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Sword art online 24- 25(anime log)

Episode 24

I don’t know if this is just me but, this episode felt really rushed (they had plenty of episodes to work with).   I like Asuna however, in the second half of SAO she only exists just so the show can have a dramatic ending.

The true story/plot of Alfheim online is about Suguha’s insestural love for her cousin.                          *There close cousins…..that still classifies as insest.*

We gets a couple of shot of people in pain before getting the predictable kill of purvey butterfly man.  I understand that the first boss in SAO was meant to be hidden from sight (like a gaming god), so when you find out that he was playing the game with the other players you feel a little shocked

With Alfheim you knew from the start what the ending was going to be and I think the show was more then aware of this.  It felt like they had to place all of the eye cringing senses of Asuna being abused just so that there would be some form of animosity toward this guy (he honestly did nothing throughout this show).

I did not care about kirito in the second half because I knew he was going to win no matter what.

*Asuna has to live with the painful memories of this lazy second half.*

Episode 25

This is an episode with confusing morals/ questionable antics.

It shows that kirito is capable of real world violence.

Asuna takes longer to get used to moving her body (KIrito was doing Kendo when he existed the hospital).*My biggest complaint with episode 14 was that KIrito had a lot of strength for someone who has not moved for 2-3 years.*

I don’t understand why girls from the past  are still interested in him (it’s been months since he’s seen them).   *I can only view them as his personal stalkers. *

My biggest gripe with this last episode has to be the over romanticization of Kirito and Suguha’s relationship. We know that Kirito only loves Asuna which means that he is being a real jerk in this episode by hinting that there could be a spark between him and Suguha.

*There is being dense and then there is playing someone on.*

I loved the first half SAO…… just wish the second half didn’t exists.


Sword art online 22- 23(anime log)

episode 22

T_T How did she not know? How did she not know? HOW DID SHE NOT KNOW?

He looks like your brother, he sound like your brother in fact he basically has your brother’s name.

What was she going to say to her brother if he did respond to her love “I love you brother but there is another person that my heart belongs to”.

*unfaithful cow*

O_0 i honestly thought she was aware from the start.

episode 23

You got to love how Shinchi just conveniently turns up in this episode (you have to love the friend satnav).

I like Shinchi, he’s my favourite character in SAO (I just find him so likable).

Me and DB: “you can do it Shinchi”

XD i thought they weren’t siblings (it’s why i used to write cousin/brother).

I’m expecting Kirito to have saved Asuna by the next episode so that we can settle back into reality before the climax. *I know what’s going to happen.*

Sword art online 20- 21(anime log)

Episode 20

^_^* I had to rewatch the episode in order to jog my memory.*

This episode consisted of fighting, girls and BOOOOOOOOOBS!
This has to be the most fan-service ridden episode that sao has to offer.

e.g. when kirito steals Suguha’s weapon her ass grows bigger.

Boobs seem to jiggle with the slightest twitch (I’m talking about super sensitive jingly boobs). 

Episode 20 of sao: winner of the pointless fan service award

Episode 21

Hallelujah are characters found the plot.   *I’ll go get the champagne.*

We finally get some screen time with Asuna (trying to break free).  My only problem with her scenes are that they are very sexualized, not in the senses of her being sexy but in the sense of the writers wanting her to be questionable saturation.  *you can’t look at the scene with the slugs and not say tentacle abuse.*

Why do people always press buttons really slowly?

Back to Kirito and Suguha

Suguha has finally realized that kirito’s heart belongs to Asuna…. TOOK YOU TOO LONG!


Guess I should be thankful that the incest subplot is finally gone.


Sword art online 12-15 (anime log)

Episode 12

Of course she is a computer program; they basically tell you that in the opening.

I understand that she was designed to watch other the other players mental states however, what I don’t understand is why did the give this entirety a physical from let alone the body of a 10 year old. *just seems a little twisted to me.*


Episode 13

That shot of kirito and Asuna in bed is a lot creepier when you realize that Asuna has their child around her neck.

Something bad must becoming are way because this episode is way too relaxed, if it was not for the wise words of the fisherman I would of just classified it as fluffy filler.

