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BBK/BRNK first impression


T_o Are they Eva’s ?

This has to be the first time since Magical warfare where I can say the director doesn’t know who to get his writers to communicate with the animators.  It’s all good telling the writers to make a deep story and the animators to make something visually stunning however, if you don’t get the two teams to communicate you end up with scenes that contradict each other.

Father: “I watched them grow up” images: baby- baby – baby- baby O_o Dude! Your children are 6 years old you surly have more memories of then just them being babies in a basket.

Little girl: “Mum can’t use her power anymore” That’s why we just saw her use that power a moment ago.

I find that most of the visual problems manly start happening in the second half where the show is clearly more interested in looking cool then telling the story though the animation.


Story: I have no clue! I think there are killer robots that were being held back by one woman in a different plane until she fails to hold them back and they enter the human world.

I don’t really understand why she was the only one watching these monster when there are clearly other users of the magic they use that would have done a better job at holding back the destructive monsters.

I also don’t understand why the main character doesn’t know about a power that he grew up around??? I understand that his mother never taught him how to use it but, he did see his sister use it along with the fact he knows that it can be used to power giant robots.


T-o Hundreds of characters and I have no clue who they are.

The only thing that is of note with this anime is that on Crunchyroll they place the second season under the first.