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Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! ending (reaction)

CaptureI feel sorry for this anime.

Parody definition: A piece of writing, art, or music that deliberately copies the style of something or someone in order to be funny.

*That is definition in my oxford paperback dictionary.*

Do you know what makes me really laugh about this anime; people call this a parody of purely sailor moon.  To me this proves just how bland and boring sailor moon truly must be if people can only remember it for its tropes.

Did sailor moon create them tropes? No! T_o monster of the week, transforming, team of stereotypes and dramatic bad guy who wants to take over the world had been done long before sailor moon was conceived.I know it might seem sad sailor moon fans but there is actually very little meat to your show outside of a trope check list (it was the first all-girls fighting magical fighting and nothing ells ).

    What do I think of this anime? Answer: It’s average.

This anime dose have a lot of jokes and gags that I find hilarious however, it fails in my books by lacking a stronger narrative to tie each of the episodes together (that’s how you can tell it’s not a parody of a particular show).

*I was surprised by the plot twist at the end (they set that up quite well).* 

My rating: 5/10


cute high earth defense club love defence rant

Context: The circumstance surrounding an event, statement, or idea.

The parts that come immediately before and after a word or passage and makes its meaning clearer.

^_o One of my favorite quotes : “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”

Why am I telling you this?  Over this last month I have seen multiple cases of things being taken out of context/warped just to make their point of view seem more valid.

I not talking about interruption or perspective, I’m only referring to people who change fact/information to fit their current needs.

If you are one of those people who don’t like “cute high earth defense club love” that is perfectly ok. What is not ok is choosing magical boy examples that don’t connect to the narrative/context of what you are arguing about. “There are plenty of magical boys” How many of them were magical teams and contained no woman?

One example they use is “is this a zombie” : “He’s a strong magical boy”  

If you were to only look at imagery you would recognize him for his sex however, the show always refers to him when transformed as a magical garment “GIRL!”.

*He is a magical zombie cross dresser with a giant pink chainsaw (If that doesn’t peek your curiosity I don’t know what will). *

In the context of the anime he is a magical girl and if you can’t deal with that it’s your own personal problem.

I’m going to place shugo chara next to spider rider in order to expand on this point.

Both of these anime’s are amid at different genders (shugo chara female/ spider rider male) and both shows don’t care about the gender of the characters. both anime’s can be argued as neutral magical shows with the only dividing outcome being who are main charterer is (is it truly a magical girl or boy show based on who the lead is?).

I don’t think it right to to argue against a magical boy team by choose singular cases .

*A magical boy team is still novelty because it’s not the norm.* 

If you can name one show that contains a magical boys team (no females) in a magical girl setting then I will listen to your argument.

If you making the argument magical boy exists you’re fine however, if your making the argument that magical boy teams are not a novelty then you have no leg to stand on.

^_^ I feel a lot better after getting that of my chest. 

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! midway impression

CaptureI feel a bit more level headed today.

Let’s all meet up at the rendezvous point: The bathtub! 🐱 screw your royal gardens and shops we have a warm bath to hang out in.

If you haven’t seen many many magical girl shows I doubt your going to actually understand many of the jokes cluttered throughout this anime. I think saddest thing I have come across with this anime are people who can’t seem to pick up on the fact this anime is making fun of magical girl tropes (I have read a lot of reviews of people who think it’s meant to be taken seriously).

I don’t know how many of my readers have seen the later seasons of pretty cure so let me explain, each episode seems to follow the same formula (a friend convinced me to watch doki doki) :  girls have normal problems –  someone has a bad thought – gets turned into a monster- girls beat him with the magic of love- get forced fed the moral of the day.

* Only evil people want the lights to change at a crossing.*

All magical girls fights basically come down to the angels of justice fighting the demons of evil  (A cliche older then storytelling itself).  I’m amazed that they haven’t taken to mick out of the romantic guardian of the night (again a cliche from romantic novels) oh, don’t forget the chosen one cliche.

There is a small joke about transformation in this show which I wound not be surprised if anyone missed it. The only time the full transformations are shown is when the anime desperately need filler in order to pad out the episode (^-o it’s the perfect get out card for the animators).

Behold our team power…..even though it’s only are leader that actual dose anything of value most of the time.  Yumoto is the only character the actual dose anything magical related while the others give him power and moral support….sounds like a lot of magical girl anime I have seen.

Personally love this show even if many other people can’t get the joke (Has anyone else notice a strange level of homophobia towards this anime?).

*”The men are too cuddly with each other.” whats wrong with that?*



Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (I tried)


Though out this night I have been trying to put my word to computer, I have been having a hard time completing this task.  Whenever one has to talk about magical girls there is a lot of….how does one put it? Ever magical girl is a sailor moon clone.  After watching this 6 episode of this anime I could easily tell you that the joke seem to be taking the micky out of pretty cure then anything ells.

The only thing that anyone could argue is sailor moon like is the designs of the bad guys. Can  people stop pretending that they know magical girls just  because they watched 6 episode sailor moon as a child (if you want to say there are similarities mention them).

This is the general argument “There both have magical warriors fighting together.” I have honestly heard people call madoka a rip off of sailor moon because it contains girls fighting monsters.

To me this argument hold just as much water as attack on titan fan’s calling black bullet a rip off because both shows have walls (that actual happened).

I love this anime but, my enjoyment is being heavily hindered by this age old argument.

Might have another go a reviewing this anime tomorrow. 

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! first impression

Capture6 days into the new year and I broke my new years revolution (stick to the timetable).

XD We finally got our magical boy anime!

It feels like years since I have seen a goofy magical show that didn’t go too kodomo or take itself-way too seriously (it has not been halfway for years).

*I personally think that “shugo chara party” was the final nail in the coffin for these kind of shows.*


Dear anime

Don’t call you transformations “love making!” it’s really distractingly funny (It’s not helped by the fact they get naked after saying it). 


There was a lot to take in during this first episode and I can perfectly understand if anyone was to complain about how forced/quick that opening with in the bath house (It was a mess of an introduction).

Those bad guys have a cool theme song that really fits the campy nature of these shows.

I don’t think anyone could look at that magical pink wombat and think this in anyway was a show that would take itself seriously.  To me this is a nostalgia trip back into magical shows from the 2000’s, this was a time where a watched/read a teen anime/manga and never thought about the context of the story/romance (how I envy the innocence of my younger self).

*The first manga I ever questioned the context of was black bird (in case you wanted to know).*

I’m watching this purely for fun and I don’t expect it to go to deep places with its plot.



I don’t know about you other female anime fan but I have wanted to see a magical girl show done with boys for a long time.  T-o just like the gaming industry anime companies refuse to acknowledge that it has a really big female following (In the uk 52% of gamers are female).

*T_o annoying casual vs hardcore war *

^_o Let get back to the main point! last time we had a female show that actual had some effort put into it was “free!” and that show coursed a mighty uproar between a lot of male anime fans.

It’s sad that there is this mentality that if an anime company was to produce shows aimed pacifically at females and “put money and effort into it” they might as well be filing for bankruptcy. O_O no joke, when Kyoani announced “Free!” male fans went nuts shouting this madness from the hills.

 *sorry about my little rant.*


XD wooooooh! thank you 2015

^_^ Out of all the shows I wanted to watch season this was my number one.


I’m a happy squirrel! 

*I don’t care how bad the uk stream will be this year (It has been very poor so far).*

I hope cruchy sorts out its server (it keeps crashing).