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Plastic Memories midway impression


Talk about a bored meeting.

*This anime is about androids with expiry dates.*

I want to ask an ethical question: Is it right to create androids with human awareness that can only live about 9 years? Other humans can’t tell they are androids by sight, nor can they tell by their speech patterns or movements.

O_O We are in uncanny valley territory!

Once they reach expiry time they go nuts and try to kill people (Why did they keep making them once they found that out?).

*I like to look at the life of these androids as an analogy for how bad modern battery life has become.*

The anime would have been a lot better if it concentrated more on the androids deteriorating over time and not instantly once the clock is done. I can’t get my head past how evil the programmer had to be to make them that way (how would you feel knowing what day you were going to die from the moment you were born).

I can’t get into the romance because I too busy being distracted by how messed up this is.


Plastic Memories first impression

CaptureI can’t follow what is happening?

I don’t know what is happening, I don’t know why they had to be taken away and don’t like how the show is trying to manipulate my emotions without good reason (showing a little girl about to die is not good enough ….unless your clannad).

*There is only one android film that plays with my emotion “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” (I don’t know one person who is not disturbed by that film).*

Throughout this entire episode I was asking “why?” and I never did get the answer I wanted to hear. What was that you ask: why were these androids programmed with sentient thought? Why cruelly program them to think like humans and understand life and death if you are just going to though them away when they reach there expropriation date?

If something is sentient it has the same right to live as any living creature does.

 *^_^ That and this episode reminded me of Silicon Heaven.*