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anime diary 30/11/2013

anime dairy 30/11/2013

^_^ I forget how many gaming den’s are in town.

*gaming den: where card games/roll play games take place.*

Today I managed to find the starting deck of the sword art online and I was baffled at how confusing the rules were (you would think it would just be a simple card game).
If you’re playing this place that there, some guy played that so now you have to play level 2 cards, he’s played this meaning the rules say…..STOP! I need time to think.
I bet it’s much easier then rules make it sound.


I have been starting to deeply think about how emotions are displayed in programs primarily aimed at children. This is not the time or the place to be going into a deep discussion about this however, i will leave you with this question:

What was the last show you watched that said crying was ok/ anger is natural/ sometimes you have to tolerate people around you?

There is not always an answer to every problem (i just want to see self righteous characters fail).