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Been thinking about madoka rebellion

When I come up with my theories for the madoka world I can’t just come up with them on the fly like many other people. It could be days, weeks or even months until my head will just suddenly go “It finally adds up!”.

For a show I’m not that interested in I sure love figuring out what happened…..even if it’s hard to show other people were i’m looking from.

* I have a hard time explaining the first half of the explanation to people without finding the image of madoka been tied together with string.*

The show is about a bunch of girls who sell there souls to a figurative devil in exchange for a selfish wish.  All the girls get given there soul in a small container and when it becomes too black hatches into there true punishment (There adult selves).  when the witch is born it’s soul is no longer a gem but a seed that will be refilled by another new girl. (there soul is eternally imprisoned  in there own personal hell and magical girls are adding to the torment by filling then with there dirt).

*T_T madoka is dark.*

Remember magical girls are nothing more the puppets being driven by the soul gem.

What would you say if I told you nothing in madoka actually happened?

You would probably go: WTF O_o

Everything that happens in this timeline only exists in Houmra’s little bubble and in no way effects anyone outside of it…..except god madoka who is one half of Madoka she still in motion…..even thogh there is no longer a need for her or magical girls anymore due to the power they generate (it’s very complicated!) 

XD I always joke with my friend that this anime should be call Homura because the main story is very much about her. ^-o This will also explain why I didn’t like he original ending.

“I want to become strong enough to protect her!”

“Your wish has surpassed entropy”

What the heck does that mean???  A load of madoka fan choose to ignore this however, to me this is the most important piece to the puzzle.

The events that take place just like the other magical girls are just the stepping stones to her own personal hell where madoka will always just be out of her grasps…but here is the problem. kyubey just like the other people trapped in Homura’s web don’t know they are eternally relieving the same loop (a side effect of the wish).  she doesn’t really go back in time per-say, she creates starts and ends in a particular timeline in different realities that all connect to the same place.

when god madoka makes her with she makes it using the affect of Homura’s wish unknowingly linking the two gems as sisters.  god Madoka gem can’t exist without Homura’s gem which is trying to punish her (god Madoka has no dirt because Homura is carrying it all).   *The idea of madoka killing her own witch just seemed silly to me (there had to be more to it).*

The main word that need to be highlighted when talking about the 3rd movie is “rebellion”. what is Homura rebelling against?

She is rebelling against kyubey and the hell she has been put thogh in order to get a wish that she felt was never granted. Unlike other magical girls she gets what she wants by taking part of madoka away to trap her within Homura’s personal hell.

God madoka still exist along with Homura’s puppets body.

world one is Madoka’s power

world two is Homura’s power

world three is the seal that stops everything from moving within Homura’s timeline.

Homura is a magical witch: she has not been consumed by the darkness but, she is not free from the darkness (she can only exist within her soul gen prison).

T_T If you really want to make things truly confusing in the Epilogue Homura meets the spirit of Madoka as a fox telling her it’s ok to give in to your witch half now. O_o This restarts the events of movie 3 and explains why she was yelling “I need to die here” while the girls were trying to save her. 

If you save Homura the loop will only start again.




glitter force/pretty cure

Called it!  I remember someone online describing this show to be when the name and description was announced. Me: “That sounds like smile pretty cure.”


 *There are 13 seasons of pretty cure!*

The funny thing about the pretty cure series is that you can see the show slowly progress to a younger audience as each season passes.  At first you can tell the show started with trying the aim for the age group 7-11 and slowly fell to 3-7 year old’s in its latter seasons (perfectly illustrated by the artwork).

*Personal I believe this anime jumped the toddler shark during there Doki Doki season.*


Futari wa Pretty Cure

Futari wa Pretty Cure cover 1

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart.


Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star

Splash star 013

Yes! Pretty Cure 5

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 cover

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

Awesome 9

Fresh Pretty Cure!


Heartcatch Pretty Cure!


Suite Pretty Cure♪


Smile Pretty Cure!

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!


Go! Princess Pretty Cure

Goprincess4 2full

Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!

Fantasista doll ending (reaction)

fdI’m not sure what happened, did the show just want to create an ending just so it could end.  I’m sorry but outside of the opening I don’t really remember this final character; maybe she has turned up in the past however, she had such little impact on the show that I just blocked it away into the deepest recesses of my brain.

The show just plays out as your stereotypical magical girl fare, not much has been innovated outside of more friend makes the magic of friendship extra fun.

