come off way more creepy the attractive, this is due to some cultural changes about what behaviour is considered gentlemanly and sexual harassment.  If you see what you think is an injured girl and then start feeling her legs, more creepy then attractive.  If you start calling her by a nickname before you had a chance to even start to get close, more creepy then attractive (this is why modern shows tend to have the ass-hole/childish character do it).


The show also seems to have a bit tonal problem, that being it thinks the people watching this are children. In kids anime (7-12) you tend to have a lot of comedy moments spluttered around in order to make sure there not loosing the child’s attention. If your not part of the demographic they can be really obnoxious and take you out of the show.

*This applies to shows that want you to listen and take it seriously.*

You can’t have a show where everyone talks dramatically, looks attractive and tries to base itself in reality (poorly) suddenly turn into a chibi comedy. Your pleasing no one with this move, it just makes the viewer wonder how dry was the original scrip that this had to be added.

The is not the worst reverse harem I have seen, but it is certainly up there.

The Quintessential Quintuplets first impression


A man can’t live on rice alone.

First of all I have congratulate this anime, I have not come across a harem anime that tells you who the main female is (‘love Hena’ kind of does it, but it handles it more like a crutch, “there is chance it could happen”). Most tiptoe around it so that all the girls have a chance to be erotic chance with the main lead.

This boy kinds himself tutoring Quintuplets.

I like how the anime has based itself in some-form of reality. It’s nice not to be bombarded by panty shots and jingle physics that defy the lore of gravity.  some times less is more (if you get too much at one time you become immune to it).

The tones feels chill, this complimented by the soft colours and ok animation (not the best, but it will do).

Far as harem go, it looks average.