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Durarara ending (reaction)

CaptureHow do glowing eyes work? In order for the human eye to see anything we need light to reflect on the back of our eyes and if light was being projected from the back of our eyes we would be seeing everything upside-down.  T-o I guess it’s just the Iris that’s glowing…..which brings up the question: why have her eyes dilating if the light is being reflected outward not inward?  

XD I have finally finished this anime!

What did I think of the second half to this anime?

Not as good as the first half but, it’s not bad in the sense of “The show just took a nose dive into the fiery deep of bad 24 episode writing.”.  The second half is good if you look at it as a separate entity to the more urban poetry of the first 12 episode.

A complaint that makes no sense to me: “I can’t believe Mikado is the leader of the dollars.” T-o Mikado isn’t the leader of the dollars he’s just the creator (that really isn’t that hard to believe).

“The last 12 episodes suck because they focus too much on the 3 high schoolers” The episodes where more focused on the gang wars between the yellow scarfs and the dollars then the character development of these 3 young high schoolers (Mikado operates the dollars chat room and his friend Masaomi is the leader of the yellow scarfs…..ummm I wonder why these characters got more screen time then the others).

I went into this second half expected it to pull an SAO on me and I was presently greeted with an anime that has clearly had a lot of passion and love put into it.

*I won’t be watching the second season (it’s taken me about a year in order to finish the first season).*



Durarara 75% impression

CaptureThis anime can finally get moved over to the ending list!

I have finally entered the second half of this anime…..and I can sort of understand why people don’t like it. This anime suffers with 24 episode syndrome: when an anime with force two arks together in order to make a long first season (you can never be sure if the series will take off).

*Two seasons for the price of one*

The first half of this anime presented each of its episodes as if they were long urban poems being told though animation however, the second half just wants to tell me the dark past of are main character in a fairly straightforward manner.

What happened?  I think the problem comes down to the young characters not being that distinctive when measured up against the older expressive characters from the first half.

The show still holds a high quality and I would still recommend people to go watch it.

Durarara midway impression

CaptureFeels like I just reached the end of an ark.

It’s nice to get back to this some anime quality after the run of shows I have been watching in the past couple of weeks.  The show talks as if its telling a moody poem in a dark old café filled with uni students that think they are smarter than anyone ells.

*Person: “He’s so deep and meaningful.” Me: “He is only talking about what he had for breakfast.” Person: “He still says it with so much deep passion.” *

I have had to write about Durarara 3 times now (with 2 more to go); I’m now struggling to come up with anything new to talk about…..which in a way is a bad sign.

Durarara has the ability to tell loads of stories and still manage to keep the world they live in stagnant.  When characters need to develop for a story they will get a sudden burst of growth and then nothing (you’re lucky if anything gets brought up again).

Durarara 25% impression

ImageYou have to love an opening that sounds unique

Each of the episodes can easily be viewed as singular entities thanks to the wide range of characters (I actual like the anime more for this reason).  Usually when an anime has many characters we end up focusing ether too little or too much on the wrong characters (who want to sit down and listen to 12 episodes of characters stating pointless rubbish).

The only downside  is that because you are constantly bouncing from story to story you don’t really get much time to bond with the characters.  They look cool and memorable in their own right but, I don’t feel like I know any of them outside of what they do and how they do it.

*Maybe the director wanted it that way.*

This anime uses its city backdrop to its advantage by making sure that all the crimes committed are (for the most part) believably realistic.  I have fallen in love with the dark feel of this place you never know who is going to attack, kidnap or even deceive you (not many anime can do that).

^_^ I have not been this excited to watch an anime in long time.

Y_Y dam you neo magazine (uk anime/manga mag)

neos magazine said the new durarara anime would  cost: £90 O_O holy cow!


*The average anime DVD cost about £20- £30 new.*


looked online and found it would cost: £45


Y_Y does no one check/edit this magazine before they send it out.

I  have seen the same article repeated twice and a bizarre contradiction.

“A review of “the strongest in the world” manga; it dose not have an anime.”

*turn page*

“Here is a review of the anime “the strongest in the world”.”

Durarara (First impression)


This is not exactly my first time watching this episode however, I don’t feel that it would make much difference because I have already read all 4 manga’s (The anime can’t be that dissimilar).

The animation seems to clash with the backgrounds most of the time; It gets so bad that I can actually see the blurred outlines of the characters (I have never had a problem with resolution on this computer).       *Guess I will have to watch this on my personal computer.*

This episode seems to suffer with the terrible problem of “THE DARK SCENE!” this is when an anime makes the screen so dark that you can’t watch the show during the day (it’s the reason why I had to drop devil survivor 2).

^_^ *I will watch this Sunday night.*

Let’s see how you compare to the manga adaptation (wish I could read the novel).