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psvr problem (I hurt myself)

To be fare, it was an epic way to hurt yourself:”I punched a puffer-fish!”  *I was an souvenir that someone gifted me.*

XD Because I had headset on, I could feel any pain….but I was bleeding.  I only knew something had happened when I heard a crash.  I hit him with such force that I managed to dent him (I’m annoyed, but proud at the same time).

Shock by this turn of event I decided to research just how much room did the psvr want?

psvr: 60 square metres

60 square meters – 645.835 square foot

Me: “Are you high?”


Sony, you do realise the the average uk house doesn’t have that much room to spare? In fact, that’s my entire front room (with furniture).

There is no way in hell that I can play this headset safely.

Why can’t I set the radius of the camera?

Just give me an option in the settings to set perimeters, this way games that want me to move can adjust to my limitation.

I would also like the ps4 to tell me when I have moved from my starting location.


Guess I will just have to stick to VR games that are stationary for now.

T_o I need to find these games…with one exception.

+^_o I remember having a huge stack of ps1 games in the corner of the room and these two would be the only ones I could beat from beginning to end (I was young at the time).


T-0 I remember “Heart Of Darkness” giving me nightmares.

*It’s a very surreal game.*


I remember that game was rated 12+ because my brother got for his 12 birthday (I was 10 at the time).

T_o Back then 12+ games were rated by the bbfc.

*”From 30 July 2012, and with a few limited exceptions, the responsibility for classifying video games falls to the Video Standards Council (VSC), applying the PEGI system”*

^_^ Time for  nostalgia baby!

T_T The ps4 makes me feel old

Think i’m going to indulge myself into some PlayStation music.

^_^ The original PlayStation will always have a place in my heart.

*good thing modern consoles don’t brake down as much as the original playstation.*