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I found my answer: Are games too hard?

It’s a non question with non answer. For the question doesn’t have a base for the question, and the formula is always changing for the base.

The problem with the question ‘Are games hard?’ is that you have to presume there is a written standard for what is considered a normal games. Is there a list in the studio telling them what the average persons mental capabilities are?

When someone makes a game there going to base the difficulty on what there head deems doable. Even if they did make a ‘easy, normal or hard mode’ it would still be based on what they deemed should fall under them sections.

Then you have the problem of puzzles that test different parts of the brain.

I don’t really have a solution the problem, this is due too many people having different mental skill sets.

You can’t win.

You can ether play the game, or you can’t.

You just have to do your research before buying a game.


Game streaming….they didn’t answer my one question?

Google yesterday announced ‘Stadia’.

I have many question about this service, My biggest one being: what is running these games?

They showed and bragged about how good they are at creating HUGE games and HUGE servers, but what dose any of that mean if the game doesn’t run? google,”There are no limits.” That’s a lie.

With Microsoft my question was always,  “How are they going to distribute this?”

When it come to google my only question is, “What is this powered by?”

Do you know why a console is so big? it’s because that  box is filled with all the chips and programs required to run the machine.  Even if you want to play your ps4 on your phone you still need to have your console on.

If you don’t want the box to be with them, you need the box to be with you.  We are talking about a game console with the power to run over million players at once! its that an amazing thought,  a single computer console running one game for that many people. Even if you did have subordinate towers taking the strain you still need the master to do all the redirecting/processing.

^_O That’s the beast I want to see!

At the moment it looks like google is going to power millions of individual consoles,  which seems both insane and impractical. The amount of power reacquired to run that set up is unimaginable.

Streaming a video or even loading a page is not the same as running a game.

XD That wifi controller, it feels like a hacking disaster waiting to happen (connects to the router).   Imagine the fun you could have annoying people in public wifi spots.

XD Got my copy!

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in a long time (don’t have anything to blog about).

If you live in the UK you will know just how hard it is to get hold of these!


I only got hold of my copy because our shop had numbered the books in the order of when we pre-ordered them (good thing I pre-order my book straight away).

*Our shop still needs a load of normal copies and one more limited edition (all pre-orders).*

This apparently a problem all across the UK and even on amazon.

This saturation make me really angry because this book is (on this day) number 15  ‘USA’ on the amazon bestselling books.

Is that where all our allocated stock went? I will be super angry if I go into a game shop and see this book on there shelves (There are way too many people still waiting for them).

Additional: Dose anyone else have gluey finger prints on the limited edition copies?