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post 24 anime challenge

Moment that shocked you the most in any anime.

XD Been thinking about this for ages even though the answer was starring me in the face.

“magical warfare” the last episode

Magical Warfare

This anime completely shocked me by skipping a huge chunk of story just so it could end….and even then it didn’t really end.

The reason this is so infuriatingly and shocking is because the episode before this was basically filler, this wasted time could have been used to connect the two episodes together. Fan’s might say “But there was a point to episode 11, she was trying to escape the bad guys.” In any other anime I would agree but, Magical warfare has in many episodes managed to cram a lot of story and development into a tight package all though out the season making episode 11 seem very barren.


My top best/worst anime 2014

Hello guys! Sorry there was no post yesterday (life complications).

^_o seeing as we are about to enter the new year I thought this would be the perfect time to tell the people who don’t look at my score page what my top/worst anime of 2014 where.


  • As long as an anime ends in 2014 it can make the list.
  • No season 2 or beyond
  • I must be able to legally stream it in my region (^-o I’m uk friendly).

Additional: My final official list will most likely will be finished much latter into 2015 (I’m determined to finish noragami).   

1. Nagi no asukara 


This anime is about a bunch of sea children that come onto land because there school has been shut down. While on land they are preparing a sea doll that will be used in a ceremony that appeases the sea god and lets the humans and sea people live a harmonies life…. That would be the case if the two people liked each other.

This show was beautiful! You did get the annoying character in this show and you did over dramatic moments that really wouldn’t make sense in the context of the moment (just because a couple is having a moment of drama in one scene doesn’t automatically mean it will transition into the next).

Imagine you were making toast and someone randomly walks in talking like a dramatic Shakespearean actor (you would not keep a straight face).

*XD it’s my favorite staple of drama anime.*

This is the only anime that I have watched that made me want to see more (didn’t want it to end).

2. Log horizon 


A bunch of gamers get stuck in a fully immersive online game and have to come up with a democracy in order to create laws that will help bring order thought-out the land.

Was I the only person going in this that expected something more of the lines of Maoyu than SAO?  Maoyu was a wordy and oddly more obsessed with politics then the actual story of the show.

Compared to the onslaught of death game anime that have been coming out this was a breath of fresh air (you can’t die).  If you’re not a fan of wordy anime don’t watch this.

3.Hozuki no reitetsu 


This a comedy about Japanese hell….what ells do you need to know???

I really don’t like talking about comedy anime! Your entire enjoyment of this show rest of the fact if your enjoy dead pan humour.

^_^ For the most part the jokes are spot on and that’s all I ever wish for with a comedy anime.

I’m sorry this is sort but…..comedy ether makes you laugh or cringe.

4.Wake up,girls!  


You have a group of idol girls from a small company trying to make it big…..oh, any company that is big and makes money is evil.

I don’t like this anime! BUT….….I can’t say that this was poorly produce or paced. This anime was of a good quality, you could tell how much work and love went into writing the story , developing each character to have a realistic (for the most part) personalities and giving each girl a moment to shine.

I will always remember that last episode speech: “The victims of 911 would have felt a lot less sad if they had idol girls.”  XD  It comes out of nowhere and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

5.Golden time

6.The world is still beautiful

7.No game no life


9.Witch craft works

10.If her flag brakes

11.Magimoji rurumo

12.Black bullet

13.Nobunaga that fool

14.The fruit of grisaia


16.Chaika-the coffin princess

17.Wizard Barristers

18.The pilot’s love song


20.Is this order a rabbit?

21.Brynhildr in the darkness

22.Aldnoah zero



25.Momo kyun sword

26. soni-ani: super sonico the animation

27. Blade and soul

28. Bladedance of elementalers

29. magical warfare


O_O THIS SHOW!  anyone who tries to tell me the animation in this show is good is begging for a punch in the nose! animation is more then frame rate and pretty imagery.

Look at this image and say the animators cared about the quality of this production?



You might be asking: what is this show about? I honestly couldn’t tell you.

There is a magical school and some kids have to be sent there because……the plot says so.

Are there bad guys? Answer: Kind of?

Are there good guys? Answer: Kind of?

You learn to dislike everyone in this show so there is no real reason to pick a side.

The plot and the story are all over the place with every little sense or coherency trying it bind it all together.

