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GIRLS und PANZER ending (reaction)

Image“There are special flowers that only grow here” o-T??? How? This ship has probably been though hundreds of different climates.


This was a constantly good series that manages to keep me  laughing and cheering for are girls to win there (very small) contest.

They find a new tank (with crew) just for it to get blown up a minute into the final battle (what was the point?).  *more characters for merchandise.*  

O_O I know more about the tank then girls inside.

The tanks can only be as awesome as the users, for they create the funny code name and execute there bazaar plans. You will remember the nicknames of every tank they use; conversely you will not be able to recall any of the people driving said tanks.

I have to admit that it’s very fun and rewarding to look up the history that surrounds the tanks that these characters are using (keep in mind there Japaneses).  They could have easily created some random tank designs that would have saved them a bundle on animation (i’m thankful for the detail).


*You can’t drift a tank T-o……far as I know.*

These tanks must have been equipped with turbo engines (they look more like car chases).   The tank might look accurate but I doubt that they were capable of doing the mad stunts that were performed in this show.

This anime didn’t disappoint me and I would gladly recommend it.

*T-o The ending feels a little weak to me.*


GIRLS und PANZER midway impression


So are girls have now gotten used to their tanks and are ready to move out (I’m so proud).

They seem to have been entered into a contest that will challenge their ability to fire, drive and plan military attacks.

British and chivalry…can we put them two in the same sentence? T-o *long as french are not around.*


My complaint : If you have the advantage in a war situation you don’t handicap yourself in order to give the other team a fighting chance.

I understand that it’s important to be respectful to the opposition but, do you honestly believe that the higher ranking teams are going to handicap themselves like they did.  By holding back there strength they have doomed are main characters to a more destructive defeat at the hands of a ruthless opponent.


The dub has sort of shot itself in the foot by making are main characters sound American. You might be asking why is that a problem?  Well…..they have to face team USA in a tank match (it’s weird).

At least the voice actors of the team USA are trying to sound invested, the team UK’s voice actors just sound like they just want to get paid (can you try and give a dam).


GIRLS und PANZER U-U Argument

Image*British tank team *

 Lea:  french! Y_Y

DB: I think there are blue British/English uniforms

Lea: traditionally the English are red and the french are blue.

*there used to be so much smoke from the guns/canons that it was very hard to see who you were fighting.*

Lea: there is no reason for there war uniforms to be red and there school uniforms to be blue (blue does make a lady look more elegant). You would think there school uniforms would be there war uniforms (the other school goes to battle in the school uniforms).


T_T This lead to a discussion on french history, that lead us into a discussion about the doomesday book, that lead us into a  discussion on the vikings .  I love discussions/debates that make me want to spend my entire day in the library. ^_^


extra, wondering thoughts:  I guess if we are talking about the uk there are the patron saint colours and  you could take into account that the word British has sort of become a catch 22. *ahhhh!*

GIRLS und PANZER (first impression)

Image*My last first impression was January 25 2014 (the down side of watching seasons) *

There are many anime on my list that I would be a lot more willing to watch if I could have a friend by my side.  To me there is nothing more fun than being able to share a good laugh with whoever happens to join you.

*Tales of earthsea*  Me and my mother:  “That’s a man!”

T_T At least she only had to sit though the ending of that slow film.

we need more anime films on TV (i watched Tales of earthsea subbed on tv). 

Back on topic 

 This is oddly a well written moe show (has the world gone mad). When I started watching this show I was expecting cute ditsy girls  trying to work huge manly machines as everyone hung out drinking tea and playing games….I was wrong.

Underneath that cute poster is a funny/quirky show that managed to keep me entertained from start to finish.  The character are not much to write home about however, you have to love how each one of the girls interact while operating these huge machines.

*“kick me as hard as you can!”*

As long as we spend most or are time in the tanks this show could actual be very entertaining.


p.s. The only reason i’m watching this is because my friend has has the dub track at his (the last anime I watched with DB was sword art online).



This is why I prefer to watch my anime with other people (banter is fun). 


DB: *pause anime and rewinds* “spot what’s wrong with this scene”


Anime: “It looks like the armor and threads are just fine.”


Lea: “I don’t see it”

DB: “There are no treads on that side of the tank”


on closer inspection there is a box with what looks to be  treads in it however,  there is no way she could know they were fine without looking inside the box.


Anime: “we are using live ammo but, we are shooting each other in a safe way”

*DB pause the anime and places his head upon his lap in order to hold back the laughter*

Lea: “we might be using live deadly ammo but, we are using it responsibly” ^_^

*Even I could not help laughing*

DB: I can’t even dismiss that as anime logic.