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Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara ending (reaction)

CaptureThis anime never did fix its dialogue problem.

This anime had a very bazar transition into its last couple of episodes, it’s not the first time I have seen an anime drastically change its tone but…… *sigh* this is one of those select anime that also tries to change its genre (in short: take are goofy comedy seriously).

I better explain what I mean by dialogue problem (someone got very annoyed with me the first time I brought this up).  Every time characters have to read out exposition they would suddenly loses all there personality traits and become mindless drones reading out loads of dialogue in the most serious (yet uninterested) voice they can come out with.

The biggest gripe I have with this anime is that the last half is not that funny, they are kind of depressing if you take the death plot into consideration.

*I’m glad they picked one girl out of his huge harem.*

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara midway impression


*plays ds in the background*

Anime: “yandere flag” Me: pardon!
*Re-watched the previous moment.*
Why is it ok to use the mentally ill for comedy?
T-o maybe this anime is trying to saying that yandere’s are murderers that enjoying killing people.
*A short moment that really bugged me.*

 T_T we just reached the end of episode 5 and now you have just randomly decided to tell a story (playing your cards late). 

Has anyone ells notice that the characters sound stiff and flat (everyone has one vocal setting).

*Been playing my ds on the side in order to keep me awake.*  

why don’t male characters have crotch in anime? *A woman can have the world biggest boobs, yet a man can’t have genitals.* 


Give him a crotch!


Is she crying into his crotch?

U-U Finally beat episode 6.

This anime barely passes as average.

The characters all blend into a big mush because none of them have a distinctive personality (they don’t even have character traits). You can’t even differentiate them by how they look.

Let’s just get this show over and done with.

*At least my new anime timetable is working.*

p.s The person in the orange bathing suit is a guy (proof below).


Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara (first impression)



I see flags, floating around like normal flags. *I couldn’t help myself.*

What’s with the dialogue in this show, no normal person talks like that (this show just makes me want to read Genkaku Picasso).

I hate are female lead! I can understand thinking that he is just using these flags as an excuse to stay away from others however, when someone tells you they are the only known survivor of a ship wreck (with the news paper to prove it) you don’t say “what of it”.   Y-Y

“You’re a nice person”  *eyes burning in fury.*

No one in this anime acts/talks like a normal human, which is a huge problem when you’re basing your show around human emotions.


I hope that not all of these episodes are going to be about mentally disturbed people.

Give people hope…by stalking them???? 
 *Love can destroy death *rolls eyes**

If you want a comedy show about choices watch “My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy” if you want a more mature approach to seeing emotions read “Genkaku Picasso”.

Y-0 you can’t mix goofy comedy with serious drama.


p.s bases on a novel  *explains the dialogue.*