This is a paragraph from my anime log. The show had been using telaporting throughout its entire run and suddenly they randomly bring up this crystal (that no one had been using) to send you to specific places.

“It will teleport you to predetermined destination”……opposed to other forms of teleporting that just dump you in a random field???  *I could summon a gate sir, but we do run the risk of being attacked by cows.*

Thank you magical warfare  for putting that image in my head.

If you’re going to watch magical warfare I recommend you “watch it”.  There are just as many visual problem as there are verbal.

*I need to get my friend to watch this fully before I can properly review it (there is a good reason why i don’t do big reviews).*

30. z/x Ignition


Each time I look at this image it makes me think he is inside the stomach of a hentai monster.

what’s the plot to z/x Ignition? I DON’T KNOW!

Some people have smart phones that trap monsters the end….oh, there is also a harem randomly thorough in there.

Nothing is explained! You spend the entire show just looking at the screen begging for answers that never come.

31. La corda d’oro -blue sky- 


What is this show about: A music school….that’s it!

There is a music contest that some people entire and the students seem to like it. *tumble weed*

T_T Do you want to know why this anime truly fails.  It’s not the still frames and lazy arm movements to the music, it’s not even the extremely bland female lead that could be erased from that story with no repercussion.

This anime that was aimed and created to arouse ladies fantasies heavily lacks sexy men. You have the friend who spends his time complaining, that rose guy and the child hood enemy whose parents died in a car accident (there are some hot males there just for eye candy, but they never do anything with are female lead).

There is no reason to ever watch this anime.

T-o these charterers are so bland (some charterers don’t even have bio’s).




Magical Warfare Episode 12 impression


Here is the final log for magical warfare.

Soooo! His brother can see the future? Or maybe it wasn’t a prediction at all and his brother was just messing with his head.

XD can anyone have nightmares when the killer has the smile of horse with gas.

How did we get to this point anyway, I thought we were in the bad guy’s castle?

*looks up note on last episode* need more information *watches end of episode 11*

OK let me get this straight:  He was walking though the bad guys lair looking for Isoshima at the end of episode 11 and in episode 12 he is running to his house to see if his mum is alive…….there is no transition between them scenes.

His mouth opens for a big yell and nothing comes out.


U-U this is not a good sign (we have not got past the opening).


I don’t care if he is evil I love this guy! How many bad guys can you name that intimidate the opposition by licking their weapons sexually?

what???? If she wanted you killed why did she isolate Takeshi out of the family? Sorry anime but….you’re talking bull. When we started this anime it was implied that accident happened months ago however, in this episode you’re implying that the accident with the car days ago.  Oh! And for your information anime you would break more than a foot if you were hit by a car.

*Do I have to show you the hit me a 30 or the guys ribcage piecing his organs car safety adverts (uk safety advert, giving your children nightmare for generation).*

I like how the shadow in the flash back makes it look more like a big truck then a car.

The better question throughout all of this mess is: why did she try and kill you in the first place?! Can there mother see into the future?

o-o what? WHAT? WHAT?!  You didn’t just play the dream card. Y_Y

O_O are we in a dream with in a dream……what the hell????

“Did you hurt mother?” Well he did have blood on his face until the animator forgot about.

WHY? Explain anime, EXPLAIN?


Good thing nobody is wondering around these streets or there would be a lot of magical people being born at the moment. Didn’t they say in the first episode that they couldn’t use magic in the human world?

But we used to sleep together brother. ^_^

it’s just fighting for the sake of fighting by this point.

Why is kurumi there?  That must mean the big powerful guy they summoned is there too (we can finally see him do something).

Would a stab though the stomach make you bleed though the nose?

Who was forming that magical floating floor?

In the news today thousands of people died in an unexplained motor like impact (the civilian death count is through the roof).

Err….how old is the Takeshi’s mother?  I understand that Kazuma is 17 but, he has also been presumably sleeping for a long time (he must be able to time travel if she is his mother).

Er……….. Guess Kazuma has to be a time travel if any of this is to make sense.

Oh! Now I get it, this is kazuma’s perfect world.


Poor kazuma only got two piece of information explained about his past:

  1. The magical school (good side) threatened to kill his parents if he didn’t use his powerful magic for their own selfish needs.
  2. He was betrayed by his closest friend.

