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Review: Kinmoza


Plot summary

An Engrish girl goes to a Japanese high school.

*The winner of the shortest plot summary*

I spent most of the day trying to find a morsel of inspiration so that I could design the side image for this review. I ended up having to be very creative by making the box look like the rising sun and the rice looks like blonde hair.                                  *gave myself a pat on the back *


On with the review

There is not really much going on in this show….. Why did I watch it?

This show has a very deceiving first episode that will have you thinking that this show was going to be about two girls from different countries learning to be friend even though they can’t understand each other.                                                                                                                                                  So where did that episode come from?                                                                                           Answer: it was a 4 panel side joke about how the girls only knew 1 word in each other language.

There only other noteworthy episode of this show has to be the extra story on the ending of episode 12, for it actually has a good pacing and achieved its goal of making me bow down to their cuteness.


I couldn’t describe this shows characters outside of 3 Japanese friends and 2 Engrish friends. (Who have blonde hair) actual let’s talk about the Engish for a moment.    “My ear are bleeding”  *just joking*

When you have a Japanese character on a TV show/cartoon do you expect them to talk your language fluently? The answer is no.

Would you expect their accent to change so that it fit the show better? The answer is no.

Would you expect them to culturally adapt fast? NO!

Alice might as well of been Japanese because you can’t tell she is even from a different country. (Unless the anime is implying that blond girls only come from the uk.)

Her English is so broken that you can’t make out any dialect/accent out to save your life. They got better at  spacing the English words in the final episodes, yet they got worse at choosing sentences that make logical sense.


In conclusion, there is nothing particularly noteworthy about this show outside of it being a slice of life with 2 Engrish girls.
Final thoughts: *I’m amazed that I managed to write a review for this show.*


i give this show: 4

A cute show that is really let down by it’s annoying gimmick.


Kinmoza! ending (reaction)


This show ended a little oddly???  If you are doing a high school anime comedy you would usually end it on the final/end of the year however, this show decides to end it at the beginning of the second year????  Just……WHY??????

We just went from a christmas episode to new school year; there was no need for so many months to be passed by. (Was it really that important to have them as second years before the end?) 

Even more confusing is that the final episode ends halfway and then backtracks……..WHY?

So we stated on a deceiving first episode and ended on a confusing last episode.                                  *unity has been brought back to the universe*

Kinmoza! (Impression)


What the heck I wrong with their English; I know for a fact you could have gotten voice actors who have smoother English.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             (Even “Genshiken” had an actor who could speak smother English and that was just for no throwaway character.)

To me Alice is from European land where everyone is cute, cuddly abnormally beautiful.

This show is amazingly cute however, the jokes they make about their friend being from a different country fall flat because Alice talks smooth Japanese, never has culture shock and finally she does not stand out from the other girls. (It’s like she as always lived there)

This show is purely a moe fest that does not want you to think about what you are watching.