I feel sorry for this show because if it wasn’t for practical naked (for a doll) shots this anime would make the perfect kids show, instead they target this anime at honey young adults who just want to fantasies. *it’s such a waste*

O-O I guess you don’t really need a deep story if your audience is just going to adapt it into there own twisted fantasies

The ending felt a little forced however, compared to other ending It managed to keep the mood of the show consistent.  *no sad ending just because everyone ells is doing it. *


p.s. i know who the girl in the final match is, my complaint is more directed at the characters reveal.

Protagonist: I can’t believe it’s you.

Me: who the heck is she?

Review: Fate/kaleid liner prisma ilya


This is why wands don’t have faces.  


This is about a girl who gets a magical talking wand and has to destroy monsters….. It sounds boring when I describe it.

This show has amazing animation and likable character, so why do I find myself feeling dissatisfied. This anime has plenty of action scenes that show off the many abilities that the wands are capable of, including moves that can only be accessed by the imagination of wielder.

This show loves to indulge all the senses in pure happiness, even if the actual episode has nothing happening you will still be amerced in the magical whimsy of the world they have created.

The characters are compelling however; I wonder who/what Miyu is because she doesn’t seem that human. *it very unnerving when I think about it.*


Are two main characters are:

Lllyasviel:  A quiet ditz who has blond hair… or was it white??? Let’s just say she has pale hair.  (Every time I try it remember this character I just see white hair.)

Miyu: I have two theories on Miyu, first being that he is a robot sent from the future to protect Lllyasviel or option two being that she is a very disturbed little girl.


I think one of the problems with this anime is that they pulled so many twists *oh no, he is not dead* that you really lose a lot of shock value.  Plus you could also pin the problem to the very thin story/plot, they never really expand on it outside of “oh I’m competing ageist my friend to collect cards” these card are capable of destroying cities and you just see it as a petty contest.

I also wonder where  the wands/ older girls come from, for even without the wands they can perform magic with crystals……how!

I understand that 10ep is not enough time to tell a deep/character fleshed story however, if this show spent more time getting to the point and less time meandering about we would have had everything explained by the time we got to the end.


In conclusion, it feels like I’m out of the loop for this show acts as if you already know everything about this world/how it works; I  think that this show is a continuation/prequel because of the lack of explanation.  Even if this show might be a continuation/prequel you will still find yourself stuck the screen wanting more.

Final thoughts: *I wonder how many sentient wands exist in that world *


I give this show: 6

It’s a good show….. It just does not inspire me to write a deep review about it.

*Like I said, it feels like I’m missing a lot of pieces to this particular puzzle*

Review: Day break illusion

This anime is about a group of girls who transform with magical Tarot cards.


First things first, I’m going to have to address the elephant in the room.

This anime is not a copy of Madoka, do you know why?                                                                      If you were to take away the main plot out of Madoka and just looked at how the girls are created, you would see that it  basically looks like this: Girl sells soul to devil – Girl lives by eating other souls- Girls soul is eventually harvested                           *wrapped in a nice magical girl skin*

Subversive: Trying to damage or weaken the power of an established system or institution.             (brought to us by the Oxford dictionary)

This is how magical girls are crated in Day break illusion: Born with magical tarot spirit- Randomly starts to see monsters – Has to decide if they are willing to risk their lives to kill them.                                                   (part from the dark tones, there is no resemblance between the two anime’s)


This show was painful to watch because I don’t think they understood the basic formula for a magical girl show.  This genre is particularly aimed at young teens because it shows how responsibility forces you to grow-up and come to your own conclusions. *just because someone is older doesn’t mean they are telling the truth*

The show does eventually tackle the  growing up aspect of this genre however, it was left unaddressed for so long that it just felt like a quick plot dump in order to make the ending seem more fulfilling.


The show did address one particular pet peeve of mine; at times some character can act so nice and self-righteous that it actually does more damage to the people around them. (It’s ok to be a nice person however, there comes a point where it becomes overbearing.)

The show does ask a very good moral question “would you be willing to kill someone in order to save other’s”  they make it harder by getting friends and family involved; I just wish that this show had a more mature story because there is so much potential here.

So many magical girl shows avoid this question by having the monsters be created by mutation or having their bad guy just be evil spirits.  *It’s ok if they die, their just pure evil. *


My biggest problem with this anime is that each episode dose not flows into the next and for a show being aimed at older teen it really does not respect their intelligence.  In most kids show you keep the plot simple because must kids don’t concentrate enough to follow a quick paste story, that and most kids are really tired after a long day of school.

Your audience is used to long days and have to pay attention in order to get though the day, so show some respect and stretch out the character development so that it’s longer then just 1 episode.