I’m just going to presume he can make dimensions that bend time are reality.

You can tell that this anime is crying out for sequel that will never be made (dose make me want to read the books).

I Guess my next task is to write a review of this series (will have to get DB to help me with that).

Magical Warfare Episode 11 impression

CaptureWill this be the first episode that can avoid say/doing something stupid before the opening?

I would like to draw your attention the car park in the first image of this episode (you’re not getting your car out of there).

Something seems very off with his kendo strikes.

We did it! An opening that doesn’t start with a character say/doing something daft.


Beyond the opening


 Hold up! how did she get out that door?

Kurumi: “What is this place?” You’re in a building! *she always asks the must stupid of questions.*

 You ask “What is this place?” when you are in a different dimension, you ask “where am I?” when you are in an unfamiliar location.

Er…..how did he fall on her?  She was sitting on a chair by the window and he was standing behind the door. How can they possibly end up on top of each other in the middle of the room??????

Ena and Kurumi look almost the same (it mess’s with your head).


Who leave an entire chicken leg on their plate (did he get his food just so he could bin it?).

If the rooms are constantly changing how can anyone find their way around? Why would anyone want to use this building as the base of operations?

“We’ve had the areas we can actually enter imprinted in our heads” which is different to a map because….logic. 

Er….how doses her magic work? There are no rules when it comes to Kurumi’s magic.

Take the random bad guys hand.

This anime is saying screw you too character consistency.

Takeshi “Why didn’t you tell me mother? “Because you hated her and she hated you (consistency!).


Who keeps a Photo of their friend in a bathing suit on them?

That teleporting devise has change shape 3 times now.

Character consistency, what’s that?  You can’t make them nice towards one good guy and then hostile toward another (I thought they were all friends).

 Everyone is a jerk in the episode.

Good thing on one can hear them making all that sound.

Er..How did his blade end up in the roof?  How did his blade end up in the roof so far away?

I wonder if Gekkou is still roaming the randomly changing paths of this building (it must have been a  fluke the first time he found Kurumi).


T_T what a boring filler episode.

Kurumi could have easily escaped if she just waited for Takao to finish his confiscation with Keppei.

Magical Warfare Episode 10 impression

CaptureT-o can’t get any worse than lest episode.

How does playing card summoning work? O-o must be a lot of trial and error learning to use them (one might be over powered another might be completely pointless).

Why does she never get kick back on that gun?

The bad guy has 2 magical weapons???

It must be annoying to have a move that blows your skirt up.

10 episodes in and we are being introduced to a new character.

^_^ How convenient (Old girlfriend).

“Would you mind?” Response: “yes” Do they want to help or not? They clearly do mind.

Oh no, she found an apostrophe!


Past the opening


There is no reason why her shirk doesn’t reach the same length as other nurse uniforms (fits her perfectly on top). Also, how much time has passed since he passed out!

“Three days” thank you! Wait a second, he passed out from exhaustion not a coma.

O-O Was he spying on him? How ells would he have known his friend had just woke up.

That little girl isn’t really struggling that much.

Is this magical hospital in the real world or is this just another dimension?

Is Mui sexually attracted to her brother?

I think this couple is about to set out to sea (honestly what are they wearing?).

You don’t know where they are but you know they have more than one hind out….how? If you don’t know where one is how can you say there is more than one?  If you now where some are explore them ones.

You have to love the lack of security in hospitals.


If having men here violates your rules why did Kazumi get brought here? O-o if he got better at the school how did he manage to find them at that hospital? How did he get to that hospital? Why was it that important for him to be there? Was he just added to the story so that he could explain what happened to his sister?

How can you not find a castle? It stands out like a sore thumb in there world!

I love this bad guy! He is just deliciously evil. *I wish this anime revolved around Keppei.*

O_O Run for your life business men are emerging from the glass walls of a business building.

I thought you were dead?

I thought magicians can’t use magic in the human world?

He got back fast!

So his mother knows he is a magician?


I can really feel the hate Takeshi’s mother has towards him as she just agreed to help train him. Why isn’t Takeshi shocked by the fact his mother is alive?

Why did his mother lose her powers?

What is kurumi doing there? I thought she was kidnapped by Takeshi’s brother?

Ohhhh now you’re going to bring life force into this show (that really annoys me).

