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NEW GAME! midway impression


We all need a walking bear sleeping bag in are lives.

The show is about a group of character designers.

Think I have said this before: “There is no need for this to be set in a game company.”

This is starting to get under my skin a little, for a lot of these anime I’m watching are picking  interesting settings and then not using then to there fullest.

The game they are trying to make feels very superfluous to the show with how relaxed everyone is (it’s as if deadlines don’t exist).

The show is cuddly and watchable…..just wish it had more of an identity outside of : “cute girls do cute things.”


New game! first impression


MOE! that is all. 

The cute girls working jobs genre is an oddly specific one where the setting will usually be super over the top in order to get the “OMG that so precious” reaction.

This anime is set in a game company….which they use poorly.

This first episode could have been set anywhere with how little it had to do with designing a game on any level.  We spent a good portion introducing everyone, another messaging each other and the last part finally revealing what game they are working on.

What is the point in giving these characters particular skills if you’re not going to try and work it into the humour?

The show needs to let loose and have a load more fun with the concept.