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Rant currys pc world

Y-o Why the hell are they hiring staff who don’t know anything about computers?

I’m not talking about knowing  all the ins and outs of how the computer works, I’m talking about being so unknowable that they don’t know what word processor is.

This was the computer shop that refused to talk to me when I was buying the computer I’m using right now because I was a woman (I know other woman who had the same problem).

This idiot who didn’t know what a word processor was then had the audacity to say “Microsoft don’t make full word programs anymore, you have to get are yearly or monthly prescription.”

That is utter bull!  Y_Y I just want the download code to give as gift, why the hell is this moron trying to convince me Office Home and Student 2016 doesn’t exists.

Train your staff to know what basic programs are and teach them not to try and scam people so openly.