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crunchyroll is down

*Bangs head against wall.* I was in the mood to watch something!

Capture copy.jpg

^_^ I forgive you cute kitty!


T-o good sign for 2015

1. The uk crunchyroll page will not load up for me.


Looks like crunchy has deleted the site and now automatically re-roots you to .com when you write .co.uk (no reason to have the two anymore).

2. Y_Y why is crunchyroll.com in french!


I fixed the problem.

crunchyroll: nothing on?

There seems to be very little anime streaming this season on crunchyroll and the shows they are steaming have the annoying honer of being region locked.

Out of 8 shows, only 4 are watchable *3 if you discount “Valvrave the Liberator” season 2*

come on cruchy, i want something to watch this season.