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Fafner Exodus Y-Y I’m done with this anime!

Capture I didn’t get to the last episode however, I feel that i have seen enough to give my honest ending option.


why on earth is it compulsory for all mecha anime to have the same over serious flat feel to them. O-O I don’t know any of the people in this anime nor do I care to find out (how can i watch 10 episodes and still not care!).

T-T I definitely don’t want to go looking for the rest of this anime after this bland display.


Fafner Exodus midway impression


We are 6 episodes into this anime and I still don’t know who i’m meant to be following? 

In the great words of Patrick star: “WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!”

I’m not a big fan of the robot fighting genres however, even with shows like “Majestic Prince” and “aldnoah zero” I could tell the characters apart and I knew who the opposing team were. O_O This anime expects you to know everything from the start and doesn’t explain anything to newcomers (Just found myself getting lost and confused every time the anime tried to be dramatic with people I don’t know or care about).

This anime looks amazing! I might not be able to follow the characters but I can truly follow every word being shouted out by the detailed backgrounds……which is sort of problem with this anime.

The backgrounds/lighting has more life then the characters designs and there strange moving mouths (goldfish people) making it hard to focus on what is actual going on between characters interactions.

*It’s hard to cheat on mouth flaps when everything ells looks so good.*

I will watch on…..even if I don’t really understand what is going on.

Fafner Exodus first impression

CaptureWe are one episode in and I don’t know who the protagonist is.

This anime is about robots that fight aliens (basic mecha plot).

*sigh*what is there to say?

This first episode seems to love making you presume what is going on and not actual strait up telling you anything. It kind of feels like we are watching their world from many cameras and we are never looking though the correct one at the right time.

The CAD animation was a bit stilted and that monster at the begging looked really out of place next to the traditional animation (The water and the shop looked amazing).

*^_^ Anime is finally getting the hang of computer aided design, well done!  We now only need to work on that frame rate problem.*

It’s not bad but, it hasn’t grabbed my attention.

6 minutes in: I know this is meant to be sad and dramatic but…*giggles* I can’t keep a straight face when you show me a woman bouncing her boobs for no real reason (WHY?).

Regionals???? How big is this manmade island?

We create a new island to escape from the monsters and the first thing we did was make TV shows. While we are on the topic, why do these people have so many luxury items?

T_o How long has it been since the attack anyway?

Answer: 1 year

O-O WHAT! Are you trying to tell me that they built an island in just a year and also managed to fill it completely with houses and luxury items with in that time?

This anime hurts my head! *above image*

Where do they farm food on this island? The entire island seems to be covered in ether trees or homes. O_O They have cake! That just raises further questions.

Boy: “my dad taught me” he also apparently taught him how to farm the ingredients and how cake is a lot more important than building homes (lots of fancy ingredients in them cakes).

14 minutes: Was that guy just staring though frosted glass?

I have had enough anime! It has clearly been more than one year since they had this island. Just look at all the High-Tec gear and tell me that they could manufacture all that within the one year.