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^_^ ty beanies (last pony ty post)

I can finally talk about this annoying plush (camera has been acting up)

twilight ty 2014

This was the only beanies buddy that I had to find in the city!

T_T on the first day I found one for £15 (I paid £10 for the others). Luckily on the second day I found it sitting in a window for £12.

I would never recommend buying beanies online (you need to be able to look at them).

tag mlptagmlp neck

There are 3 things to look for on these beanies:

1. texture of the sewn tag.

only the original twilight, pinkypie and rainbow have a paper like tags (all ponies made in 2014 have silk tags).

2.These beanie buddies have a star on there tag.

3. The 2013 buddies seemed to have a fat necks (this was removed in the 2014 ponies).




huge pony beanie O_O

Apparently ty have now created the Xl version of the my little pony beanies

^_o *I got to see them in the cool ordering book.*

They are £100 each

The owner of the shop is debating if it was worth getting one for display.

owner “They don’t seem that big” *looking at the measurements.*

me “It’s huge when you compare it to the normal sized ones.”



images from ty website

*link in image*

its hard to grasp how big the xl  are.

beanie horror o-O Twilight key chain

My first sense of panic arose when i saw the amazon image for this thing.


o-o i don’t know which one is worse???

The one on the amazon image might look bulky but at least all of it limbs look level.    

The twilight I got seems to have over stuffed back legs and a strange hard patch underneath the cutie mark (feels like heavy amounts of hard glue).

non of twilight’s legs are actually level in fact, if you try and stand her strait it  look like she is taking a pee.


The tail and the back of the hair hangs perfectly however, for some odd reason her fringe sticks up like a crazy Mohawk.

The horn will not stand strait no matter how much a bend it to the left (its glued in place).

O_0 I will hang this deformed creature on my bag.

*I cringes as the tag is removed*

T_T Might get another just for collection purposes. 

p.s. This beanie has no beans.

i promise that the next post will be more anime related.

*chococat proclaims it.*


beanies came ^_^


^_^ I finally have the entire collection (came in today).


*The little one is the normal sized ty pony.*


 Fluttershy: very long hair and papery wings

Rarity: sparkly horn and good detail on the eyes

Applejack: XD she is so cute! Beautiful blonde curly hair combined with the cutest expression in the world.  *she is my favourite*

what i have been up to

ImageGuess what i have been collecting?

*The beanie baby shop is closer then the anime modal shop*

i had to embarrassingly ask the lady at the till when they were getting the new beanies in.

me: “Er hello, I would like to know if your getting the new pony plushies in.”

till: “Are you a collector “

me: “I only collect the big versions of this set”

till: “A lot more of them coming out this time”

me:“I can find fluttershy,applejack and rarity but, I can’t seem to find alicorn twilight sparkle online “

till: “That’s odd? oh, would you like me to call you when they’re in?”

me: Nar, I will just wait until they’re in the window.

*they’re not cheap*

T_O This perplexes me

my little pony season 4 episode 6

16:20 min – 16: 32 into the episode

Is it alright to have a dementia joke in a cartoon aimed at children?????