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why is there a lack of female nerds/geeks?

To tell you the truth I believe there are loads of female nerds/geeks out there……however, I also believe a lot of lasses ether deny it or hide the fact they like these kinds of things because its not socially acceptable.

Is it mans fault? NO!

Social pressure comes from both sides.

When I was in school my teachers constantly kept telling me that the most important thing in life was to be accepted by your peers.   The female group mentality would not allow anyone that didn’t fit there idea of perfection in there bitchy femininity to get away without a good beating.

T-o I have read similar stories happen to nerd/geek boys.

people always ask: what is a nerd? answer: It is someone who loves to study.

*Being a nerd doesn’t mean you will be rich or smart with computers it just means you know a lot a random things (DB “I’m not smart, I just know a lot of useless junk.”)*

what is a Geek? answer: A person who obsess of a particular topic.

*Even nerds can geek-out.*

 I personally believe that pop culture over romances the idea of being a nerd/geek to the point where people ignore the amount of social isolation a lot of these victims of bullying have had to grow up with. T-o If you could find a secure group of friends you were fine however, most of the time you would find yourself on the receiving end of the bitchy stick due to your odd interests or strange piece of information you come out with.

Parents will keep there girls away from things like comics and games due to the fact they fear there child will be seen as different making them in reflection standout uncomfortably out in a crowd.

things I hear form parents on buses and while I’m working.

parent 1″My daughter really likes spider man.”

parent 2 “You will need to shift her to frozen before her birthday.”

farther to son: “You can have any magazine”

*picks peppa pig*

“You can’t have that people will think there is something wrong with you.”

The magazine scenario happens a lot.

For this reason a lot of girls don’t get into games and comics until they are way older.

update 9/08/2015

I have K-on season 2 on dvd!

XD I managed to scare to scare an anime nerd male (they get so adorably shy around females). :3 The only reason I approached them is because the two of them said this allowed: “We are two chubby anime nerds.”

*It’s so cute when new anime fan’s underestimate how popular anime is.* 

T-o why do people call themselves nerds and geeks? Every time I have herad these terms in reality it has been in a derogatory sense.


geek: “sorry I was geeking out.”

talking too eagerly/lengthily about a particular topic.

Nerd: “why do you know that?” 

lovers of learning.

*Nerds can geek out.*

XD The funny thing is that when someone pretend to be a nerd/geek they end up being a dork.

difference between the 3 in my mind: 

Nerds tend to be the leaders of the geek tribe keeping the dorks on the outer circle in order to distract attention from there collectives current activities.

O_O The problem is that nerd are fickle when it comes to what they are interested forcing the geeks to become very insular pushing away anyone who doesn’t fix the tribes mentality (the dork are banished).

Dorks love to be part of a collective without having to put in the passion of a nerd/geek.

The dork can follow the nerd around trying to grab there attention (“notice me senpai”) however, the nerd will rarely acknowledge them due to there normal introvert nature.

The Nerd can befriend the Dork (usually just so they can have someone listen to what they discovered during there last study session).

*^_o A natural symbiotic relationship.*

TT_TT When the Dork becomes a geek he will have to leave the nerds side and look for his own kind (the Nerd will get bored and irritated by the lake of topic variation you offer).

^_^That’s my explanations for nerds,geeks and dorks.