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Played splatoon for the first time.

It was an experience…. though I do have a couple of qualms with it.

Why are under lv 10’s being matched up against lv 50’s?

Why do we only get two battle fields?

Why are lv 7 players playing worse than a lv 1 player?

If I had a microphone I would be shouting at these people: “Don’t all stand in the same place!”

*Good thing this game has no mics*

I got to lv9 really fast thanks to being matched up with some competent teammates (it very much is just luck of the draw). One team was so bad we were struggling to find their paint.

O_o There were games when we were destroyed however, I don’t count them as fare thanks to the games matching us against players who were much more experienced then us and had way better weaponry (lv 30+).

^_^ Hope Splatoon two fix’s the level match up’s when in Wi-Fi mode.

Got Pokemon moon

The only big problem I’m having with it on my 3DS is that it takes a long time to reload the game after an encounter (you get music while you stare at a black screen).


Popplio – Gaia

Pikipek – Samuel

Caterpie – Butters

Yungoos – Ivana

Ledyba – Croc

^-o  The shop I got the game from gave me a Lunala key-chain for free.


Got skyrim on xbox one

I love skyrim.

T-o  On my ps3 version of the game it would Freeze constantly! How were you meant to play the game when it crashed every time you entered very specific parts of the map?

The xbox 360 version had many graphic glitches that would ether fail to load textures or drop a dragon skeleton on your head.

*At least the 360 vision allowed you to play the game!*

It will be fun being able to play the game on a console that can run it stably.

Here is something I don’t get: in the UK the game cost £35, yet in the USA is cost about $60….What? You guys are getting ripped off.

To give you an idea of how cheap this game is $6o at the moment converts into £50.

😄 Did anyone else spot how many different age ratings this game has?

16+12+ –  2 say 18+…….what is it? Pegi says 18+ but the ratings written on the disk are having a full out war with each-other.

I do love taking the mick out of this game.

*DB designing the character (he’s a Khajiit called Birt).*

NPC: “What is your name?”

Me: “So the man watches on as this creature  morphs before him.”

I can play skyrim along side DB with no issues.

😄 Might get it for myself when the Nintendo switch comes out.

The legend of kusakari


I’m currently have a lot of fun with this game (when i’m not playing kingdom item shop).

One of the modes I have been playing a lot of is called “endless mode”; you need to cut the grass fast while avoiding enemies and trying to grab power up grass.

The only problem is that you need to keep your finger on the R/L button while spinning like a madman with A (You can use B to cut but it’s not helpful when the clock is against you).

I never find games that need to keep my hands pressing the 3ds L/R button comfortable (The systems shape isn’t designed to let my hand rest in a comfortable position for long button mashing sessions).

p.s. my 3ds is called foop.


Y_Y Finally got to play that bored game I ordered Months ago!

I’m going to be brave and straight out say what I was waiting for: “Tyrants of the Underdark.


T_T Do you want to know just how much of a geek I am?


The art work in the disks is from the D&D campaign book “Out of the Abyss” (slightly altered). Why is this a problem? 

This image only makes sense if you read the book “legend of drizzt archmage”.

O_O When this game starts to age that bland chair is really going confuse players.

*I know where most of the art work has been recycled from.*

^_^ The game functions really well and I’m glad after such a long wait I finally got to play it.



My thoughts on Conveni dream

I have played over  8 hours Of this game so you can trust what I’m about to say.

This game plays itself!  The only upside to all this is that there is a super speed up button (wish that was in publishers dream).

When I reached Level 70 I conducted an experiment: I made everything in the shop the top item for that shelf (lots of the same thing).   I only got 1 or 2 complaints and the mood stayed at 100%.

At first the goals the game gives you are sensible and then after awhile they get ludicrous in a small attempt to extend the play time.

Y_Y All the trophy missions are ??????? so I have no idea how to unlock them?

In short:

  •  The game only crashed once.
  • The outside of the shop would struggle to detect me selecting it (5 clicks before it registers the command).
  • The game expects you to read the manual.
  •  A lot of mission are completed with random waiting.

Even if you don’t understand all the workings of this game you can beat this .

The most casual game you will ever watch.

It only need the smallest amount of input (plays itself).

My total play time: 43 hours. 

O_O The game consists of watching load bars.

*boring anime*

T-T : “I could be doing something more productive.”

*turns publishers dream on.*

“That’s better.”

Y_Y I want picross!

There is a new picross game out and I can’t play it!

Nintendo have opted for putting it on the my Nintendo site as an award for gathering enough points.

T_T The problem is that a lot of these awards require a smart phones (something I don’t have) and odd bits and bobs.

Who is going to go thogh all that effort just for a  legend of zelda themed picross?

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain

😄 Been ages since I played this!


In just 3 days I got my brain age down from 73 to 30.

O_O This game brings back memories of having to recalibrate my DS light screen ever other week.

knightmare chess

😄 Me and DB spent 2 hours just picking what cards we will be using for our chaotic chess game on  Saturday.

We both had to have a calculator by our side for you’re only aloud to have a dex that adds up to 150 points. On each card the is a number in the corner (2-10) that tells you how much that card will cost you to have in your dex (you can only have 5 in your hand at a time).

  • step one: split the cards into and A and B deck.
  • step two: Pick a dex and sort the cards into piles based on cost.
  • step three: Go though Each pile and discard the cards you don’t like.
  • step four:  Add up all your remaining cards.
  • step five:  Take away cards that  you feel  could be discarded in order to hit the 150 point limit.
  • step six: Tell you opponent “let’s  postpone the game” After how exhausting  them tasks were.

*Should get easier the more we play it.*