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madoka: something is wrong with this soul gem.

T_T This site can be really annoying sometimes (some post can have odd glitches).


What is wrong with this soul gem?

. . . ?

It’s Sayaka’s soul gem with Madoka’s soul inside.

Been thinking about madoka rebellion

When I come up with my theories for the madoka world I can’t just come up with them on the fly like many other people. It could be days, weeks or even months until my head will just suddenly go “It finally adds up!”.

For a show I’m not that interested in I sure love figuring out what happened…..even if it’s hard to show other people were i’m looking from.

* I have a hard time explaining the first half of the explanation to people without finding the image of madoka been tied together with string.*

The show is about a bunch of girls who sell there souls to a figurative devil in exchange for a selfish wish.  All the girls get given there soul in a small container and when it becomes too black hatches into there true punishment (There adult selves).  when the witch is born it’s soul is no longer a gem but a seed that will be refilled by another new girl. (there soul is eternally imprisoned  in there own personal hell and magical girls are adding to the torment by filling then with there dirt).

*T_T madoka is dark.*

Remember magical girls are nothing more the puppets being driven by the soul gem.

What would you say if I told you nothing in madoka actually happened?

You would probably go: WTF O_o

Everything that happens in this timeline only exists in Houmra’s little bubble and in no way effects anyone outside of it…..except god madoka who is one half of Madoka she still in motion…..even thogh there is no longer a need for her or magical girls anymore due to the power they generate (it’s very complicated!) 

XD I always joke with my friend that this anime should be call Homura because the main story is very much about her. ^-o This will also explain why I didn’t like he original ending.

“I want to become strong enough to protect her!”

“Your wish has surpassed entropy”

What the heck does that mean???  A load of madoka fan choose to ignore this however, to me this is the most important piece to the puzzle.

The events that take place just like the other magical girls are just the stepping stones to her own personal hell where madoka will always just be out of her grasps…but here is the problem. kyubey just like the other people trapped in Homura’s web don’t know they are eternally relieving the same loop (a side effect of the wish).  she doesn’t really go back in time per-say, she creates starts and ends in a particular timeline in different realities that all connect to the same place.

when god madoka makes her with she makes it using the affect of Homura’s wish unknowingly linking the two gems as sisters.  god Madoka gem can’t exist without Homura’s gem which is trying to punish her (god Madoka has no dirt because Homura is carrying it all).   *The idea of madoka killing her own witch just seemed silly to me (there had to be more to it).*

The main word that need to be highlighted when talking about the 3rd movie is “rebellion”. what is Homura rebelling against?

She is rebelling against kyubey and the hell she has been put thogh in order to get a wish that she felt was never granted. Unlike other magical girls she gets what she wants by taking part of madoka away to trap her within Homura’s personal hell.

God madoka still exist along with Homura’s puppets body.

world one is Madoka’s power

world two is Homura’s power

world three is the seal that stops everything from moving within Homura’s timeline.

Homura is a magical witch: she has not been consumed by the darkness but, she is not free from the darkness (she can only exist within her soul gen prison).

T_T If you really want to make things truly confusing in the Epilogue Homura meets the spirit of Madoka as a fox telling her it’s ok to give in to your witch half now. O_o This restarts the events of movie 3 and explains why she was yelling “I need to die here” while the girls were trying to save her. 

If you save Homura the loop will only start again.



finally watched madoka rebellion

It’s going to take some time to dissect this movie and explain what I think happened.

*spoilers* ^-o Think I can answer a few common questions:

Why is everyone alive and going to school?

answer: It’s a dream on the inside and Madoka’s new world on the outside.

Why did Homura split madoka?

answer: So she could finally have her wish granted and save madoka from being abused by the incubators.

Whats’s with that odd looking black soul gem?

 answer: The two souls of Homura and Madoka are atonally fused together living within a nightmare until the end of time.


Explaining madoka rebellion extra

^-o Here is a better visual aid.


Blue: Homura’s original wish and all the different realities that link together to give god madoka power.

pink: Madoka’s wish that is powered by Homura’s wish (her wish can’t exist outside the circle).

Black: Homura eats herself (ouroboros). How can you universe take her when the wish is contradicted by a wish within the wish? how was universe meant to get the power of a wish within a wish?

Explaining madoka rebellion

I have seen enough information and important scenes in order to come to this conclusion.

I have made loads of theories on this anime since this blog began in 2013, in fact the first post on this blog was an explanation for what a soul gem was.


I never understood how madoka could make a wish within a wish for the wish can’t exist without the within that wish?  *That’s a lot of wish.* The truth is that Madoka’s wish doesn’t actually exist because in order for god madoka to have power she has to be connect to different realities making her exist outside of the universe however, Homura already exist outside of the universe meaning that madoka only exists outside the universe in one reality (are you guys following this).

In sort: Madoka’s wish is an illusion that exists in a plan outside of the universe.  

Like you can see from this image above Homura’s wish created a bubble that gathers all of the different madoka’s power into one place (How can you have one reality with 5-6 realities powering one soul gem).

In order to save Madoka and complete Homura’s wish the two soul gem combine into one creating an ouroboros.

^-o How is it an ouroboros? Because Homura killed Madoka in order to make herself make the wish in the first place, she is and always has been walpurgisnacht.

Madoka get’s her wish to stop people turning into witches and Homura get possession of Madoka’s soul.

*The two of them have created endless power for the universe.*

kyubey punishment: you have to stay in this endless time loop in order to make the contract in the first place. 

