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Y_Y Finally got to play that bored game I ordered Months ago!

I’m going to be brave and straight out say what I was waiting for: “Tyrants of the Underdark.


T_T Do you want to know just how much of a geek I am?


The art work in the disks is from the D&D campaign book “Out of the Abyss” (slightly altered). Why is this a problem? 

This image only makes sense if you read the book “legend of drizzt archmage”.

O_O When this game starts to age that bland chair is really going confuse players.

*I know where most of the art work has been recycled from.*

^_^ The game functions really well and I’m glad after such a long wait I finally got to play it.



My thoughts on Conveni dream

I have played over  8 hours Of this game so you can trust what I’m about to say.

This game plays itself!  The only upside to all this is that there is a super speed up button (wish that was in publishers dream).

When I reached Level 70 I conducted an experiment: I made everything in the shop the top item for that shelf (lots of the same thing).   I only got 1 or 2 complaints and the mood stayed at 100%.

At first the goals the game gives you are sensible and then after awhile they get ludicrous in a small attempt to extend the play time.

Y_Y All the trophy missions are ??????? so I have no idea how to unlock them?

In short:

  •  The game only crashed once.
  • The outside of the shop would struggle to detect me selecting it (5 clicks before it registers the command).
  • The game expects you to read the manual.
  •  A lot of mission are completed with random waiting.

Even if you don’t understand all the workings of this game you can beat this .

The most casual game you will ever watch.

It only need the smallest amount of input (plays itself).

My total play time: 43 hours. 

O_O The game consists of watching load bars.

*boring anime*

T-T : “I could be doing something more productive.”

*turns publishers dream on.*

“That’s better.”

Y_Y I want picross!

There is a new picross game out and I can’t play it!

Nintendo have opted for putting it on the my Nintendo site as an award for gathering enough points.

T_T The problem is that a lot of these awards require a smart phones (something I don’t have) and odd bits and bobs.

Who is going to go thogh all that effort just for a  legend of zelda themed picross?

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain

XD Been ages since I played this!


In just 3 days I got my brain age down from 73 to 30.

O_O This game brings back memories of having to recalibrate my DS light screen ever other week.

knightmare chess

XD Me and DB spent 2 hours just picking what cards we will be using for our chaotic chess game on  Saturday.

We both had to have a calculator by our side for you’re only aloud to have a dex that adds up to 150 points. On each card the is a number in the corner (2-10) that tells you how much that card will cost you to have in your dex (you can only have 5 in your hand at a time).

  • step one: split the cards into and A and B deck.
  • step two: Pick a dex and sort the cards into piles based on cost.
  • step three: Go though Each pile and discard the cards you don’t like.
  • step four:  Add up all your remaining cards.
  • step five:  Take away cards that  you feel  could be discarded in order to hit the 150 point limit.
  • step six: Tell you opponent “let’s  postpone the game” After how exhausting  them tasks were.

*Should get easier the more we play it.*

Finally Creepy pikachu has returned

For anyone not in the know this was hinted at about 2 years ago.

Pokemon rubble world rant

XD I’m in a very ranty mood this week!

DB was looking at xbox one games in game when I spotted the Pokemon rubble world box.

 The packaged version includes newly reconfigured features such as Poke Diamonds, the Poke Diamond Digger and VIP Cards, whilst removing the paid content component. After completing the tutorial, visit the shop to receive your allotment of 3,000 Poke Diamonds. The Poke Diamond Digger will provide you with 40 new Poke Diamonds every day. There are two VIP Cards, they can be used to more easily voyage through the wonderful kingdom of Toy Pokemon, collecting more Pokemon for the king!

T-o If you pay for the 3000 diamonds the game costs about £25.50, To buy the game card it costs about £24…… “ removing the paid content component”????? your still paying for it!

You get the Poke Diamond Digger on the download version along with the vip cards once you pay 3000 diamonds ( you can only spend £25.50 3000 diamonds).

Unless the boxed game comes down in price this is nothing more then a scam to catch people who don’t understand how the payment system in Pokemon world works.

*which is batter: Paying gradually to see if you enjoy the game or paying full and then finding you don’t like the game?*

The visual problem with fallout 4

The problem that  I see with this game had NOTHING to do with what kind of visuals this console should be capable of.

The problem that I have visually with this game is that the character models clash with the background. You can see just how much love went into making sure this world was detailed and explorable however, in contrast you can tell that no one thought to  try and make sure that the people that you were going to see throughout this world would harmonized with the spirit of the game (they look out of place).

