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Age ratings concerning manga and anime

*DB realise on lea to post on this blog (bad squirrel)*

With it being Easter, I thought it was time the Dango Bunny made a return. How often I post will depend on finding the time to write about things, but I would like to make it a fairly regular event. Another problem has been finding things to write about although for this post I have found a subject that been causing me confusion for some time now.

My chosen topic for this post, are the age ratings concerning manga and anime as well as the content that seems to escape review when deciding a certificate. Don’t worry this won’t be a rant about what we can see and what we can’t, it is more about things being consistent and that material is checked properly.

To start with I am going to pick on a series that is actually a favourite of mine, but does make me question what those who have to decide these ratings were thinking. The books get an older teen rating and in the U.K., it get’s 12 certificate for season 1 and a 15 certificate for season 2. In a lot of ways the certification is correct as the second season is more fan service heavy than season 1. My problem lies in what the fan service is telling the audience. Spoiler Alert! In one particularly fan service heavy episode, we are treated to many lingering bathing scenes allowing us to have long looks at the female protagonists in the nude. Normally this isn’t too bad, if the ages of the girls are left open to question, in other words you think that the girl or girls in question are of a legal age, but with this episode the story pointedly tells you one of the girls is 15 and another is 14, making them underage. So they have got the audience to ogle underage girls. Now I admit that it isn’t done in a sexual as such but that fact that you end up watching underage nudity is a bit unsettling.

Now I admit that this isn’t the first or only manga or anime to do this. Dance in the Vampire Bund has a great exciting and violent story which gives it a mature/18 certificate but it’s most disconcerting aspect is its lead character. Most vampire stories make the point that vampires are immortal and are trapped at the age at which they become a vampire, in this case our protagonist is ancient but has the body of a little girl. This wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the numerous times that she appears naked or in sexy underwear.

Then you get something like Negiho. Negiho is a spin-off from the Negima series. The difference is that the teacher is an adult and the girls are pre-schoolers. This proves very disconcerting as the girls try to impress their teacher in a bid to win his love. Visually there is nothing to worry the censors but it is just the concept that is worrying. It doesn’t do anything wrong except just constantly gives you an unsettled feeling.

My problem is what is to be done about it all. You see it’s not just anime and manga that has these kinds of issues. Modern TV is having these problems too. With the rise of historical and fantasy TV shows there seems to a greater tolerance of rape. The problem to me seems to be it happened in history so it’s permissible. The books that these shows are based on don’t help as scenes are already in the pages, it’s just where these books appealed to a niche audience, and thanks to shows like Game of Thrones these books are receiving a new popularity with a wider audience.

It may seem like I am on a bit of a downer here but to me that’s not the case, I still enjoy shows like these (except Negiho, which always makes me cringe) and always will but I just had these thoughts that I wanted to get off my chest. I suppose the question I am asking myself is are we getting too tolerant and is that ok? Other people may see these things a completely different way and I have no problem with that as after all it is our differences that make us fun.

Donated Manga (finally)

At DB’s we have both of our manga collections combined as one on a huge shelf and when we pick up a bad manga it goes under the table into the forget me pile.

A lot of them were ether cheap pick-ups or volume 1’s that didn’t grab are attention.

O_O I hope someone ells can find joy out of them (makes money for charity and re-homes my books win win).

got the new fruits basket manga


I’m quite surprised how different the tone is reflected in these two translations.

One of the problems with tokyopop was that they would focus on quantity over quality (this would translate into many of their books having the accuracy of a fan translation).

Years later we now understand that reflecting the tone in the translation is just as important as just stating what you think it’s trying to say.

*Tokyopop is barely still alive (http://www.tokyopop.com/)*

How dishonest was this company? They would shrink the the size of manhwa and pretend it was a manga (manhwa: Korean comics).

Y_Y collecting the blue exorcist manga is aggravating!

I have been buying the blue exorcist manga right from the 1st volume….Y_Y THAT WAS IN 2011!

2011: 5 books

2012: 3 books

2013: 2 books

2014: 2 books

2015: 1 book

2016: 3 books

I just wish this Manga would end!

*By book 12 you can tel the writer is losing interest in the book and is only doing it now for money.*


worst anime adaptation

Y-Y I laugh at  fan that complains at an anime adaption being slightly off from it’s manga!

