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^_^ I found them (only the 3)


^_o This is there 3rd resign!  I will pull the other 2 off my shelf and compare them when I have free time.

*I want to sell my 1st vision of these 3 (that was the original plan)T-o.*


beanies came ^_^


^_^ I finally have the entire collection (came in today).


*The little one is the normal sized ty pony.*


 Fluttershy: very long hair and papery wings

Rarity: sparkly horn and good detail on the eyes

Applejack: XD she is so cute! Beautiful blonde curly hair combined with the cutest expression in the world.  *she is my favourite*

T_O This perplexes me

my little pony season 4 episode 6

16:20 min – 16: 32 into the episode

Is it alright to have a dementia joke in a cartoon aimed at children?????