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My Joy- con’s fixed! and other life stuff.

Found a guy in the village who will fix anything!

^_^ £10 to have both fixed. I was having problems with the screws on the blue con and I was scared to open the red con.

If I ever got round to getting the new back plate I would probably pay him to place it on (those screws are a nightmare).

Finally got in touch with my land lord after month of silence,  my home is staring to become liveable again.

Have no gas or hot water, but at least my electrics isn’t being held onto the wall with string, and the strip light isn’t  hanging of the roof ready to smash into your head at any time.

I also like how I can use the bathroom sink again and use the light in the bedroom.

The roof still needs fixing, but they will be coming back the finish the rest of the jobs.

I had a shock at the game shop!

I’m cleaning the shelves of games I no longer play.

This includes:

  • wii
  • gamecube
  • wiiU

I sort of knew what I would get around for the wiiU games…however, I must have had a though gems in there because my final total back was £120!

O_o . . . How did that happen? this was just junk on the shelf???

XD when I was leaving the shop a random guy asked me for the left over stuff in the box (stuff the shop would not take).

Guy:”How much!?”

Me: “You can it for free.”

Guy “Thanks!” XD


DB: “why didn’t you ask for money?”

Me: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I gave it to him for the same reason I gave you the money from the anime I didn’t want; my final plan for them was ether charity or the bin.”

*The games they didn’t take did function.*

O_O I gave a load of manga to charity just to clear the shelves (I must of introduced a lot of teens in the village to manga that month).

XD  My nephew fell in love with my old 90’s Mr blobby doll (One man’s trash is another man’s treasure).

Never undervalue the price of stuff, but never undervalue what it means to someone.


^_^ Almost 1 year!

O_O One year since I had to change my anime viewing habits….*sigh*.

I do love anime even if it’s really hard for me to currently watch it (^_o It would be a lot easier if I could keep my wii U downstairs and not worry about my little nephew accidentally braking it).

T_T When you work an average of 7 hours a day you find that the last thing on your mind is to sit back a read a load of subtitles (Sunday is my only day off and that normally ends up being my hibernation day).

At the moment i’m trying the gather money in order to make a deposit on a house however, I’m waiting to see where DB’s coffee venture will be going (he need to also need to be putting money into the pot).

Real life is a very complicated thing.