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Parasyte -the maxim- ending (reaction)

Capture 6That ending was way too preachy. 

There were 3 subs that I personally thought should be highlighted when talking about this ending:

Capture 1 Capture Capture3

firstly, The reason are planet is over populated has nothing to do with the human population denouncing cannibalism! carnivores and cannibals are not the same thing and should’t be treated as so.

If you don’t show people or animals respect I doubt you are going to care about anyone’s feelings (If you don’t care about caring how can you care about anything).

Do we have the right to say what dies and what lives? no one has that right.

Are there people marching in the street saying that deadly virus should be aloud to kill hundreds of people because we don’t have the right too fight it off and attempt to wipe it out? no! and do you know why? because we as the human species tend to fight away creatures/organisms that could kill us.

I think the show was trying to compare a lion eating a zebra to a parasite eating a human (can you hate a creature that is doing what nature intended).

*The show wants you to think about moral ambiguity.*

This anime was……different.  The concept and the idea was great, too bad it was let down by poor pacing and real lack of atmosphere (I’m staring at a box, a cardboard box!). *T-o I have an odd taste of music.*

^_o loved the designs of all the characters (that truly was the blood of this anime).


My rating: 6/10


This is a very good  anime for the average category.

stay away: 1/2/3

average: 4 / 5 / 6

must watch: 7/8/9/10

*nothing gets 9/10 on this system .* 


Parasyte -the maxim- 75% impression

CaptureI’m starting to really dislike Satomi (very self-centered ).  *let me elaborate*

I understand she doesn’t know about shinchi’s dead mother, I understand she thinks he has been acting strange and I even understand why she longing to see him after his long absence HOWEVER! If you found your romantic other standing in front of a woman who had been shot to death while they were holding the woman’s baby slightly doused in blood and the police pointed a barrage of gun in their direction coursing them to cry *breather -O-* I doubt the first thing on your mind would be: “He’s back to normal” O_O WHAT THE HECK!

This anime is distinctive when compared to other shows this season and manages to keep itself together after the dreaded 12 episode mark (probably because the manga has enough stories to support the 24 episode structure).

*This is my 4th time writing about this anime so excuse me if I don’t have much to say by this point.*

^-o Only 6 episodes to go!

Parasyte -the maxim- midway impression

CaptureThis perfectly depicts me watching this anime.

Is it me or have the murders become a lot less horrifying? I don’t know if it’s something to do with music, lighting or even the animation but something is making the monsters killing sprees seem a lot less graphic (I can’t shake off the feeling something is missing).

“Am I a monster?”  You are what you feel dude.

I don’t really feel that attached to any of the characters at the moment, which could be because the anime is trying to make me view the world though are main leads unfeeling eyes (I might be giving this show too much credit).

I hope it can manage to hold itself together in the second half.

Parasyte -the maxim- 25% impression

Capture“He not picking up his phone” T-o and none of his friends or “girlfriend” thought they should visit him and see how he was???

I’m not quite sure what to say about this anime?

Do I find it entertaining? Answer: yes

Why? Answer: Because I like Migi……..and that’s it.

Part from Shinchi’s parents everyone ells feels really bland with very little personality to separate them form the backgrounds (I can’t even be bothered to learn their names).

*“I can feel how much you care for your family” I don’t think emotions literally come from the heart.*

I’m only watching it for the different monster scenarios by this point (I don’t know if this show will be able to keep my interest for another 18 episodes).

Parasyte -the maxim- first impression

CaptureYou don’t see many 17 year old protagonists.

This anime has people’s gust hanging upon washing lines yet, terraformars can’t show squished heads….why?  For an anime filled with gore and disturbing imagery it actually has an interesting story with a down to earth main character.

We don’t know much about what’s going on at the moment outside of parasitic worms that take over the body of their host by eating the brain. Our main character managed to stop the creature form climbing any higher than his arm forcing the creature to develop where it was. He now has a smart alien hand who wants his host to stay alive so that he can live on; to help him survive he fights off other parasites that would find his host a tasty meal.

You can really believe that this 17 year old lives a normal life in a real world that would honesty be freaked out if dead bodies started turning up everywhere.

additional: episode 3: A guys head has just turned into many arms and you wondering where he got the knifes? 

*O_O I can’t believe my eyes! Is that a smart phone and a tablet (screw flip phones and newspapers).*

I’m going to need to watch more episodes before I can give you my proper impression of this strange anime.