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Campione!first impression


There was no beast attacking, it was clearly just a storm destroying all the buildings (This was made in 2012).

This is about gods attacking for some reason a guy with a stone tablet…for some reason.

First let me get this out of the way:

Capture 2.PNG

O_o Get this girl some Sudocrem fast

I don’t know if many anime do this anymore but there was a time where it was seen as sexy to make your female characters look like they had infected pimples. I have no clue to who found this in anyway arousing (I just want to rub some antiseptic cream on them).

Another cliche this anime looks like it might fall into is: shove all the plot information into one episode so that we can concentrate on T & A  until the last episode. I think this way because there is very little pacing in this episode (scenes just escalates and deflate like a fart in wind) .

I think one of the most distracting things in the anime is that the background music doesn’t mix with the visuals.  I’m not saying they don’t fit the tone, what i’m getting at is that the music doesn’t sound like it was specifically designed for this anime (I swear it sounds like skyrim at some points).

*This anime has been sitting on my watch list for ages!*Capture.PNG