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Why not to download games into your ds

I really wanted to play “hatsune miku project mirai dx” but I can’t get hold of a fiscal copy of the card.

^_o I went to the Eshop and was greeted by this: “not enough room on sd card”.

lucky for me I have a DSI with an SD card I don’t use anymore.

Do you know how much memory this game takes up?

17,832 block!    *10,542 left*

That game is the only thing on this card and its the same memory as my standard 3ds SD card (4GB).


downloaded Pokemon Link Battle on my 3ds


Link them up

4 in row

And ya good to go   *love that jingle*

They probably changed the name form Trozei to Link just to make the song sound more catchy.


My only problem with the game is that its very hard to activate the mystery Pokemon.

*It feels purely random*

You have to catch them  (special levels).

p.s  I defeated Raichu by the skin of my teeth.