I was excited for this anime! I wanted to see how it would be handled! How do you think I and many others felt when we were presented with this!

c5bf57c09aa20dacefea976c61375c171350060834_full.jpgThe manga this is based on is horrific in not only its story  but in the meticulous line work of  Usamaru Furuya. Y_Y I read this book purely because I loved the guys drawing style! 


When you look at this cover do you think of a chibi comedy, NO! no one in the right mind would think that (Do not look up this books art if you’re the squeamish type).

T_T Even if one can get past the transition from horror to comedy you will still have to put up with the dreadfully lazy character designs.



Y_Y It only goes on for 8 episodes and ends on a note no one will get unless you read the manga. O_O It doesn’t even make sense on the context of the comedy show (they just through that in at the end to confuse anyone  just randomly watching).

I dare anyone to find me anime adaptation worse then this!

Seraph of the End (Working with 3 volumes)

^_o supporting a friend.

Riowner Tias

Will be discreet as best as possible

If there’s one thing I’m certain of, I am not a fan of vampires, nor am I a fan of vampire stories. However: there is always exceptions somewhere.

Seraph of the End has took my attention on that exception. (Surprisingly 2nd one).   First volume’s blurb I roughly thought it would be a Vampire Hunter story but fighting in a world with few humans left. Though: why not? I’ll have a peek.

Heck was I a little off on my expectation how the beginning would start up. See the poster and think to myself: Hey its Yuichiro, Mikaela his brother/friend and is that some vampire? Ignore that as these two later characters were NOT Mika or a vampire. 😦 BUT…Enough about the insert on why I thought that. What a way start to find the main characters in the Vampire City going about their “livestock” lives.

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Mym magazine rant

First off: I love Mym (mostly because I don’t like Neo).

T_o I have a big problem with this months issues and just can’t ignore it.

no 39

Don’t get tricked by the cover this is a game,anime and manga reviewing magazine with the odd movie through in.

My problem with this magazine this month is that all the ratings seem fixed or manipulated for sale purposes.

Y_Y all the scores were 7 or 8.

*”Maybe they were all very good shows and games”*

The person who did the super sonico review said 3 of the episodes were really bad and they could’t even describe what the show was about in the review YET! The final score was a 7….7!  HOW! 

oh, you have love game reviews that don’t talk about the game (game of thrones review had barely anything to do with the game).

when you see a page of nothing but 7/8 on shows you know are not good something is definitely up.  O_O I don’t feel like I can even classify these as reviews in this magazine because they don’t  even ask the simple questions that a buyers would want to know about a show before making a purchase.

 I know bloggers who do better reviews then this.

If you say your doing a review give me one! don’t give me a synopses and a small personal impression at the end.

 You should be able to describe a show,book,game or manga in 3 sentences (wise words from my English literature teacher) 

^-^ My first manga


^_^ It was given to me as a gift from my fellow high school librarians back in 2009 (the year I left).

*There is a sticky note inside saying good luck.*

manga love

^_o I don’t know why but two girls broke out in laughter in the manga shop while I was on the phone.

“I was wondering what you had on the shelf?”

“not got them numbers”

“Just wanted to know”

O_o me and DB share a manga shelf, what’s funny about that?

^_o It’s fun to watch your other half get excited over the new manga you bought.

paradox reviewers (why even bother).

This has been something that has been sitting in the back of my head for some time and I feel like it should be mentioned/talked about when thinking about starting any review.

  1. Why am I doing this? Simple question.
  2. Do you know the definition of review?

I don’t claim to review anime, what I do is log down my thoughts about the shows as I proceed (I don’t try and talk in depth about the ins and outs of a show).

*I don’t review properly because they can be long hard to write and can also force me to watch/read something 2-3 times (I’m still writing that Madoka manga review)*

definition: review 

  • A formal assessment of something with the intention of instituting change if necessary.
  • A critical appraisal of a book, play, film, etc. published in a newspaper or magazine.

definition: critical 

  • Expressing or involving an analysis of the merits and faults of a work of literature, music, or art.

You might be asking by this point: “What the heck is a paradox reviewer .”

well….. *How can I explain this?*  

paradox reviewer only believes in reviewing an anime from a heavy slant.

“Your not allowed to talk about an anime faults.”

“Only review things I like.”

“why do people review shows they don’t like.”

These reviewer tend to bend the review around the conclusion instead of displaying the information that lead them to that conclusion (in short: they are reviewing backwards).

The entire point to telling your findings to someone in a review is to help them come to there own conclusion not to yours.