O_O land fish!!!! Run for your lives.

I know that people like to say that Asuna switches from strong to weak damsel too much in this show however, I would like to direct your attention to Kirito and his amazing personality switches.

One moment he is a strong rogue who fight because he want nothing more than to be strong, to lovable little boy who just want to enjoy life.

Take this episode for example, he pulls the fish out of the water and then runs away flailing his arms…… you have faced high level boss battles and you are scared of a dam fish.

I’m just pointing out that of kirito and Asuna are both tsundere (if we are pointing out the personality switches).   *Yes, you can get male tsundere.*


Episode 14

This was a very confusing episode?????

I’m disappointed that they never got to floor 100 however, they did manage to give us a cool look monster for the final boss fight.  Turns out that over powered leader was the creator (answers one of my earlier questions).

All of the characters are put into paralyses so that Kirito can have his final battle with the games creator, here is where things get strange.

Just as Kirito was about to be killed Asuna jump in front of him…….WHAT!

The game does not know how to explain that, was it just the power of love allowing her to glitch the game.

So they both die…..but a glitch allows him to kill the creator…….ok.

Oh know there both not dead but in a state of limbo talking to the creator of the game.

Kirito: why did you kill 2000 people?

Creater: I don’t know?

Kirito: ok then

XD my mate went into full rant mode when Kirito so easily forgave the mass murderer.

I know when he is looking for Asuna in the hospital it’s supposed to be a touching moment however, I was thinking too logical in order to let the moment sink in.

How did they move them to the hospital?

In the first episode we see that his helmet is connected to a power cable; if the hospital was to even have a chance of moving him they must have had a little generator supplying the helmet with power.   When Kirito first boots the game up in episode one we only see him plug the helmet in the modem and when the game boots up you can clearly see that the battery in the corner says that he is hooked up to a charger.  In conclusion the internet cable is the charger….. Which make just as much senses as programing a game helmet to make people’s heads explode.

It’s interesting that he is able to move his arms and legs after 2-3 years of just thinking about moving around (I would of presumed that the body would cut off energy to the ligaments so that it can concentrate on stimulating the brain).


Episode 15

I find that Kirito’s sister (I mean cousin) is a little too cuddly around him.  *every shot she was in felt very uncomfortable.*

So we find Asuna and I think I just realized how rape gets involved in this story (don’t worry the show does not address it).  *it’s one of the reasons why I want to read the book.*

So we have the deadly helmet that we know can explode people’s heads with radiation and over 2,000 people have been killed by. You would think that all of these machines would be collected and destroyed; nope in fact they have produced a new game for the death helmet’s that allows you to be a fairy.

Why did Kirito’s mother let him keep the death helmet in his room, does she want him to be tempted to replay this game that left him in a vegetative state for 2-3 year.  *I said it once and I will say it again, the parents in this world are moronic.*

Sword art online 10-11 (anime log)


Episode 10

How did he lose?

Surly if we are fallowing game rules kirito should be the strongest player in the game with all experience point he has collect from striking the last blow on bosses.

How can somebody have higher hp then the bosses they are fighting? (These are very high level bosses)

Give me your crystals. *oh I wonder what’s going to happen?*

It’s that guy you had a fight with a couple of episodes ago. *I wonder what’s going to happen?*

There sitting around drinking from odd looking bottles; come on show can at least try and make me believe that something bad is not going to happen.                                                                                *The events in this episode were so fringing obvious *

Good thing Asuna can sense when Kirito is in trouble.


Db: “What are they going to do about his missing hand.”

Me: “Don’t worry, it will be back randomly.”

*hand is randomly back*

Db: “How dose that work?”

Me: “Anime logic”



Episode 11

who thought putting a strip button in this game was a good idea (makes me wonder what kind of shops exist in this game).

So now are two lovers are married and share an inventory.


*We both look at each other.*


Me: “How could you take the last health potion?.”

Db: “How could you use my favorite sword?”

Me: “I was in a tight jam.”

Db: “Don’t you think i was panicking when my weaponry did not show up in are inventory.”

Me: “If you just remembered to stock up on teleporting crystals i would not have to use your sword.”


we love each other…… but not enough to share a bed.

