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No Game No Life ending (reaction)

CaptureJust because you end on a cliff hanger doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a second season (it all comes down to DVD sales now).

Visually I enjoyed watching  each episode dance around in its candy coloured magical paradise.  This show has a unique presence thanks to the out of the norm design choices (each characters looks distinctive).

*Too many anime characters are designed from the same template.*

When it comes to the story…….it’s a mess.  There is a main story however, it’s buried under loads of sub plots and is only brought up in the first episode and the last (I almost forgot about Tet).


 T_o Here is the best way I can describe it:

Imagine a graph with one dot saying A: start and the other saying B: end.

When we tie a string to A and B we are creating a linear story.

If we were to add some extra dots to the graph the lines will become warped however, the string is still able to find its way to the end.

This anime has an A, but it chooses to ignore B for scatter graphs with no string.


I can’t call this a bad show.  You couldn’t help but laugh when a character pulled out a long absurd explanation out of nowhere, I was entertained by fights would play out and I was amused by the are character interact.

I can’t say it’s perfect, but I can say I was amused.

No Game No Life midway impression

ImageO_O episode 6 got extremely uncomfortably really fast.

Atomic theory! T_T I’m sure they could have easily simplified that line (been spending my time trying to understand how atoms work).

I give up! This anime has gone so far up its backside that I just don’t know what its talking about any more.

When you hear a name like No Game No Life you would expect sword battles, death or even plan old action  (if you go in with this mind set you’re in for a shock).  This show likes to get your attention with existing card games and chess! *sigh* The 1st episode made it out to be a much more active world (who want to watch a show about chess).

*no rules baby*

For the most part the plot has not moved…neither has the story…how long is this anime? *12 episode* I would expect this from a 24 episode anime but not a 12 O-o. I can really see the second half of this show becoming a huge mess.  

Another problem that I have with this anime is that the main character are too good at games! I never feel exited or frilled during a match because I automatically know who will win every round. It’s like playing Pokémon with level 100’s from the start (if there was no challenge you would lose interest).

Think I’m just going to watch this show for its action in the future (it looks so pretty).

No Game No Life (first impression)

Image“Chess is no different to tic-tac-toe”   Noughts and crosses always ends in a draw (how are they the same).   

This anime is about a two siblings that get sent to a game universe.

The game universe uses a lot of bright skittle colours that will keep you awake throughout the run time (my eyes O_O there burning).

As you can tell from the quote above this show dose like to pretend that it’s a lot smarter then what it is (that quote was the only line I had a problem with). *These character need to be up their own backsides.*

Rule 1, rule 2, rule 3……rule 5……zzzzzz…..rule 10. Get to the point! (We even got a quick history lesson about this world’s god).

*wish this information was a little more spread out.*


We got a chess game and a card game…..epic! I really do hope that the games get a lot more creative in later episode. T_o I better stop or I will start to wonder why he lives with his sister and how does he earn money to pay for his computer, electric and house (he looks well-nourished for someone who lives on dehydrated food).