XD YAAAAAAAAAAAH! I can finally watch them.


XD I was starting to think it was never going to be region 2.

^-o Do you what makes this even better?


XD Two blue ray anime films for £28.75!

^_^ Happy 1st anniversary (lets do a madoka post)

I have (for the most part) managed to post something on this blog everyday for a full year.

*woop woop!*

^_^which anime will be  posted  today? *blade and soul* T_T not celebrating my one year anniversary with that.

I shall pay homage to my first post on this blog.

^_^ moments in madoka that you don’t think about.

number 1: Everyone in madoka’s class uses laptops apart from one girl in the background using a  book. 

number 2: There school is made of glass and the class rooms are also made of glass. *O_O think about the inhuman amount of heat generated in these rooms.*

number 3: why is there only one bench on the roof? 

number 4: where do they get change for pe in a school with transparent rooms?

number 5:  apocalypse bridge! (it’s a bizarre change they did in the dvd version).

number 6: On the DVD version Sayaka is clearly grabbing onto the fence on the roof however,  on the TV version there is no fence only a railings (where did that fence come from?).

number 7: we never get an explanation about Homura’s house.

number 8: If kyubey can grant somebody the power to surpass entropy why is the universe in danger of running-out of power? 

number 9: Homura’s soul gem is designed to get stronger and stronger each time she uses it, which begs this question: why did it go black that one time?  

number 10: The scene where madoka talks to her mum on the stairs is very touching, yet very stupid at the same time. you came to this building to be protected from the storm…..Why are you standing beside a giant glass wall!  

I love the first 9 episodes of Madoka however, I laughed at the last 3 episodes.

U_U This anime broke me, the fan’s of this anime hurt me (your just a hater) and most of all they disgusted me. real comment reply: “animation doesn’t matter.”

do you want to know why I got this on DVD? because i wanted to see these breath taking visuals on a big screen, I wanted to have the sound of monsters sound me, I wanted the full experience and what did I get in reply “animation doesn’t matter.”.

*that and i was worried that watching it online mite course me an epileptic seizure.*


if anyone is wondering what i said to the guy in order to get that reaction:

“There are many moments in this anime where you are just looking at a still image”


“It’s hard to make the distinction between the normal world and magical world because shaft is trying too hard to be artsy fartsy (mostly a DVD problem)”


“There are many moments that don’t make sense if we  are suppose to be in the human world (the glass wall and multiple cars driving up the road in a strait line).”

I deleted all my social networking accounts and left the internet alone for 5-6 months.

I gain back my confidence and decided that in order to get my confidence back and keep myself occupied (had just finished college) i would start an anime blog.

^_^ Instinctively i knew that in order to gain back my confidence i had to post something about madoka in order to give myself piece of mind.

I don’t hate madoka, but it’s far from perfect. 


p.s. These are meant to be amusing observations.

How Madoka should have ended

 I personally did not like the TV shows ending (I fact I laughed at it).

Madoka could have killed her witch self and then sacrificed her god like power in order to fill up the ultimate grief seed (the energy would go back into the universe) but no! She doesn’t want people to lose their magical powers (selfish).

Madoka is the ultimate grief seed and the ultimate soul gem.

*she is a soul grief.*


In order to save the universe you would need to consume her with the ultimate grief, only then could you finally convert her power.    That’s were Homura comes in!

Homura is an anomaly.

kyubey : “The contract is concluded. Your wish has surpassed entropy.”

O_O she is an endless pool of power!


God Madoka can’t exist without Homura

Homura can’t exist without Madoka

But don’t forget! If it was not for Homura’s wish, god Madoka wouldn’t exist.

The only way Homura can finally die is by overpowering Madoka and completing the destiny of a magical girl.

Soul gem – consumed -grief seed – refill with dirt – convert


  • In a way she could save madoka from ever getting the power.
  •  she might die but in a way all magical girls have to die eventually.
  •  In a way she saved her friend by fixing her mistake.

5 of harts (you could say it’s a game)

XD 5 of harts!

^_^ I have wanted to use this joke for ages. 

when I went to my first anime con I bought a pack of madoka poker cards however, lets just say there not official (mecha captain madoka). Me and DB always reference Mami on the 5 of harts every-time a character with huge boobs shows up on screen. *It’s just open fan-service staring you down.*

5 hartsO_O I’m thankful to the person who designed this card (we use it all the time).

fan-service is invalid when 5 of harts is in play (you acknowledge the elephant in the room).

Me: what am I looking at?

DB: 5 of harts.

Me: point taken.

*I can hopefully play this card in the future*

I would love to see someone do a fan-service anime review with the 5 harts in play.

^_^ can you review it with out mentioning/showing the fan-service?


Kyubey and soul gems

  1. Soul gem
  2. Greif seed

Kyubey needs Soul gem so that he can collect energy

Only Greif seed can be converted into energy however, after a fight they are completely empty.

Soul gem’s refill the trapped soul with their own grief in order for the cycle to continue.


This makes the evil witch madoka completely pointless because Kyubey would never be able to harvest her power.

If Kyubey can give Homura the power to surpass entropy why is the universe in so much trouble. Why did Homura have a dirty soul gem when she is a  already a witch?   Again, if Kyubey can create endless power that easily why is the universe dyeing?

Homura is like madoka, because its endless there is no way of collecting it.

In order for Homura to have endless power she would need to be able to release it like a witch.

*if she went back in time as a normal magical girl her soul gem would be black.*

*This theory is backed up by the ending of the TV series*