Why him? There is no chosen one story so why are they specifically training him?

Did that teleporting devise change shape? *goes back and looks* It did! At first it looked like an apostrophe and now it looks like a b-p-d.

Why do they need a teleporting devise when they can summon portals?


“It will teleport you to predetermined destination”……opposed to other forms of teleporting that just dump you in a random field???  *I could summon a gate sir, but we do run the risk of being attacked by cows.*

Why are you presuming it leads to their hideout? maybe the person had the trots and need a quick way of getting to the toilet (you never know).

“It’s not your fault I’m magic” Did you forget the fact she tried to shoot you head in with a gun?

Where the heck is Kurumi? Is she missing or is she with Takeshi?


p.s I just realized that there are 2 characters called Kurumi (that or someone has made a pigs ear of the mal page for this show).

Magical Warfare Episode 9 impression


We are so close to finishing Magical Warfare.

He was asleep for 17 years and hasn’t aged in the slightest.

If they know what they must do why do they need you?

*17 year to be told: “you know what to do.”*

When did the first war end? *I thought they were still in a war?*

Past opening

Everyone get down” *earthquake* ^_^ no one goes down onto the floor (he doesn’t even listen to his own advice).

All these magicians and only one thinks to protect their class mate with magic.

I would think that breaking the glass into smaller shards would be just as dangerous as gutting hit by a window.

Observation: The class has just ended and there is not a teacher in sight.

I had to watch this over and over because it really did confound me.   


You can clearly see she is standing on the left


what angle an I looking from?


It’s a good thing she was saved but…..How did she end up under the middle of the desk on the on the far right?


XD I can’t make sense of these angles. 

Somebody had to tell you to look at the giant dragon in the window…what’s wrong with you?

“What is this.” It’s a dragon with a blue flame, now stop asking questions and run for your life.

“What’s happening” Y_Y giant red dragon! Use your brains!

There are a lot is visually odd moments in this episode.



he removes his clothes to reveal….

Capture He is wearing a cloak???……there is no way he was wearing that under his clothes.  How did all the evil students know today was the day of rebellion anyway? *Guess they must always ware there magical cloaks encase of such an event.*

^_^ I like how some hallways look destroyed yet others only have broken windows.

o-o The boy we knew was evil is evil, who could of seen that happening?

T-o one hallway with 3 bad guys blocking you on both sides.

  1.  You should always spread out your minions when you’re trying to overrun any establishment (having 6 take on 1 is just a waste).
  2. She must have known she was being followed because there are no corners on that corridor.
  3.  When Mui put up a shield to protect from left attack the other team should have attacked her undefended opening.
  4. The bad guys have poor reaction time.


Glad she is perfectly ok with murdering her students.

Don’t tell us, show us what they can do!

He has a magical stapler! *I did not see that coming.*

T_T how can a full grown wizard not know what a magical filed does.

Stop talking! you spend more time talking then fighting.

They were completely pointless.


^_^ Think I’m starting to woot for the bad guys to win. *T_o I don’t care about laws of magic anymore.*

Why did the bad guy let the wizards live? What was the point of invading a school of weak trainee wizards if you’re not going to dispose of them?

Thank goodness the dragon didn’t attack the infirmary.

why dose the infirmary only have 2 beds?

bought time someone beat Takeshi to a pulp.

^_^ I like Gekkou (he might be insane but he make a lot more sense then his brother).

XD what the heck am I looking at! Has he actual become a demon? *”How can we make Takeshi the good guy?”  “we could turn his brother into a demon”*

How dose Kurumi’s magic work? *T_T I should stop asking*


WHY? WHY?WHY?  sorry anime but I will never like Takeshi  no matter how evil you try and depict his brother.  Y-Y The only reason you made Gekkou turn into a demon and kill his mother is to make out her was in the wrong, which is bull.

Takeshi did take advantage of kurumi’s emotionaly crippled state.

He even tried to ditch her for Mui in one episode; he said and i quote: “can we stop pretending”. he is the biggest jerk I have seen in anime (I hate him more then Makoto from school days).


Just 3 more episode to go. 

Magical Warfare Episode 8 impression


 I will defeat you magical warfare.

We have never seen children in this anime until this point.

*you would think we would see one in the corridor once in a while.*

So there building is an elementary, junior and a high school….o-o where are they keeping all these children?

