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^-o I love reading con rules.


 It makes you think doesn’t it.

XD This is honestly my favorite:

Capture 1.PNG

VEGETABLES! O_O who is the person bringing a huge vegetable to the con (someone must have done this in the past or it wouldn’t be on the list). 



^-o I’m back and I bring goodies

O_O It was packed this year!

I have 2 complaints about Manchester mcm comic con:

1. There should be a rule saying “walk on the left in you want to go down/walk right to go up.”  most blockages on the walkway where coursed by people waling into each other.

2.  cozplay modeling photos should be allow in the event hall.

Y-Y  it’s hard enough to walk down the packed walkways without someone taking an entire one for them selves just so they can have a photo. There were plenty of other open places you could take these photos without getting the rest of us crushes in an overflow.


got 6 comics from the village

pichu hat

derpy plush

dinosaur hoodie

top hat

dvd: wolf children

Manchester mcm comic con

If you where just planning to turn up at the door on the day think again. O_O


^_o I think this might be down to fire safety or the fact the building got so hot people were fainting (it has poor ventilation).

*I thinks it’s more likely to be the former then the latter.*


^_^ I’m glad they have pulled the stalls further back into the build (always felt like they were wasting way too much space). 3 cafes! that’s a big improvement on the one they had last year.

3 days to go!



15 days to go! ^_^ mcm comic con manchester

Glad I got mine way in advance.


T_T I’m a little annoyed that the trains will not be running that Sunday (good thing we inquired).

O_O one could just imagine the face on that replacement bus driver as he picks up cozplayers.