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Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods midway impression


This anime is not boring but, I can’t bring myself to call it good.

All of the human characters (excluding the father) seem to get one episode of development and then nothing. It feels like are main character only has friends because it makes are lead look less like a loner (it makes Satoru realize that he needs other people to make him happy).

why is it so wrong to be a loner? *Long as you keep on top of your social skills there is nothing wrong with enjoying your own company *


There is nothing wrong with having an adaptive ego (There just seem to be more precedence on have the natural ego).

*natural child/adapted child, the 2 main ego states*


The heralds are…..well….they are kind of hit or miss (we don’t spend enough time with them). Gintaro is a very loveable fox herald that honestly does care about Makoto and others (in his own special way).                                                                                                                                                             I’m interested to see if Haru will change because of him/ vice versa (I don’t mind if it doesn’t happen however, they have been mentioning Gintaro’s old partner lately).

The main reason I still want to watch this show has to be Makoto’s farther, he just always comes out with most entertaining of lines.*I’m not going to forget about turtle road.*


Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods (First impression)


This anime did not take long to establish who are main character is, what they are destined to do and the sprit that lives at the shrine.  I have to congratulate the writers (so many anime’s fail at this most basic of tasks).

The animation seems to vary, some moments the animation flows smoothly and then there are times the animation just seems to give up. e.g. They attempt to do a quick close-up of Gintaro however, they just randomly stop and jump cut to him (it looks very choppy).

I’m thankful that this show has at least attempted to explain what a Shinto shrine is, they could of easily presumed that the audience would already know what a shrine/what they were used for.

It’s not the best of anime’s but, it’s not the worse show that anime (in general) has to offer.