*watch the scene when Kirito bonuses backwards on the bed (there are ether three beds or he just bounced on thin air). *


*They find a girl with no player icon*

“she is so young”. . . . how dose ageing in this game work?

mal says, she is about 10 when they meet her, so she must of entered the game 7-8 year of age (parents are very irresponsible in this world)

“we should go to the beginning in order to find a relative” yes because the odds of you finding a relative/anyone on level one is so high….. why did they go there again?

“Don’t hurt the children.”

why are parents so irresponsible in this world. *These kids must of entered the game at 5-7 year old T_T*


I hope they manage to wrap this up soon, don’t want them starting up a new game before all the loose ends are tied.

Sword art online 8-9 (anime log)

Episode 8-9


“I’m a lone player”

Er…no you’re not; did you forget that you technically joined Asuna as a team very early in the show.


“You’re a beta player, let’s fight”

You just said he was a beta tester, don’t the rumors about them state that they are very strong.


“We are not fighting bosses today”  “oh look, the boss door”

After all of them bosses they had to fight in the past you would think they know not to go after bosses by yourself.


*no one knows where the doors are located so I can understand how a dungeon dive could lead you too it*

I was wondering what he was going to do with that sword.

So everyone is interested in how to use two swords yet, no one is interested in making food taste more natural?????  It just feels like that information is just as important.

Sword art online 5-7 (anime log)

O-o I most of accidentally missed an episode (my ep 3 is apparently ep 4.)

Watched 5, 6 and 7.


Episode 5-6

I have learned that if a character in the background has bright hair it’s most likely that they are somehow connected to the problem. *the skittle haired people are just as rare as girls in this game.*

In order for Asuna’s dress to hang like that she has to have a very wide ass crack. *fan-service shot*   

O-o  it’s kind of like the chairs in the cafe; they must be sitting on the very edges of the chair in order for their backs to be so straight and still not touch the back of the chair.

You’re standing with your back to an open window….. I wonder what’s going to happen?????


 I wish this episode was about the capabilities of the npc. (Don’t you think that would get player to consider everyone’s life)

Why does this game even need npc if the players can make their own shops? 


Episode 7

I guess she must join him seeing as she is in the opening…….. Nothing….ok anime i will just add her to my little book of girls who like Kazuto.                                                                                            *His name is made up of kanji and katakana, most first name are in hiragana.*

 His last name is 和人 LOL XD, his last name is Japanese person.  

I feel sorry for the dragon that had to poop that out.

She is falling, teleport….teleport……just teleport “isn’t the view great” yes, oh TELEPORT!

*i do wonder why he brought her to begin with.*

Sword art online 1-3 (anime log)

Finally I have been able to watch this popular anime, will I enjoy it……… sort of.


Ep1: I love the setting of this world, it just pulls you in and makes you shout “adventure” as you kick up dirt on your long adventure up the many floors.

I found myself asking a lot of questions when they brought up the trapped in the game aspect.

1.I don’t think microwaves can instantly kill you                                                                                 2. Run Kazuto, that guy is clearly a creeper                                                                                 3.How can a helmet tell how tall they are


Ep2: I can see that this show really loves to time skip. I would not have a problem with this if it was not so early in the game. (I would have loved to know how people adjusted to the idea of being trapped)                                                  *“Screw my family, I have a game to play”*

My question for this episode:

1.Why does that guy have blue hair?                                                                                                            2.How are the players surviving? (They don’t really eat or go to the bathroom)                                        3. How dose hp work in this world? (Azuna clearly has a larger health bar then Kazuto)


Ep3: Make up your minds with the heath bars, will they get longer, do they spiral or do they stay short like Pokémon hp.  *I like consistency*

Keiko is 13 year old…… rubbish

She looks 10, she acts 10 and in my mind she is 10.

She must have the most unreasonable parents in the world; they would have had to buy her the game.  *”just let your young child play an online game that you can’t supervise”*

In episode 1 they said that “they don’t use magic in this game” it’s all about your skills with weaponry/general skills.

*I do wonder what this show defines as magic*

I’m going to guess that anyone with bright hair is going to die in this show.

(They are basically red shirts)