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GJ CLUB ending (reaction)

CaptureXD anime dedication: get in house – put on hot water- gulp food – jump in bath- get out and dressed- runs in room and grabs wiiu – puts cruchy on while still drying/brushing hair.

So….what did I think? For a comedy anime I didn’t laugh that much and for a moe it wasn’t that cute or endearing.

I think a lot of the jokes failed due to the show playing it way too safe by choosing scenarios that were too predictable……and played oddly too straight? Most comedy anime go for over the top emotions and reactions while this anime fights with the endless misbalance of wanting to be over the top and a slow slice of life at the same time.

*It’s certainly a unique combination.*

One of the basic elements of moe is to make the girl’s sweet, endearing and fabric softener cuddly; which is something this show failed to deliver.  If you were to sit down and watch these girls you will find that their outer skin is the only thing that shows moe charm, for underneath they are nothing more than one note jokes that would have easily been placed into any skin.

*Moe 101: They have a child like charm (there hope has not been corroded away by the harsh reality of life). *

T_o I have a big question: Why do girls in this anime orgasm when their hair is brushed?  

I despise comedy anime that try and force drama in the last episode; WHY! If you didn’t have a plot or a story there is no need to pretend your tying up loose plot threads. You should be focusing on making your last anime episode the most funny and memorable if your show never really had a story line threading the episode together (there is no need to force drama).

GJ CLUB midway impression

CaptureWonder how old that computer is in the background?

This is my honest reaction to episodes 2-5: Watch and finish (rinse and repeat).

The first 5 episodes lack any form of structure (they have a setting…..that’s about it). It lack so much focus/structure on anything that I can’t tell if it’s meant to be a slice of life, comedy, moe or ….. Harem???? I should have realised that was going to be one of the jokes in the show (there is only one guy in this anime).

Episode 6 is so far the outlier because it actual has an episode structure however, for one bonus we must lose one advantage because this episode is not funny. This entire episode exists just to introduce 3 small characters into the…..er…the void we are calling an anime setting. What was the point in adding new characters this late into an anime that has no plot or story and relies heavily on forced situational jokes (they might as well have been there from the start).

This anime did manage to get scare out of me.


That freaked me out!


GJ CLUB first impression

Capture^_^ I can finally watch this show! *23 minutes later *O_O what did I just watch?

There is only one way to articulate my first impression of this anime:  who are you people?

The best way I can describe this show is….er..Imagine someone told you to hold onto a metal post and when they left it suddenly started to move, would you still keep hold of it? (You don’t really know that person and you don’t have any reason to stay).

There isn’t anything to really talk about outsides of the random moments that I presume are supposed to be funny.