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Moe rant

Oddly this is not going to be a rant on how moe is everywhere; in fact this rant is about anime fans who can’t think for then selves.

I call these fan sheep, mostly because they usually have a leader who tells then what to think.


This annoys me because whenever there leaders tell them that modern day anime they always say that all anime these days is moe.  They then proceed to get all of their data from 2006-2009????

I don’t know if you have knottiest however, IT’S 2013!

If you are going to complain about modern anime get up-to-date data.


It’s like the people who are comparing the moe boom to the death game genre.

*oh no 1-2 death game anime per season, it has to be an epidemic. *

I think too many people look at an anime and just shout moe as soon as they see girls with cute faces but, if you were to watch the show you would see that its not an anime based on a group of girls drinking tea.

The biggest problem people had with the moe boom wasn’t the designs or archetypes, it was the fact that moe centered shows have no plot/stories.


Sorry for my little rant.


Kinmoza! ending (reaction)


This show ended a little oddly???  If you are doing a high school anime comedy you would usually end it on the final/end of the year however, this show decides to end it at the beginning of the second year????  Just……WHY??????

We just went from a christmas episode to new school year; there was no need for so many months to be passed by. (Was it really that important to have them as second years before the end?) 

Even more confusing is that the final episode ends halfway and then backtracks……..WHY?

So we stated on a deceiving first episode and ended on a confusing last episode.                                  *unity has been brought back to the universe*

Dog days (Impression)


It’s hard to describe this show to anybody; its very moe with its characters designs.

The story /development feels so simple it might as well be a  kodomo however, there are these out of place fan-service moments that make you quickly change your mind.

This show seems to be very cutesy and with the added bonus of wars where no one can die (it really takes away sense of panic.)

You seem to be following Sink (yes his name is sink) on his journey to find a way home however, I don’t really care because there is no rush, no risks, nothing at stake!

*Oh no, he might miss a day of school*

Its protagonist like Sink that really deters me from reading teen manga.

*Pre teen shows have a habit of trying to please young teens while keeping it cutesy/simple for the children.*

These shows have 2 options: aim for the children/aim for the teens. (These types of show must choose which demographic they are aiming for by the second half.)

This show seems to have pushed away the children for the young teens however, the characters/story is so simple most older teens would not even give this a second glance.

(Who ever decided to put fan-service in this show was an idiot.)

*You could be making a bigger return on this show if you just took out the fan-service.*

Review: Yuru Yuri


This anime is about a group of ditsy Moe girls who plod around coursing mild inconveniences for people around them. Will the girl succeeds at entertaining us or will we be sitting at are computer screens slowly deteriorating are brains.

OK guys, that is as good an explanation as I can come up with for this show because in essence this show doesn’t have a story or a plot.

*k-on has more substance than this *

The only way that you can tell these characters apart is by looking at their hair because for the most part they don’t have any distinctive personalities; sure each characters is given a trait however, having the skill to pass test without studying does not count as a personality.

Case in point:

Akari: she blends into the background                                                                                               Yui: *there is nothing I can remember about this character*                                                        Kyouko: can pass test without studying                                                                                   Chinatsu: *same problem*

*It’s ironic that I remember Akari *

The only two characters that are worth watching are the Ikeda twins because there perverted mind can lead too some classic over the top moments. When ether of the girls take off their glasses they envision a perverted reality where all their friends are secretly lovers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 *They are the best moments in the show*

But even then, they have no personality outside of drooling and nose bleeds.

The girls have stolen the old tea clubs room to created their own club which is call the amusement club. (That’s a lot of clubs)  Now you would think most of the anime would be based in this room well you would be wrong, in fact the entire point of the amusement club feels pointless for they rarely use the room throughout the series.

In conclusion, if you want mindless Moe in its purest form the go for it however, there is nothing about this show that will make you want to watch more part from how dose this show function on practically nothing.

Final thoughts: *It was pointless, yet I don’t feel that I wasted my time.*


I give this show 4/10

Even for a Moe show this anime felt like it was lacking any sense of direction.