*It’s not good when all the humans you meet look like poorly rendered zombies in a world filled with radiation.*

O_O The best way I could describe it is like  placing 64 Mario’s character model into galaxy (the clash would be rip-lash inducing).

If you pick a style go all the way! 

^_^ part from that the game is good.

Pokemon platinum part 2

XD Some of these really crack me up! I think some of them are determined by your gender however, I do think a lot of these are regional differences in translation.


Ntsc: Was he a trainer when he was young….?

Pal: Well,I’ll be…..The professor had TM’s….? Next thing, he’ll tell me he battled when he was young.


Ntsc: “Ok, (your name), I’ll act as your mentor. I’ve got a bit more experience then you as a trainer and as the professor’s assistant.”

Pal: “Hey, (your name)! I want to show you a few things. So, follow me!”


Ntsc: “It’s the place that heals pokemon that have been hurt in battle. You can find a pokemon center in most towns.”

Pal: “You can get your pokemon healed if it’s been hurt in battle. You’ll find a pokemon center in most towns.”


Ntsc “(your name), since you’re a novice trainer, you won’t be able to buy many kinds of merchandise.”

Pal: “(your name), since you’re a rookie trainer, you won’t be able to buy very much stuff.”


Ntsc: “Don’t let it bother you!”

Pal: “Don’t worry about it, ok?”


Ntsc: “Oh, that’s right! Don’t you need to let your family know that you’re going to be helping prof.Rowan with the pokedex? You may need to go far away, so I think you should let someone know. Oh, but before you go, heal up your pokemon at the pokemon center. It will be a lot less scary that way. Ok, bye now!”

Pal: “Oh, yeah, right! You should let your family know you’re helping Prof.Rowan put together his pokedex. Sometimes, you have to go far away, so you should let someone know. Oh, but first, go heal up your pokemon at the pokemon center. You’ll be safe then. Ok, be seeing you!”


Ntsc: “Take a quick rest, dear.”

Pal:  “I just made dinner. Take a quick rest, dear.”


Ntsc: “oh, that’s right! (your name), I haven’t shown you how to catch a poekmon. I’ll demonstrate how to catch one, so just watch, OK?””

Pal: “(your name), do you know how to catch pokemon? I’ll demonstrate how to catch one, so just watch, OK?”


Ntsc: “Giggle….See? Isn’t it neat? Actually, It’s better to lower your target’s HP some more than I did. It’s important to get the pokemon’s HP down as low as possible. This is because a healthy pokemon is very difficult to catch. OH, pokemon also get easier to catch if you make them sleep or something by using a pokemon’s move. ”

Pal: “And that’s how it’s done. Actually, I should have lowered that target’s HP some more. Yup, the important thing is to lower the pokemon’s HP as much as possible. See, a healthy pokemon isn’t easy to catch. Oh, yeah. They also get easier to catch if you make one of your pokemon put them to sleep or such.”


Ntsc: “OK, (your name), to get you started, I’ll give you five poke balls!”

Pal: “Here, (your name), I’ll give you five poke balls to get you started.”


Ntsc: “If you have lots of pokemon with you, it will be safer on long trips. Plus, it will be a lot moe fun having your pokemon friends along. OK, I need to get going. Bye, now!”

Pal: “If you have lots of pokemon with you, you’ll be able to travel farther. That way, you’ll have a better shot at meeting more pokemon. See you around!”


Ntsc: “HI, (your name)! are you catching pokemon?…um.. I think you’d feel a lot safer if you were to catch more. you know, like when you need to travel to faraway places. Oh, I know! Don’t you think it’s better to know more about pokemon? Sure it is! I know just the place. Come on! Don’t be shy, follow me!”

Pal: “Hey, (your name)! How many pokemon have you caught? Huh? I think you should catch some more. it might be more of a challenge raising a lot of pokemon… but it’s worth it. The more pokemon you have, the happier you’ll be.hey, that’s right! Don’t you think it’s better to know more about pokemon? Sure it is! There’s this great place for that. Come on! It’s all right. Follow me.”


Ntsc: “That man… what’s he doing?”

Pal: “That guy… what’s he doing?”


Ntsc: “Um…..”

Pal: “Um….excuse me.”


Ntsc: “Huh? what? I beg your pardon? I was just making conversation…”

Pal: “Huh? What? Are you kidding? I was just making small talk..”


Ntsc: “I saw your friend (friend’s name) go in earlier. He could still be in there studying. OK, bye now!”

Pal: “Your Pal (friend’s name) went in earlier. He must still be studying in there. OK, see you around!”


Ntsc: *nothing (before you give the parcel)*

Pal: So, (your name), what brings you? Huh? You’ve got something for me?