Where do these magical families live? I thought there was supposed to be a huge destructive war going on in there world?  Do they even come from there world?  Why is there a war going on in that dimension holds no value?

Little sister?????? What?


 Past the opening

Oh, its Kazumi’s sister…..waits a second! O_O if she has magical powers (which she must in order to get into this school) that means at some point he must have attacked her with magic.

Kazumi: “I raised her myself” T_T I have many questions:

Was she fending for life while you were at school for almost a year?

Why did he never bring her up in normal conversation?

Why bring your 6 year old sister into a world where you have almost died on multiple occasions?

Oh, so that’s how she got her magic….wait a second!  When did this conversation take place?  I thought they were not allowed to leave the school unless it was a holiday.

Almost accidentally Murdering someone always leaves the victim feeling a little embarrassed.

Kurumi: “Why are you here?”  USE YOUR BRAIN!

The better question would be: How did you get here?

You never expected that he would have a bath???


That bath water is very high. *Three times as many Japanese people die in bathtubs as in car crashes (thanks QI).*

O_O his brother has no refection (he’s a vampire).

You were hit by a car yet, your wound is more similar to the deep slash of a blade.

T_T don’t apologise, you were right about your brother playing with Kurumi’s emotion during a great time of stress.

How do year groups work in this school?


Dose Tsuganashi want to romance his sister? Why ells would he give her chocolates and then say if his was better than Takeshi’s.

T-o I really dislike Takeshi.

“Make you brother more like you” ^_^ I love how much respect he has for his brother as an independent human being.

I sure hope he does not use that bad dream in order to be a jerk to his brother.

Did Takeshi leave is window open or do these windows open from the outside?

Why are the curtains moving on the other window?  (The other window is clearly shut).

I thought they shared rooms? O-o it’s not a very good place to have a long conversation (must be cold with that window open).


I’m just going to presume that the parents of the children enrolling where never threatened with death if they didn’t join a club.

I don’t think the argument of “we kill less people” really helps when you’re trying to argue why your path is the correct way.

^_^ it’s a destructive rave party *woop woop*.

Why did his mother dump her weapon in the schools basement?

Really, no one can hear him yelling.

Don’t play the was it a dream rubbish. why try and fake us out if you’re just going to say it happened.


I have seen many shows that have powerful characters awakening from prisons however, I have never seen a powerful character sleeping in a bed at the bad guys house (that set up sound like it should belong in a magical comedy).

This episode was not a nearly as last one.

Magical Warfare Episode 7 impression


It’s about time I did episode 7.

For once can it get past the opening sequence before doing something stupid?

Chain chop with an eye missing (not a sin, but still amusing).

Wait a second?

The black arms grab her and pull her away.  NOW! Why doesn’t the girl have any restraints on her between these two shots? This is not a nit-pick because we clearly see that she is not struggling to kiss him. O_o Did the monster just loosen its grip so that she could have that kiss?

Monsters there – monster gone – monster back

*How did they mess up 4 seconds of animation*

Past the opening

“It’s not the kind of thing you learn overnight” which means are main character is going to learn it overnight.

Ok, we have a lot to go over her.

“Magic isn’t the sort of thing you can learn overnight” didn’t are main character get there magic because someone was using magic around them? It also didn’t take that long for them to learn how to control it ether (Magic seems very easily obtained in this world).

“Only focus and train hard.”  XD Cruchyroll this anime is bad enough without you messing up the subs.

“That’s the shortest path to mastering it.”  How ells could you learn it?  To Focus and train hard is the easy way, the mild way and the hard way…..in fact you could say it’s the only way.


“Sorry, my brother is a really hard tough teacher.” What? All you did was watch him use magic. Plus, why is this guy who has been brainwashed for a long time and could be faking his new loyalty teaching the weakest class?

Why does he want to help are main characters?  T_T he doesn’t even know these people (guess he is just a generous guy).


“It’s valentine’s day” how convenient, I sure hope this leaves an important impact on the episode.

“What was that?” girl runs to pudding and falls through the clouds, I can interpret that with no problems.  *clears throat * Mui’s blind desires will be her downfall (she wanted the pudding so much that she did not see the storm clouds).

“I had some business at headquarters”  why is no one monitoring you.

