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ERASED midway impression


This is going to be a hard one to talk-about. 

This is a story about a time traveler who is trying to save a little girl and discover who killed his mother in modern day (little girl got killed).

Years: past 1988 – current 2006 (18 years)

Let me get this out of the way; the show is very atmospheric and knows just the right moves to make in order to pull on your heart strings.

After sitting back and thinking about the story I came to the conclusion that it’s very hollow.  The relationship between the young boy and girl was sweet, I just was not convinced by the abuse part of the story.

The teacher turned to Satoru and says he would explain to the other students “who are 10!” in the spring.  Even if I miss read the subtitles you can’t get away from the fact the teacher can’t be bothered to help one of his students “that he knows!” is being abused badly by her parents (worst teacher of the year).

*He’s not worst teacher of the year because he is ignoring the problem, he’s worst teacher of the year because he purposely stopped himself until the spring. That’s like seeing someone drowning and saying “I will help you in 5 minutes”.*

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

There is something in this show that the anime dose kind of address…but isn’t direct about it (to the point the show could have been a lot darker).  I know this might be a little disgusting to people who born in the 21st century but…..not that long ago if you knew someone who was being abused sexually or physically you were not really allowed to talk about it. If you said anything you would be blamed for disrupting the area, besmirching your family and generally be treated as an outcast (These were problems seen as something the family was meant to deal with not anyone ells).

If the show had set itself in 2016 and went back 18 years this would not be a problem.

In fact there is no reason to why this can’t be set in any other time period (there is very little visually to indication this shows takes place in the late 80’s).


ERASED first impression

CaptureDidn’t see that plot twist coming…but, I did see the stabbing coming a mile off.

First things first, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR MOUTH! The mother looks like she has a constant duck face that can destroy the feel of any serious moment . O_O I found myself starring at her every time she showed up.

This anime is about a guy who gets frown into the past and has to figure out what was wrong before he catches up with the moment he jumped. ^-o I will let all my questions about such a power pass as anime logic for the story this anime is spinning is a lot more interesting then asking about what age did he learn how to do this and what is the deal with all them blue butterfly’s?

This episode introduces us to how his powers work along with what happened to him as a child…..that’s it.  A huge chuck of this anime is just showing you the day to day life of are main lead. it’s not what I would call boring but, when you think about how the episode ends it does feel a little bit like pointless filler (unless the girl becomes relevant latter in the story).

^-o This episode is very much a prologue into the main story/plot that will be staring in episode 2.