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Galilei Donna ending (reaction)


Errrr…..that was an interesting way to end an anime.

I believe that this anime would have been a lot better off if they focused more on finding the sketches (wasn’t that one of the reasons why there flying around).
You can tell that the people writing this had too many ideas (could  be there first time writing an original anime) because they forgot to actually make us care about their mission. There were so many side stories going on in this anime that I honestly forgot why they were collecting the drawings in the first place.

I would not call this anime good but, I will call it fascinating thanks to the many different concepts this show try’s (but false) to play with.

^_^ I could watch episode 5 by itself over and over again.


Galilei donna midway impression


6 episodes in and we still have very little character development. *I know nothing. ^_^*

You think they would be developing Hozuki character seeing as she is presumably the  protagonist, but alas she gets just as much personality/development as her sisters.

p.s. Don’t name your characters the same names (sound), it just makes looking them up extra hard.

The only character that seems to have a morsel of individuality has to be Kazuki (it’s mostly her snobbery/unwilling to accept her sisters help).

Part from that, none of the girls have anything that makes them standout from each other (I’m constantly confusing the two older girls.)


Recently the show has tried to go for a drama approach ….yeh, show we need to have a little chat about drama.  In order for your audience to feel the full impact of a dramatic moment you  have to make us attached to your characters, without this we are emotional disattached from the situation (In other words, we will not care.)

I know more about the bad guys/ background characters then are actual leads.

Why did they go to the hospital? They clearly said they couldn’t in earlier episodes, in fact they gave are protagonist an injection when she clearly would have had broken bones.                                                     *I guess Injections/pills cure everything  in this world.*

Galilei donna (first impression)


Giant fighting robot goldfish….. did not see that coming.

Well show o far flows smoothly, at no point did I feel that the anime have to pores in order to explain a character or a plot point.

I do have no complaint but it’s not really detrimental to the anime. When the group of girls are being attacked they keep shouting rape and sexual abuse however, nothing sexual happened; he had her neck pined ageist the wall ready to kill them….  doesn’t that classify as physical abuse.                              *it’s made worse by the policemen in the station*

I only brought this up because in my head this is taking the pervert joke a little too far.

I’m a little worried that they played their best cards to begin with and now it’s going to be a downhill journey involving friendship, trusting in others and random fighting each episode.