“Do you dream often?” Do you?  Could you be a little more specific with your questions?

“Sometime, nightmares are caused by magic.”  How do you know that? I have no problem with the show saying this but, how do you differentiate a magically activated nightmare from a normal nightmare.  Who was the first person to say: “That was a magically activated nightmare” was he laughed at or did they all just believe him/her.

“Have a goodnight” ignore the bright blue light coming from the window (the moon seems extra glowy tonight).  I’m sure he will have a good night seeing as you just recommended that he should see someone about his bad nightmares.

Wait a second, she fell down the stairs and only sprained her ankle? Lucky bugger!


Oh, so magical dreams are premonitions…err writers, you do know that a premonition and a nightmare are not the same thing.

“How long have you been having nightmares” they are not nightmares, in fact you saw the woman standing there stealing the smoke stuff from him.

“This is being caused by Twilight” curse you evil alicorn princess (friendship is murder).

Premonitions and a nightmares are not the same thing!

“The difference between a nightmare and a prediction is that nightmares always comes true.” Why do you use the same word for magical nightmares as you do for normal nightmares?  They could call it what it is “destined future sight”.

“Twilight is using your magical power to manifest in human form” is Twilight giving him the future nightmares because if she is stealing his power how can he have enough magic in order to use this sleep magic.

“All of your magic power will be consumed and you will die.” Why?  If she was stealing his life force I could understand (the guy was not born with magic).

Why has twilight only just started to course problems now … did she want some chocolate?


You did not give him a choice you gave him an order.

“Defeat twilight in your dreams and she will obey you” but she is clearly manifesting outside of his dreams? Unless you’re saying his dreams are just a different form of reality.

“You will be expending an enormous amount of magic power while your body remains asleep” his dreams must teleport him into a different physical reality because otherwise I would be asking, why can’t he just imagine he’s using magic?

Wait a second, they’re going to enter his dream? It really is a portal to a different dimension.

“The relationship between a magician and his aspect is similar to that between a parent and child” That why we are sending you to beat some sense into your child.


The guy went to sleep on command last time and now you need to use magic (what a waste of power).

“Come on, keep it together!”   That line was unprovoked (he’s calm as a cucumber).

^_^ anime! you  can’t use his imagination and still say he’s using his magic in his dreams.

They say that Mui’s bra has a string in the middle yet, in any other shot it’s clearly one piece of fabric stretching over her boobs.  In fact somehow when she is running with her arms flailing the bra miraculously stays in place (the bra string was untied).

XD That girl on the swing looks so 2 dimensional (she is as flat as paper).

Can’t you feel the love between mother and child “I will make you obey me!” (They care so much about each other).

Damn it! Mui! Was that meant to be said in the name of love and concern?

Are magic and life force the same thing in this show?

^_^ anime: where social services don’t exist.


Your mother must have cared a little more then what your describing Takeshi.

“She would not call me by my name, she never gave me anything, she doesn’t acknowledge me.”How come you didn’t die as a baby then?

That’s how a mother shows love to her child, tell them she values there existence…..O_O that’s even worse (don’t view your children as commodities).

Wait a second….he’s back in the real world….why?

So much for my mother never acknowledges me. Y_Y sure she does not talk much too you but that no reasons to make out that she does no feed or dress you (he did say she gave him nothing).

“Do you still have nightmare.” That depends on which ones you are referring to.

“I just say “Eterna, let me sleep soundly tonight, okay?”  But Eterna has no reason to steal your magic anymore? You’re only chanting is because it acts likes a security blanket.


I married my sword (sounds like an anime in the making).

“I will protect you no matter what”


^_^ because only idiots care about people.


Magical Warfare Episode 6 impression

ImageIt has been a long time since I watched this show can I honestly review it as detailed as my other log entries.

*30 seconds later*

O_O sure can!

I have some question about that bullet: 1. where and did that bullet come from? 2. How was that bullet crated? 3. Why wasn’t this type of disabling magic used in the last couple of episodes?

Oh no the anime is turning into super paper Mario, hide all your pure harts.

I’m distracted by the sad looking guy with pigtails in the background (did he loose a bet). *1 minute in*


T-o why did they teleport a car? If you can teleport why own a car?

You would think there would be magical laws prohibiting magic that would alter your hostages memorise.

