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LANOTA: pegi 3 “what the fu*k”


I was playing my switch when I suddenly heard this in the song: 1:45

Did no one check the tracks???


Pokemon lets go is nothing more then a stepping stone.

I’m going to tell you why this game is nothing more then a cash grab.

  1. It’s using “sun & moon” engine. One of the biggest things you have to remember about  “sun & moon” was that the 3ds heavily limited its capabilities (my old 3ds could barely run this game).
  2. all 720 Pokemon have walking animations.

3. There is always a Pokemon remake that comes out before the release of a new generation.


T-o I don’t really want to play a Pokemon game that consists of a really big safari zone.

My biggest wall of entry into this game is that I have no emotional attachment to Kanto, my first game was in Sinnoh.

I don’t want to pay £60 for only 20% of all Pokemon.

Pokemon go is in Hoenn now, why only allow kanto???

Plus why would I ever ask a friend to though a ball at the screen when I can just use my other hand to control the second character.

I love Pokemon, but this is just a waste of money.

P.s. I recon that that pokeball is going to cost about £40- £60.

Nintendo switch rant: power off


O_O I don’t think many people know how to do it.


Do you know how to get to this screen? 


This is the only way to turn it off (otherwise it’s in sleep mode using up battery power). 

You know how you normally keep your finger on the power button to do an emergency shutdown, well with this machine you are meant to do that in order to turn it off. HOW ARE YOU MEANT TO GUESS THAT!

O_o Why isn’t this like the 3DS where as soon a you press the power button this menu comes up.

Why doesn’t the little power icon on the switch menu link me to this?

I would like Nintendo switch docks to look more like this:


No sides means no risk of scratching the screen.

O_O Think of the possibilities!

Super mario 64 ds:super wall kick


It took me ages to land and when I did it glitched.

*He stood there shaking as his foot got stuck on the edge of the cliff.*

When I did get up there I almost fell off the ice bridge (epic grab onto the edge).

*Here is someones game-play of the level.*

^-o played super mario 64 ds for the first time

After watching chuggaaconroy’s let’s play full for the 4th time I decided that I would download this game onto my wii U.

^-o I have 30 stars so far and haven’t even battled bowser yet.


Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain

XD Been ages since I played this!


In just 3 days I got my brain age down from 73 to 30.

O_O This game brings back memories of having to recalibrate my DS light screen ever other week.

Pokemon Platinum dialogue

^_o I  decided to play Pokemon Platinum again because of chuggaaconroy’s new lets play….XD and too my shock I discovered there is a lot of differences between the  dialogue of these two different region games.

Ntsc: “You left your briefcase at the lake!”

Pal:  “You left your briefcase behind at the lake.”


Ntsc: “pardon?!”

Pal: “Wha?!”


Ntsc “Those pokemon are hard to replace. Are you sure about giving them away?”

Pal: “Those pokemon are crucial. You’re giving them away?”


Ntsc: “Professor! Wait for me, please!”

Pal: “Professor! Wait for me!”


Ntsc: I’m sorry. . . Please let me pass.

Pal: Uh, sorry, folks.


Ntsc: “Oh! There you are! Please, come with me! The professor is waiting!”

Pal: “Hi! I’ve been waiting for you! Please, come with me. The prof’s waiting to see you.”


Ntsc: “This is it! Our pokemon Research Lab!”

Pal: “See? This is our pokemon Research Lab.”


Ntsc: “Lets’s go…..”

Pal: “We’ll just go ahead and….”


Ntsc: “Wow, what was that?”

Pal: “What was that?!”


Ntsc: “Your friend sure seems to be really impatient.”

Pal: “Your friend always seems to be in a rush.”


Ntsc: “well, anyway…..Let’s go inside.”

Pal: “Anyway….Let’s go in.”


Ntsc: “I’m so glad that you’re kind towards pokemon!”

Pal “Boy, am I glad you’re kind toward pokemon”.


Ntsc: “If you weren’t, I’d have to….Uh, I just can’t say it….”

Pal: “If you weren’t, well……I don’t even want to think about it.”


Ntsc: The Pokemon that I met for the first time was a (insert pokemon here)! If you would have chosen a (insert pokemon here) on route 201, we’d have the same pokemon now! Not that it matters, but…. Anyway, I’m (insert other genders name). I also help the professor add pages to the pokedex. So, in a sense, I’m just like you. I just got a little head start on you, that’s all. I’ll be happy to teach you things. Glad to meet you, (insert your own name!)

Pal: “The professor asked me to help, so I’m filling the pokedex pages, too. That makes us comrades working towards the same goal. I’ll teach you stuff later. OK?”

O_O I’m glad they shortened the last one!


Angry rant: Pokémon shuffle is a free Pokémon link/trozei, stop complaining!

1. Y-o I have seen this being said in loads of reviews of this game “It’s just a candy crush clone”.  Pokemon link was released on pal in 2006 (2005 in japan), candy crush was created in 2012.


pokemon link


2.  “I hate the fact I can’t binge game Pokémon shuffle”.  T-o Pokemon link/trozei battle is the exact same game with a different layout.


pokemon link 3ds


3. why is it called shuffle?  T_o It avoids the the link/trozei problem.

It’s a free Pokemon link/trozei why are people complaining.

“Because it has microtransactions and a timer” you have to expect them to make there money back some how (your not forced to buy jewels).

^-^ I had to get that of my chest. 

wish I could find the Link version of this advert.


link them up

4 in a row and you’re good to go.

*I’m glared they lowed it to 3 in row in the new game.*