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Girl Friend BETA ending (reaction)

CaptureIt’s finally over!

I can’t fathom why this anime likes to pretend it has a set of main characters??? They are in the opening, the ending and even appear in the last 2 episodes…. Dose that really classify them as main leads??? I thought in order to be the main characters the story/plot had to mainly focus around them.

Is this anime bad? My answer: It depends on how you view it.

Let’s talk about the characters (where to start):  There are about over 6o in total meaning that we never get the same set of characters each episode.  How many anime can you name that don’t consistently have their main characters in most of their episodes?

Because you are introduced to a new set of characters each episode you never feel attached to anyone let alone learn their names (most don’t even mention their names).  You can’t even remember them by their hair colour or styles because they all blend together into one giant skittle bowl.

On the other hand.

Each of the episodes tell simple stories that are well organised when compared to the sheer madness of the cast size. You can really tell that the writers were trying really hard to squeeze something good out of this mess and they have my respect (they literally had nothing to work with).

*It’s a high school filled with girls GO!*

I only have one big nit-pick:  Do these girls ever go to class?  (They eat there lunch, morning announcements and then they are done).  The only time I really remember seeing them in class doing work was during there final exam.


Girl Friend BETA midway impression

CaptureO_O I made it to episode 6 (that was hard).

I’m amazed that this anime has managed to have enough going on in order to keep itself out of my meh rating. Don’t get me wrong this anime dose make my brain leak out of my ears however, I understand why this anime is a mess and I oddly appreciate the organisation that must have had to go into each episode thanks to the stupefyingly large roster of characters.

Now!  I have bone to pick with you anime.  Y_Y You can’t say that the 4 character in your opening are the main characters if they are not the focus of any of your episodes!   The entire definition of protagonist is the principal character……which this show doesn’t have.

*Unless there definition of a main character is somebody that is seen in more than one episode.*

You never get attached to any of these girls because so far we have been introduced to a new set of girls each episode (after the 4-5 episode all of the females look the same and you start feel a little disorientated with each new introduction).

The girls have to face hard conflicts like not getting the last potato, finding homes for kittens, weight loss and letting people harass you with camera’s because they think you look pretty…..pardon! I think it’s from episode 3 (the moral feels like its endorsing harassment).

Each episode (for the most part) plays it really safe and it doesn’t do anything that could be considered bad outside of just being disorganized.

*T-o Did I say it’s organised and disorganized in the same post?  ^_^ I guess that just leaves us with organised chaos.*

Girl Friend BETA first impression

Capture“Are you ready to depart into the hallway troops?”

This anime torture! It just goes on and on and on, ahhhhh! You just pray for something to happen but never come (I never watched an anime that had bored me to the point of aggravation).

This episode was just one girl going around saying hello for approximately 20 minutes.

The introduction went on for ever during this episode. *At least you only really have to go through these introduction episodes once.* ^_^ yeh, it’s only for this one episode.

*Brings up mal *64 characters in total……64!  I can’t even get my head around that. How on earth are they going to introduce 64 characters within 12 episodes (that’s about 5-6 new introductions per episode).

I don’t care how many good voice actors are in this mess they not going to make this any less painful. To tell you the truth a lot of cute voices overstayed their welcome really quickly (I personally found Chloe Lemaire to be the worst).


 Is that very little person meant to be a toddler/infant or a very realistic doll?