Why are the villains in the sky for this prisoner exchange? seems like a waste of magic if you ask me.

XD The animators forgot to close Momoka’s mouth (she looks so gormless).  *About 5 minutes in*

I think we have winner for the most unenthusiastic power summon in anime.


All that flash just to fail…T_o let’s review what happened

  • They summoned a giant key from a rainbow portal
  • it needed two guys to spinning it around in order to turn it
  • at giant door opened consuming the entire ground
  • it failed to capture that girl’s brother

Why did the enemy wait till the last second to run away from this overly complex move?

If they can fly why use the magical platforms?

We wish to temporally delay your anime for this still frame of traffic.

Why is there a magic war? This guy can melt his enemies!


How did she cut her arm? I re-watched that battle frame by frame and I still can’t find a single moment where that could have happened (must have coursed it herself).   T-o I guess she must have magical healing powers because that open flesh wound on her arm has miraculously healed.

Wait! It’s back (inconsistent animators).

Is that the door from earlier? Why can she open it without using the giant key?

where did them other flesh wounds come from?  XD they’re gone again (it’s a close up shot this time).

How did he escape from a portal door?????

“You can create doors to real places”

In contrast to doors that lead you to nowhere??? *This line perplexes me.*


Oh, so it’s his magic creating the wounds. T-o so his move has very little to do with looking at his victims (it’s basically the perish song).

Wow! The guy just got squished by a car and the anime didn’t even acknowledge it (that’s dark).

You’re not a comedy anime!

Anime: where a couple of bandage will cure your melted organs.

Blocking his magic has opened up his memories???

How long were they standing at that door?

T-o I only have 2 things to say about that ending.

  1. How did you not die?
  2. You exploded their lungs (Dark!)

Magical Warfare Episode 5 impression


What are the limits of illusion magic?

He says they will be telaported to the tent if they get hurt however, he never said what classified as being hurt.

*If i get cut by the branch of a tree will I be sent back?*


You see giant guns…..and you don’t run.  T_T we have only just hit the opening.

O_O what happen to all of the guns? I really wanted to see what would happen (they left me hanging).  *Do not give us build up if there is not going to be a payoff.*

Is she big but faraway or really small and hovering over his shoulder (the perspective of this on this scene is confusing).

How can you enter someone ells illusion (I guess they must be really imaginative).


I guess he suffers with delayed bleeding disorder.

What is stopping one of them climbing up onto the hedge and leading the others to the goal? *they look pretty sturdy to me.*

That was a failed attempt at comedy……that and the moment really did not fit the show.

“I will have to deal with this on my own.” *looks around* but everyone is still here fighting (did he go momentarily blind).  *I guess he just wanted to feel important.*

What happened to the other students taking this test (the bottom floor should be full if they all fell).  *guess they all cut themselves on impact.*


Technically only one of them got to their specific goal (the others were destroyed).

O_O the snow is landing on the camera (the anime knows we are watching).

“A year ago you promised that we would go to the shrine” How can you go to the shrine if you are in a different  demention? Fare play if you found one. *just seems like an odd thing to bring up when you’re trapped in a school.*

Wait a second, there going home….I thought they could not go home.

“I know that I have been missing for months but, I’m home now….well for the day”

*It just raises so many questions.*


The flute indicates he’s embarrassed (you’re not a comedy, leave all of the funny sound affects in the shed).

i know that she is supposed to be erotically spread upon the floor (indicated by Takashi’s reaction) but all i’m thinking about is how can she lift her head if her arm/back are laying on top of her hair?

Why is Takeshi putting Mui in bed? He was the one drained by all of the training not her.


Er….O_O I’m lost, how did we get to the moment again?  It just feels so random and forced (you’re not funny show, stop trying to be funny).

T-O is she sick, when did that happen? XD i don’t know whats going on.

O_O pet me bother, take my bra off brother, rest you head in my breast brother (i guess she really “loves” her brother).


Kurumi walks into the room to find Takashi in bed with Mui….what? i thought she went home for new years ( you would think they would be allowed to heave the entire day to be with there families).

Did not expect that? makes you wonder what her power is capable of.

Well….I guess the spell wore off (what was the point of the scene?)


because pointless time skips are fun.


Its takes me 2 hours to get though one episode of Magical Warfare.