Another complaint that I have is that  the character designs are way too cutesy for a show like this. If you honestly wanted us to take the themes of your show seriously then use designs that don’t remind me of cute moe comedies, or maybe you made it that way just so that the viewer would feel sorry for the characters because they look like children                                                                               . *Even the adults running the building look like children*

The main designs stand out even more when you compare them to how the background characters look. (Their bodies don’t look correct and their eyes are extra big.)


In conclusion,  this show was really hard to watch because nether sat back and allowed it characters to just exist in this world, they had be doing something that would make the story feel sadder or dark.

Final thoughts: *I hope somebody else has a go at using this concept.*


i give this show: 2

i will defend this show if someone called it a madoka clone however, i can’t defend it as a good show.

*i recommend watching it and coming up with your own conclusions. *

Day break illusion ending (reaction)

ImageI guess this show honestly does not care about the intelligence of its audience.

Excusing the creepy undertones of incest, this show expects you to just go with the flow and just except any load of  bull it presents you.

“I’m back guys”  How????? Why??? Explain show, EXPLAIN!

“The sun is too bright”   明(bright )  a combination of sun and moon… there is so much more that could of been explored here.

“You are half Daemonia”  . . .  this makes the story darker, for the wrong reasons.

All in all, i’m happy to have finished this show.

*For once I have something to talk about in next week’s review *

Day break illusion v Madoka

First of all I’m not a fan of ether show however, I can appreciate the mechanic of each show.

Main plot

Day break illusion: Could you be a magical girl and live with the knowledge that you murder people.

Madoka:  Homura wants to save Madoka from her own fate.  (You only need to watch ep10-12 to understand the plot)

Madoka as a character isn’t very endearing, so I’m giving this point to Day break illusion because it’s the only reason anyone can stomach this show.

Day break illusion: 1/1

Madoka:  0/1

Sub plot

Day break illusion: hello show, can I ask how old is your audience?  *looks on mal* oh 17+ you say, can I ask one more question: WHY ARE YOU SPOON FEEDING US?

Your audience has the patience to watch characters develop; we don’t need just 1 episode dedicated to explaining who they are.

 Madoka: Sayaka steals the show, if wasn’t for her interactions with Mami and Kyoko I would not be able to stomach this anime.

It’s a clear point for madoka.

Day break illusion: 1/1

Madoka:  1/1

Character Designs

Day break illusion:  milky holmes + space cake = Day break illusion                                                     *truly a repulsive combination *

Madoka: ahhhh baby face.

Originally I was really repulsed by madoka’s designs; why would I want to watch young girls who are designed very moe get murdered, tortured and emotional damaged. I still find it unnerving to see characters this young go through this much pain.

On the flipside I don’t like Day break illusion for similar reasons however, with Madoka the characters comprehend/ reflect on their saturation like teens. *for the most part*                                                    If Day break illusion wants to be taken seriously then it needs characters that can respond to depressing saturation’s in a realistic manner. (A group of cute moe friends will not work in this saturation.)

I will have to give Madoka the point. *they might look young but they don’t straight up look like young children.*


No point comparing these two. (Madoka is known for its sound track)
Day break illusion: I can sort of remember the opening theme.

Day break illusion: 1/4

Madoka:  3/4

final thoughts:

I have just shown you all of this information explaining why I think madoka is structurally better however, that is not an excuse to believe that you are smarter than Day break illusion fan.

The madoka fan are starting to turn into the sailor moon fan, they believe that their anime is the only good magical girl show and if you like anything ells you are an inferior fan.

You have the right to watch any magical girl show of your choosing; no one has the right to dictate what anime you should/shouldn’t be watching.

Day Break Illusion (Impression )


This is a show about young girls who can transform thanks to their Tarot cards.
*love it when I can explain a show in one line*

This anime is trying so hard for you to take its story so seriously but it falls flat on its face; do you why this happened?

Because the anime thinks it can evenly split its time between cute innocent moe girls and the dramatic deaths of peoples love one who have been turned into daemonia.

Sorry but I don’t believe that the brain of a 12 year old could deal with the emotional stress past/present of having to kill a love one in a singular episode.

*They should all have post traumatic stress disorder by this point*

Some people might want to argue this accusation with:“Akari is sad about the murder in episode 1”
In first couple of episodes she was sad however, a couple of episodes latter she a back to her happy self playing with her friends.
(Only brings it up when the plot calls for it.)

Don’t get me started on the preachiness of each episode telling us how killing is bad, it’s not their fault that there psychopathic killers and we should save people who are clearly in pain.

Finally this anime had to have a filler bonding episode with the girls just so that it could raise tension for its bomb shell; if you spent more time of your characters interactions and less on individual stories then we would not have this problem.

*this anime just feels so fake*